10 Mistakes Woman Make That Make Them Look Older

Did you know that something as simple as updating your eye glasses or changing your lip color can take years off your appearance?  Many women get stuck in the same old routine and don't realize that what may have worked for them 10 years ago, only makes one look dated and older today.  I've compiled a list of some of the best advice to rejuvenate You and make You look and feel younger!

1. Bland Colors Wash You Out - Color Your World

Color is your friend!  As we get older drab colors (grey, beige, and even black) draw color from our face and can make us look older.  The right pop of color will light you up and bring a glow to your skin tone.


When you are feeling sassy, try a beautiful printed top, like Colleen Lopez "Paisley Garden" Smocked Blouse which has a menagerie of colors, giving you the ability to mix and match it with dozens of different outfits!  If you thought that black was the only way to go on a night out, think again!  Colleen Lopez Lace "Anniversary" Dress is just as elegant as a black dress, but unlike black the rich navy color works wonders for your eyes and skin tone! 


2. Boring glasses - Perk Up Those Peepers!

Have you been wearing the same eyeglass style for years?  If the answer is yes, it's time to change things up and have some fun with glasses! It's a great way to update and moderize your look.

 You will have it made in the shade with Joy Mangano SHADES Readers Runway Chic 9pc Bifocal Sunglasses.  Not only do they have a universally flattering shape, you are given four colors, so you can change them as often as you change your handbag!  Joy Mangano SHADES Readers Runway Chic 11 pc Anniversary Collection come in 5 different colors, allowing you to give you a fresh look every day of the work week! Remember that on days when you are tired, black frames can drag your face down and make you look more fatigued. Try a shade that compliments your eyes if you want to appear well rested!


3. Turtleneck Magnify A Double Chin

As we age, our jaw line and neck area become  "looser" and turtleneck sweaters only bring attention to this problem.  Instead wear a cowl neckline or loosely draped scarf that will flatter your neck area and add a touch of chic to your look.

Casual and cool, Colleen Lopez "Windy Chic" Poncho Blouse is just sheer enough to show off your silhouette, making you look slimmer than you are!  Get ready for the quickest slimming trick of all time - wear a scarf!  When you wrap a scarf around your neck, you hide that width of your neck which immediately tricks the eye into looking more slim than you are, plus the length of the scarf divides the width of your body, creating the same effect.  Vince Camuto Paisley Print Scarf will be your new best friend - it slims and its paisley print matches nearly everything!


4. Stiff or One Tone Hair - Do Away With Helmet Head

Whether your hair is short or shoulder-length,  adding a few highlights and fringed layers around the face will take years off your appearance.

Philip B. Perfect Blow Out Collection with Brush is fantastic for doing your own blow out at home!  This collection features everything: a round brush for control, a blow dry lotion, argan oil drops, and even a brush cleaner to ensure that your hair is always head turning!


5. Missing Eyebrows - Thinning brows make you look older

A good eyebrow pencil is a must in every woman's beauty arsenal - Fill in those fading brows!

Think of the difference between a poster on the wall versus a beautifully framed picture.  Eyebrows are the framework for your whole face and a face with faded or missing eyebrows looks like something is missing.  YBF Eyebrow Pencil Duo has a long lasting twist pencil on one side and a spooly brush on the other.  


 6. Deeply tanned skin will make you look older

The fastest way to look older is to bake your skin in the sun.  For a youthful sun kissed look use a self tanner that gives you a "natural" warm glow!

Old, cracked leather is never a good look, especially when we are talking about your skin!  Instead of baking in the sun, try Tan Towel 18-piece Kit for a warm glow without the aging effects of the sun.  Top of your new tan with Shiseido Urban Environment SPF 35 Sunscreen which is just what you need for your day to day protection!


7. Yellow teeth add 10 years to your appearance.

Use an at-home teeth whitening kit for a pearly white, youthful smile!


IntelliWHITE Teeth Whitening Pro Booster Duo and Pout N Polish takes away any excuses that you may have for yellow teeth!  Bewrween toothpaste, a whitening booster, an on-the-go stain eraser, and a flirty, minty lipgloss, you will be giving your most vibrant, come-over-here-and-meet-me smile in no time flat!


8. Nude panty-hose - Just say No.

Yes, ladies it's true - Nude hose are very aging. If you want a nude leg, instead of nude hose wear bare legs with self tanner or a leg bronzing lotion. In the Fall and winter, wear dark stockings or opaque rights for a sleek, modern look.


Hot in Hollywood Opaque Tights keep your legs fashionably covered.  Get ready for the best cold weather fashion invention- Boot Tights with Attached Sock!  These boots socks keep your feet warm and allow you to wear your favorite skirts and dresses in one less step!



