An Apple A Day....Inside/Out Caramel Apples!


 One of my favorite things about Fall is Apple Harvest Season!  Just the thought of sipping hot apple cider or having the house smell like fresh baked apple pie warms my heart and has me yearning for a trip to the apple orchard.  If you're planning to head out for some apple picking soon, I have an easy and delicious recipe that both children and adults will love!  This yummy treat brings a whole new twist to eating caramel apples - Enjoy!  


                                        Inside out caramel apples slices - Yum!



Lemon juice from 1 lemon 

5 apples (I use medium to large Granny Smith Apples)

1/2 cup water 

1 envelope carmel hot chocolate mix

1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk (coconut milk can be used for a non dairy substitute)

1/4 cup Hershey's caramel sauce

1 envelope unflavored gelatin 

1/4 cup sugar 

3/4 cup water OR vodka, butterscotch schnapps or brandy 



1. Cut 5 Granny Smith Apples in half lengthwise.



 Firm, crisp, tart apples are best for this recipe.


2. Using a small paring knife, cut an even border around the outer edge of the apple.  


3. Using a melon baller, follow your outline to remove the middle of the apple.


Try to keep a clean edge when removing the apple core.


After removing the core, the apple should look smooth for best results.


4. Use a pastry brush and apply lemon juice to keep apple from turning brown.


5. In a medium saucepan, combine 1/2 cup water with one envelope of hot chocolate caramel mix.


6. Whisk until mix dissolves.  


 7. Add 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk. 


8. Add 1/4 cup store-bought caramel sauce.  


9. Sprinkle 1 envelope of gelatin onto mixture evenly. After it has soaked a few minutes, heat the mixture over medium-low heat, whisking occasionally, until it reaches a gentle simmer - this is to ensure gelatin is fully dissolved.  


10. Add 1/4 cup of sugar. 


11. Then add 3/4 cup of water OR schnapps, vodka or brandy.


12.  Prep the apples by drying the lemon juice out with a towel - this is important because the caramel mixture won't stick to the lemon juice.


 13. Place apples on a cup cake tin to steady them before pouring in the hot mixture.  Put the caramel mixture into a small pitcher to make it easier to pour.  Fill each apple cup to about 1/8 inch from the top. 


14. Refrigerate a few hours or overnight. This is how they should look once taken out of the refrigerator. 


15. To slice, place apples face down on cutting board. 


Make sure your knife is very sharp and cut in one clean slice.


16. These tasty treats are real crowd pleaser - Bon Appetite!



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Guest — Pam


Definitely making these (with Vodka) I also love Biggy sprawled out in the picture.
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 12:12 AM
Guest — carolynn j.


See the pix of the Kara syrup.. but I don't see it listed as an ingredient. Did I miss something
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 1:01 AM
Guest — Jenny Sue


When I make these I am definitely going to use butterscotch schnapps! Sounds heavenly!!
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 5:05 AM
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Perfect Pairs - Meet Summer's New Power Couples



Champagne and Caviar, Tacos and Margaritas, and Beer and Pretzels - some things are better together!  When it comes to your personal style.  create a singular sensation by wearing summer beauty and fashion power players.  Here are a few of our favorite fun, funky, and refreshing things that when paired together become dynamic duos!


Maximize & Moisturize 




In the mood for a romantic island escape?  Create your own tropical oasis by pairing a splashy floral print maxi dress with a luxurious skin-loving body lotion in the exotic scents of papaya, mango and coconut - A match made in heaven!


Punchy Ponchos, Purses & Pouts




Looking to pack a one-two punch into your style?  Slip into a breezy poncho, toss on a cute cross body and finish things off with a dazzling smile (a girl's best accessory).  Double your pleasure and double your fun with a pop of color and a perky pout!


Summer Ups & Downs




Heels down, tresses up!  Fashion is full of ups and downs, but one sure fire way to look polished and pulled together in the summer heat is by wearing comfy ballet flats and a fabulous up do!  Pulling your hair up off your face is the easiest way to have care free summer hair - add a comfy flat shoe and dance like nobody's watching.  Perfect partners!


Shady Business 




 Colorful shades are all the rage and so is  a pop of color on the lip!  Introduce them to each other this summer and watch a romance blossom! Wear a warm tinted lens with a warm lip shade and a cool tinted shade, such as purple, with a cool toned lip. Voila! You've just met the perfect couple!


I Wanna Hold Your Hand  




Beautiful ring seeking moisturized hand.  

Dry, cracked hands are no match for a stunning ring.  All eyes will be on your candy-esque rings, so make sure that you have well moisturized, manicured hand to match!


