Beauty Forecast: 5 Must-Try Spring Makeup Trends



 The quickest way to update your Springtime look is through your makeup!  Pack up the burgundy lip and the vampy nail varnish.  There are some new looks ahead and the forecast looks clear - you are going to look your best yet!


1. Orange/Coral Lips 

Remember when you were younger and you were obsessed with your cool, older cousin?  Well, orange lipstick is red's cousin- the one that always chose the dare over the truth.  Orange lipstick is daring and it tells no lies - it is beautiful especially on a springtime tan.  To flatter your skin tone, try a shade on the more red side of orange or mix some different hues of lipstick to create the perfect shade for you!

Take a cue from Jessica Alba and embrace your bronzer - even on your eyes!  Bronze eyeshadow is a gorgeous companion to an orange lip. 



2. White Nails 



With all of the tanned skin and the pastel colors in fashion, who can resist the white nail polish trend?  Whether worn in an opalescent or opaque polish, it is a breath of fresh air compared with the darker colors we have been sporting this past winter.  To ensure that your white digits do not look streaky, you will need to be patient in between coats.  Make sure to use a base and topcoat to ensure a professional look. 


3. Touseled Hair 

Get ready to get the mermaid hair of your dreams.  Whether short, medium, or long, tousled hair looks sexy on everyone.  For a super easy tousled look, try this:

While hair is damp, spray texturizing spray throughout.  Next, roughly blow-dry your hair until it is about 85% dry.  Twist hair into two low buns, spritz hair again, and blow dry until the buns until your hair is dry.  Undo the buns, massage some dry shampoo into the roots and...Voila!  Jennifer Aniston would be proud!




4. Blue Eye Makeup 


Since you may blame bit of looking tired on the hour loss of sleep that you had with daylight savings, blue eyeshadow is for you.  Blue is known for making your eyes look whiter and more sparkly and this is definitely not 80's blue, so don't worry.  Lancome makes a beautiful palette with grays to compliment and tone down blue, yet not too much.  Don't forget to perfect your makeup with a white eyeliner on the inner rim of the bottom lash to really make your eyes look brilliant.



5. Luminous Skin 

The "second skin" look is all the rage right now which means that skin is luminous!  Instead of a powder blush opt for a cream blush which immediately makes cheeks look supple and youthful.  Of course no luminosity is achievable without a highlighter.  Highlighter is key to this look especially when placed on your brow bone, the top of your cheek, down the bridge of your nose, and on your cupid's bow above your lips.  Notice how with a little highlighter and cream blush, Jennifer Lawrence looks as radiant as the Academy Award behind her.  Your turn!


Some seasons can bring about haziness as to what the beauty trends are, but not this year!  Spring is all about feeling good and looking your best.  You can do it - we know you want to!




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Guest - margie on Thursday, 03 April 2014 02:17

love all your tips-thank you!

love all your tips-thank you!