9. Poor-fitting bra - Most Women Wear the Wrong Bra Size

Do you instantly want your waist to look smaller and your clothes to fit better?Get a bra that fits. Most women don't know that bra size changes as your body does. Giving your chest a lift and get fitted for a new bra.

Rhonda Shear "Paris Illusion" Convertible Underwire Bra looks seamless ender every top, plus it is convertible, allowing you to wear it with anything!  Rhonda Shear "Paris Illusion" Longline Shaper keeps your torso slim, trim, and ready to take on any fashion that comes your way!


10. Too much makeup - As we age, less is more

If you're wearing your make up the same way you did 10 years ago - it's time for an update!  Starting with the right foundation - Use a moisturizing foundation and dab it only where needed to even out skin tone. To add color to your face and cheeks, use a small amount of tinted moisturizer or bronzer to your temples, cheek bones and jaw line.  For blush, try a peachy pink color in a small amount right on the apple of your cheeks (use a very light touch when applying). Use eyeliner in soft shades such as brown or midnight, and blend well. For lips, avoid super dark reds that will accentuate thinning lips and bleed into the fine lines. Instead use a lip liner (the same color as your natural lip) and choose soft pinks, corals and mauves to compliment your skin tone.  





In an attempt to look younger, many of us pile on the makeup!  Believe it or not, a light swipe of makeup here and there will take years off of your face!  Trish McEvoy BB Cream SPF 35 is like a good for you tinted moisturizer and gives you coverage and a radiant glow.  Trish McEvoy Brighten and Define gives you a lift with the brightening eye base, defined with liner, and flirty with mascara.  A little soft color like Trish McEvoy Precious Pink Lipstick & Gloss Duo will perfect your pout and make your lips look luscious!

Step away from the same old routine and try these tricks to refresh your style, enliven your look, and lift your spirits!


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Wearing Bra properly

Sometimes even if the bra is the correct size it is not worn properly. For instance, many women should shorten the straps and lif... Read More
Sunday, 06 October 2013 6:06 PM
Guest — Sharon Blackwell

Hi Colleen

Loved your shows with Andrew and your leopard dress! I emailed you awhile back on facebook, but I think your page was invalid....... Read More
Monday, 07 October 2013 3:03 AM
Guest — Nikki

great suggestions

My mom (who is 68 years old) follows all of these suggestions and easily looks 10 + years younger than she is. Part of that is goo... Read More
Monday, 07 October 2013 4:04 PM
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Insta-Gorgeous SKIN: Beauty Fixes for Every Age



From left: DIL-to-be Christie, Niece Cassie, Yours Truly, My Mom, Sister Marilyn, Sister Carolyn, Niece Morgan

 The above photo features a few of the gorgeous beauties in my life - ages ranging from my 14 year old niece to my stunning 80 year old Mom!  Whether you are in your twenties or you're over 60, we are all dealing with our own skin care needs.  In the fast paced world that we live in, we want everything to happen in an instant, including the results of our beauty products.  We have picked the ultimate beauty fixers for every age group, and made sure that they offer quick results to fix your beauty woes, so there is no reason not to enjoy whatever age you are:  Love the skin you're in!


20s: Flight Breakouts.  My DIL-to-Be, Christie, age 26, fights breakouts with the help of Serious Skin Care.

Just because you made it through your teen years acne free, doesn't mean that your skin will still be as cooperative. Fluctuations in hormones, lack of sleep, and the stress of getting through college, getting a job, or getting a boyfriend are all factors that play into why your skin may be on the fritz.   Serious Skincare Continuously Clear Trio will help clear up your problems with a daily cleanser, a replenishing moisturizer, and an on-the-spot treatment.  For a few pesky blemishes, Serious Skincare Continuously Clear DRY LO Spot Treatment  works like a charm.  Dry LO can be added to any beauty regimen and fixes any pimple in a flash! 


30s: Brighten Skin and Remove Unwanted Hair.  "30 Something" Model, Beauty Expert and New Mom of Twins, Jennifer Crawford, shows us her must have beauty essential - NoNo!


The dullness of skin in your 30's is certainly not a mirror for what is going on in your life - these are great years!  Lancome Creme Radiance Cleanser is very gentle, yet helps  to slough of dead skin and brighten with French Rose extract.  These years have you going at full speed and there is no time to look after every unwanted hair!  It is time to upgrade your hair removal with the NoNo Hair Removal System.   Its at home laser technology makes hair removal makes it easier to remove hair without the time, cost, and embarrassment of regular laser hair removal, plus after a few sessions, the hair is gone for good!


40s: Soften Lines & Wrinkles.  Gorgeous Jennifer Flavin Stallone, is over 40 and Fabulous with the help of her Serious Skin Care Line.