Call Me Maybe  




We're going for a cell out!  If you want to look instantly chic, pair your cell phone cover with a complementary nail polish.  For example, you can pair a glamorous white cover with an equally exquisite magenta polish.  also, for a fun summer look, pair a chevron poppy case with a bold poppy colored nail - Make the call!

 Cut Footloose 





Birkenstocks are back on the scene and they are hoping to meet some well taken care of feet!  This time around, Birkenstocks have fun pastels and metallics to juxtapose their practical, comfortable foot beds.  Grab a great heel mending lotion and celebrate summer with this kicky couple!


Invite these couples to meet when you're getting ready this summer and double up for the perfect date!

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Guest — Annie

gotta have some!

love your ideas, Colleen!
Wednesday, 25 June 2014 8:08 PM
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Summer Beauty Customer Favorites



Are you thinking about changing up your beauty routine for summer and trying to decide what products to try?  So many beauty products, so little time!  I'm sure many of us wish we could try all the great beauty products available on HSN every time the seasons change, but the reality is  it's not practical or affordable to do that!  Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and beauty products are too. Because our HSN customers have a bevy of fantastic products to pick from and the opportunity to share the results,  their reviews on can be very helpful when choosing what might work best for us.  We wanted to share a few of  those infallible gems of the beauty chosen by our customers.  Consider our Customer recommendations the new word of mouth, great beauty advice from our HSN girlfriends!  Take a look at some of the tried and true picks that top our Customers' Summer Beauty List...

Anti-Aging Serum

Customer Picks:   Elysee, Lancome, and Prai


You no longer have to relate to Cher's famous song, "If I could Turn Back Time" because now you can!  Each pump of these anti aging heroines are like dipping yourself into the fountain of youth!

Of Prai's 24K Gold Caviar, julespesci from FL says: Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!

 "The look and feel this product gives my skin is THE BEST !! I purchased a FEW with the flex pay deal and so glad I did !! I am a returning customer.. I LOVE the scent as well !! I wear prior to bed time and my skin is then ready, for a day of beauty !! Love, Love, Love !!"



Customer Picks:  Serious Skin Care, M. Asam, Korres



The secret to instantly improving the look of skin? Moisturizer! Whether you choose a moisturizer with ingredients that were meticulously researched by top scientists, or a cream from Greece's ancient homeopathic remedies in, you will see a new, more radiant face staring back at you in the mirror!

 Of Serious Skincare Pure-Prep Creme Riche 30% Peptide Cream, Raine50 from NJ says: One of My Favorite Products.

"Love, Love, Love This improves my wrinkles to nothing. It feels great and has great results"


Hand Cream

Customer Picks:  Ahava, Serious Skin Care, Perlier


Dishpan hands have no chance when it comes to HSN customer's favorite handcreams.  Some give hands an injection of moisture from theDead Sea while others help diminish age spots.  Let's see what our girlfriends have to say about this one:

Of Perlier Black Rice Platinum SPF 15 Hand Cream , Dee_TX from TX says:  Excellent!

"I had been looking for a good hand cream with sunscreen as my hands are looking older than my face these days. This is a fantastic hand cream. My hands are much smoother, softer and even toned. Age spots have even faded some. I will be stocking up for the summer months." 

Nail Polish

Customer Picks:  Deborah Lippmann, OPI


Give your digits a dose of color with top quality nail polish. White polish looks especially beautiful with a summer tan! 

Of Deborah Lippmann Polish, KICKYSHAINA1 from FL


Self Tanner

Customer Picks:  Beautisol, Tan Towels

Knowing the damage that UV rays can cause, we are all for sunless tanners!  Gone are the days of orange palms and streaky legs- today's self tanners have evolved and so will your image when you walk through the summer days glowing and gorgeous!

Of Tan Towels Viewer Choice Tanning Kit , It1963 raves: 

These towels are a life saver literally. :After being diagnosed with melanoma.... after all my years in the sun, btw. I was given a few towels from a friend and also a melanoma survivor! Wow, did I catch SOME comments from family and friends...."are you tanning again?" "I thought you weren't going to tan ever again?" I guess the towels worked. My skin is so soft and I feel alive again it's amazing what a little bit a color can do!Thank you Tan Towels and HSN!!!

SPF BB Cream

Customer Picks:  Trish McEvoy, Two Faced, Wei East

 When women put down their feet and told their makeup that it needed to start pulling it's weight, (ie. sunscreen, antioxidant protection) the B.B. Cream was born.  Not only do B.B. Creams provide  a natural coverage, they pack a powerful punch of beauty benefits!

