Perfect Pairs - Meet Summer's New Power Couples



Champagne and Caviar, Tacos and Margaritas, and Beer and Pretzels - some things are better together!  When it comes to your personal style.  create a singular sensation by wearing summer beauty and fashion power players.  Here are a few of our favorite fun, funky, and refreshing things that when paired together become dynamic duos!


Maximize & Moisturize 




In the mood for a romantic island escape?  Create your own tropical oasis by pairing a splashy floral print maxi dress with a luxurious skin-loving body lotion in the exotic scents of papaya, mango and coconut - A match made in heaven!


Punchy Ponchos, Purses & Pouts




Looking to pack a one-two punch into your style?  Slip into a breezy poncho, toss on a cute cross body and finish things off with a dazzling smile (a girl's best accessory).  Double your pleasure and double your fun with a pop of color and a perky pout!


Summer Ups & Downs




Heels down, tresses up!  Fashion is full of ups and downs, but one sure fire way to look polished and pulled together in the summer heat is by wearing comfy ballet flats and a fabulous up do!  Pulling your hair up off your face is the easiest way to have care free summer hair - add a comfy flat shoe and dance like nobody's watching.  Perfect partners!


Shady Business 




 Colorful shades are all the rage and so is  a pop of color on the lip!  Introduce them to each other this summer and watch a romance blossom! Wear a warm tinted lens with a warm lip shade and a cool tinted shade, such as purple, with a cool toned lip. Voila! You've just met the perfect couple!


I Wanna Hold Your Hand  




Beautiful ring seeking moisturized hand.  

Dry, cracked hands are no match for a stunning ring.  All eyes will be on your candy-esque rings, so make sure that you have well moisturized, manicured hand to match!


Call Me Maybe  




We're going for a cell out!  If you want to look instantly chic, pair your cell phone cover with a complementary nail polish.  For example, you can pair a glamorous white cover with an equally exquisite magenta polish.  also, for a fun summer look, pair a chevron poppy case with a bold poppy colored nail - Make the call!

 Cut Footloose 





Birkenstocks are back on the scene and they are hoping to meet some well taken care of feet!  This time around, Birkenstocks have fun pastels and metallics to juxtapose their practical, comfortable foot beds.  Grab a great heel mending lotion and celebrate summer with this kicky couple!


Invite these couples to meet when you're getting ready this summer and double up for the perfect date!

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Guest - Annie on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 20:40
gotta have some!

love your ideas, Colleen!

[i]love your ideas, Colleen! [/i]