Forty and Fabulous!  If you feel like you are putting a question mark at the end of that statement, then it is time to change for beauty routine!  A Vitamin A beauty regimen is helpful to all of us, despite our age, but it is especially when you are in your forties and fine line and wrinkles start to creep up.  Serious Skincare Support to Age Defy Kit has everything that you need to keep your skin looking fabulous: Cleanser, a night cream, retinol pads, and a vitamin A primer to keep your skin smooth under your makeup!  Serious Skincare A Defiance Vitamin A Retinol Pads contain 60 pre soaked pads full of Vitamin A goodness that are unbelievably easy to swipe over your skin, so there are no excuses for not looking your best!


 50s: Boost Volume & Minimize Sagging:  Lancome beauty guru, Joan Poulton, proves that Over 50 Skin can still be firm, glowing and radiant!!





Sagging be gone!  If Father Time concocted his own serum, this would be it: Lancome Renergie Lift Reviva Concentrate!  This serum lifts, plumps, and revitalizes skin like no other serum does!  You may no miss the insecurities of your youth, but youthful skin is something to reminisce about.  Lancome Genefique Youth Activating Serum softens your skin, boosts volume, and brings back that light from within glow! 


60+: Replenish Moisture.  Ageless beauty, Adrienne Arpel, inspires all women to look their best at any Age! 

By now we know how essential it is to keep ourselves hydrated, and that includes our skin.  Adrienne gives us a no exvuses approach to beautiful skin at any age.  Clean skin does not have to mean tight skin!  Signature Club A Moisture C Mousse Cleanser keeps your skin, not only hydrated, its gentle cleansing removes makeup and debris, leaving your skin radiant and soft.  Consider Signature Club A Super Star Products: Best Across the Lines  the treasure trove of anti-aging!  This kit contains all of Signature Club A's best sellers, from the infamous Vitamin C capsules, to an Argan Oil Eye treatment, and even a tightening face serum!  Your sixties have never looked so sexy!


 With the help of these beauty products, here's hoping all of your skin concerns will disappear in an instant!  Voila!  Insta-gorgeous!


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RING RING . . . Calling All Trendsetters!


Calling all trendsetters!!! Rings and nails that brilliantly play off each other will have everyone buzzing!



         Matchy, matchy - Prelude to a Kiss by Deborah Lippmann with Robert Manse Bali Pearls


For that femme fatale red that is in every fashion lover's fall color palette, the Colleen Lopez Ruby & Diamond Ring  will be just what you are looking for.  Let the richness of rubies extend down to your nails with Deborah Lippmann "My Old Flame" Nail Lacquer which is so long lasting, it lasts almost as long as a gemstone!


Dark, mysterious, and full of allure - no, we are not talking about Antonio Banderas, but we are talking about something equally as gorgeous!  Himalayan Gems Marquise-Shaped Labradorite Ring not only is a stunner on its own, but it makes your fingers look long and beautiful as well.  Use Deborah Lippmann "Fade to Black" Nail Lacquer to pull the black from the labradorite to make a look that is so chic and so now!



Speaking of allure, the deep oceanic blue color of Colleen Lopez 5.25 ct East/West "Evening Tide" London Blue Ring will lull its onlookers into a trance. Dark blue was the "it" color on the runways, especially in Paris.  If blue is the word on everyone's lips, why not bring the color to your nails?  Deborah Lippmann "Stormy Weather" Nail Lacquer is that deep dark blue that will make your heart skip a beat!



From moto jackets to sleek, body hugging pants, leather is more popular than ever right now.  What better to go with the "too cool for school" leathers then the Sajen Silver Triple Geode and Black Diopside Knuckle Ring!  This ring is tough and glam at the same time, just like this season's looks.  A name says it all and "swagger" is exactly what you will have when you pair up your knuckle ring with The New Black Super Swagger Nail Lacquer Set!  The set includes a shiny black for your glam side, and a matte black for your tough girl side!


Matching your ring to your manicure?  You've got this season nailed!


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Back to School: Fall Beauty Lessons by HSN Experts!


With Nail Guru, Deborah Lippman 

School days, school days, all of those Golden Rule days!  It is time to go back to school, and by back to school, we mean a continuing education in beauty.  We have gathered together some tips from the top-notch professors in the beauty industry for lessons in Fall's greatest looks.  So grab your iPad and stylus and get ready to hit the books!




Meet the Headmistress:

Not only does longtime beauty powerhouse, Trish McEvoy, bring us the highest quality, most beautifully presented makeup, she also offers us the priceless instruction of makeup application.  Since the age of 25, Trish has turned her company into an exquisite brand, recognized the world over.  She believes in enhancing a woman's natural beauty, which is, after all, what we should all strive for.  Sit down, and pay rapt attention because this Headmistress of Beauty will instruct you on not only enlivening your look, but organizing your life ( her Beauty Planner has a cult following!)