Of Trish McEvoy SPF 35 BB Cream  Mirelo CT says:

"This product does it all. It evens the skin, does not dry me out (I use Trish's serum & mask balm before applying), stays all day, and provides sun protection. In the winter I switch to her treatment foundation. I have light-to-medium skin with neutral undertones. This balm adjusts to when I both do and don't self tan. The sponge is good quality, but I mostly use my clean fingertips to apply."



Customer Picks:  Lancome, Signature Club A

 Sweat, sun, and surf can leave your makeup running, that is if you have the wrong foundation.  long lasting foundations work like a charm in the summertime.  

Of Lancome Teint Visionnaire Skin Correcting Foundation, maggijo in CA says:



Customer Picks:  Ready to Wear, Benefit, YBF

 We all want to be bronzed beauties, yet the age spots that come with the bronzing process are not so beautiful.  Bronzer is that magic step of the makeup process that not only gives you a sun kissed glow, but makes you look younger as well!

Of the YBF Greater Bronzing Powder w/ Brush, ladyonthelake22 from PA says,

This is my 3rd renewal for ybf bronzer....obviously, I love it. The kabuki brush works well and the powder lasts a long time. Thank you!"



Customer Picks:  Benefit, Korres, Lancome

Mascara is beautiful on you lashes, giving you a starry eyed look, however, the wet summer heat can leave the mascara running down your face.  With the right mascara you can beat the heat and keep your lashes flirty not flat.

 Benefit "They're Real" Mascara has 675 5 Star reviews! Holliejacob from MA says, 

"I recieved this as a small part of a set. i was amazed i had no little black flaking or no smudging for over 48 hrs. !! went out of town was too busy to re-apply, so i added . and i did that for 2 days, still it stayed on even as temps. rose still nothing coming off under my eyes and it looks and applys great!!!!"


Customer Picks:  Korres, Lanocme, Benefit

 A lipgloss is a must for those romantic summer nights! Whether long wearing or light and sheer, a lipgloss is a girl's desert island pick!

Of Korres Jasmine Lip Butter, Denaligirl TX says: 

"I love korres lip butter's, these two are my fav. but they are all good... actually all the lip products from korres are NOT sticky, short wear or drying.. I wear the rose at night and my lips are so moist in the am, I wear the lighter one in the day as im not a big fan of lipsticks outside pinks... The korres pink gloss is heavenly, there are little gold flecks in it, and your teeth look whiter... this price also can not be beat they last forever.."


These are just a few of HSN Customer Beauty Picks - be sure to check out for many more beauty favorites!! Summertime is a time for shedding off some layers and updating our beauty drawer, so take some advice from your girlfriends and try some of the products HSN customers love!  Be sure to share your favorites with us, too - What's on your Summer Beauty Hit List?


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Beauty Forecast: 5 Must-Try Spring Makeup Trends



 The quickest way to update your Springtime look is through your makeup!  Pack up the burgundy lip and the vampy nail varnish.  There are some new looks ahead and the forecast looks clear - you are going to look your best yet!


1. Orange/Coral Lips 

Remember when you were younger and you were obsessed with your cool, older cousin?  Well, orange lipstick is red's cousin- the one that always chose the dare over the truth.  Orange lipstick is daring and it tells no lies - it is beautiful especially on a springtime tan.  To flatter your skin tone, try a shade on the more red side of orange or mix some different hues of lipstick to create the perfect shade for you!

Take a cue from Jessica Alba and embrace your bronzer - even on your eyes!  Bronze eyeshadow is a gorgeous companion to an orange lip. 



2. White Nails 



With all of the tanned skin and the pastel colors in fashion, who can resist the white nail polish trend?  Whether worn in an opalescent or opaque polish, it is a breath of fresh air compared with the darker colors we have been sporting this past winter.  To ensure that your white digits do not look streaky, you will need to be patient in between coats.  Make sure to use a base and topcoat to ensure a professional look. 


3. Touseled Hair 

Get ready to get the mermaid hair of your dreams.  Whether short, medium, or long, tousled hair looks sexy on everyone.  For a super easy tousled look, try this:

While hair is damp, spray texturizing spray throughout.  Next, roughly blow-dry your hair until it is about 85% dry.  Twist hair into two low buns, spritz hair again, and blow dry until the buns until your hair is dry.  Undo the buns, massage some dry shampoo into the roots and...Voila!  Jennifer Aniston would be proud!




4. Blue Eye Makeup 


Since you may blame bit of looking tired on the hour loss of sleep that you had with daylight savings, blue eyeshadow is for you.  Blue is known for making your eyes look whiter and more sparkly and this is definitely not 80's blue, so don't worry.  Lancome makes a beautiful palette with grays to compliment and tone down blue, yet not too much.  Don't forget to perfect your makeup with a white eyeliner on the inner rim of the bottom lash to really make your eyes look brilliant.



5. Luminous Skin 

The "second skin" look is all the rage right now which means that skin is luminous!  Instead of a powder blush opt for a cream blush which immediately makes cheeks look supple and youthful.  Of course no luminosity is achievable without a highlighter.  Highlighter is key to this look especially when placed on your brow bone, the top of your cheek, down the bridge of your nose, and on your cupid's bow above your lips.  Notice how with a little highlighter and cream blush, Jennifer Lawrence looks as radiant as the Academy Award behind her.  Your turn!


Some seasons can bring about haziness as to what the beauty trends are, but not this year!  Spring is all about feeling good and looking your best.  You can do it - we know you want to!




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Guest — margie


love all your tips-thank you!
Thursday, 03 April 2014 2:02 AM
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Bridal Beauty: Meet our Lancome Bride!

 Happy First Day of Spring!!  With Spring wedding season upon us, I wanted to share my new DIL's Bridal Beauty Tips on how to look fabulous on your special day.   

My beautiful Daughter-in-law, Christie, wore all Lancome make-up for her wedding day last month in San Juan, Puerto Rico!  If you are looking for a flawless face this Spring, check out Christie's favorite Lancome beauty products with my sister, Carolyn's expert application, and see the stunning results including Lancome's French Touch Collection!




 For her special day, Christie wanted to keep her make-up simple and chic (ala Grace Kelly) for the vintage theme of her wedding.  Lancome's French Touch Collection was the perfect make up and color selection for our blushing bride.


1. First Priority - make sure your skin looks great. Christie went for the Lancome Teint Visionnaire Skin Correcting Makeup Duo - Bisque 340N for a flawless, smooth, matte coverage. This longlasting foundation helps to smooth out your skin and tone down uneven patches and redness. After the foundation was applied, the spot correcting concealer located on the cap of the bottle is perfect for hiding imperfections. Using a concealer brush, gently "tap" the product onto the skin for coverage that is going to last and look flawless. 


2. My Sister, Carolyn, used Lancome Dual Finish Versatile Makeup - Matte Buff II, a very natural looking powder that gives a nice, sheer coverage. This powder was applied with a large fluffy brush in big circular motion, focusing mostly on the shinier areas (For Christie, her forehead and chin). 



3. Apply bronzer/contour. Carolyn used the matte bronzing powder on the far left in the above, Lancome Blush Subtil Palette. Using a  contouring brush, the bronzer was applied directly under the cheekbone.

4. Now that her skin looks even, smooth and defined, the lightest highlighting shade of the Lancome Blush Subtil Palette - Rose Flush was applied to the cheeks, the sides of the eye area and the outer corner of brow bone to make the eyes really pop.

5. Define the brows. 

6. Using a brush with a smaller head, the shimmer powder to the far right of the Lancome Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette - Taupe Craze was applied to the inner corners of Christie's eyes. Doing this really gives the appearance of bright and awake eyes. 

7. Time to shade in the eyes! First the lightest color was applied to the entire lid. Followed by the medium color in crease, and the darkest color on the outer V (between the crease and lashes). 

8. Waterproof eyeliner is another must-have for bridal makeup! Using the Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner - Cafe the eyelids were lined for super defined eyes. 



9. Prep the lashes! The best way to curl your lashed is at the root of the last, at the middle, and at the top. Carolyn used the Lancome Le Curler on Christie's naturally long lashes. 

10. Waterproof mascara is a must for the big day! Beginning at the root of the top lashes Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara - Waterproof was applied in just a few brush strokes! 

11.  For lips, Christie chose to wear the Lancome Rouge in Love "Roses in Love". This longlasting moisturizing formula never dissapoints for a visibly full and smooth lip! It's the perfect punch of color for the lip to add a little punch to the look of this gorgeous vintage Bride! For the finishing touch Christie added gloss in love for a picture perfect smile.



Christie was the most stunning Lancome Bride and as the proud Mother of the Groom it was the most memorable day of my life.  Thank goodness for my favorite Lancome waterproof mascara and eye liner - they were an absolute must!

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Guest — MarieIG

Thanks for the photos

Hi Colleen, thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of the family. I have heard you talk about them for years, so I really enjoyed... Read More
Friday, 21 March 2014 1:01 AM
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