Meet the Cool Girl:

The stunning Jillian Barbarie whose beautiful face has caught our attention on camera for years is now the brand ambassador for Two Faced Cosmetics.  As the muse for Two Faced's beginnings, she brings us tips on how to achieve that confident, sexy appeal that is second nature to her.  After all, she was known to do her own hair and makeup for her daily on camera appearances.  Jillian gives us a no sweat approach to looking our best, which makes her Beauty's Cool Girl.



Meet the Funny Guy:

When you sit down in David Evangelista's chair, not only do you get bombshell hair, you get a good laugh as well.   With 5 time Emmy Award Nominations ( he was Rosie O'Donnell's personal hair stylist and part of her daytime talk show), it is safe to say that he is a master of his art.   Women go weak in the knees for his products which he developed by relating skin care philosophies to hair care.  Now on HSN, you get the same experience as you would in David's salon - David's signature heavenly hair, and major laughs from Beauty's Funny Guy! 



Meet the Leader of the Pack:

Celebrity manicurist, Deborah Lippmann has taken the beauty industry by storm with her innovative nail lacquers and hand and foot treatments.  As a manicurist to the world's top fashion houses  like  Rodarte, Donna Karan, and Versace, and biggest celebrity names, Deborah made her mark in the beauty world, even earning the moniker " Mega Manicurist" by Vogue.  Deborah noticed a lack of long-wearing, high quality nail lacquers and created a line of her own with now more than 70 shades.  She has collaborated with A-list celebrities, musicians, and fashion gurus to bring us the latest in color.  With her jaw-dropping lacquered looks, and her some shades created especially for HSN, Deborah is Beauty's Leader of The Pack!

(By the way, she as a singing voice as sultry as some of her finest Fall lacquers!) 


Now that you are brushed up on your continuing beauty education, get out there and put your new skills to work- the world is waiting!

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Guest — Roxanne

Love these!

Thank you for sharing these great tips in tutorial form. Loved all the shortcuts and hands on techniques!
Saturday, 07 September 2013 7:07 PM
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Tricks of the Trade From HSN Models

With our Fall Fashion Week coming up this month, our HSN models will be burning the midnight oil working hard to show us all the newest clothing and jewelry for fall.  Do you ever wonder how they manage to always look so great?  Good genes definitely fit into the equation, but they have a few beauty tips that I got them to fess up too. I asked 4 very different HSN beauties to share a few tips with us -  like how Carol always looks so youthful, or how does Amy get her hands so flawless for the beauty close-ups.  We got Lori to spill the beans on her gorgeous skin, and Chelsea had a few pointers on how she keeps her hair looking so fabulous.  There are no tricks up their sleeves - just a few tricks of the trade!

Carol Hewetson - Over 50 and Fabulous

Carol Hewetson is a true ageless beauty.  Carol believes that "confidence equates to beauty" and I can't agree more.  Here are a few tips from Carol on how she stays looking fit, polished and ageless! 

"I have fortunately been blessed with good "genes". My mom, who will be 81 in July, looks fabulous and young. That being said, you still have to do something to maintain it. Both Mom and I have always stayed very active. We do power walks for about 6 miles, as often as possible. I have, over the years, done some sort of cardio or group fitness activity and weight or strength training. Mom is a tennis fanatic who plays 3 or 4 times a week on leagues (and has won championships). The other thing is we have kept a healthy diet; we love salads and green stuff! 

I've been lucky to have my mom as a great role model. She has taught me to be manicured from head to toe and stay current in fashion and style (without being too trendy). She dresses very young and looks great! You really have to have a sense of pride in your appearance and, with some effort, you can achieve it with confidence!"  

Amy Bravo - Hand Care Tips from our Lovely Latina Jewelry Model 



They only thing that shines brighter than the jewelry during an HSN jewelry show, is our lovely model Amy Bravo!  Amy knows the importance of taking good care of her hands and skin (HD TV shows every blemish and wrinkle). Read on to learn how Amy keeps her pretty hands and face ready for her close up...

"My nails are something I have to keep up with because I am a jewelry model. I keep my cuticles healthy can moist by using a combination of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Palmer's Cocoa Butter. After I do my cuticles, I like to use Sally Hansen's No More Ridges block. This block helps my nails maintain a smooth and shiny look. Before each show, I scrub my hands with Perlier's Hemp with 7 natural oils Smoothing Scrub. Following the scrub, I apply Perlier's Hemp with Rosemary Restorative Cuticle Oil to keep my nails camera ready!  

First, I have to make sure my cuticles are healthy. For this I use the Blue Cross cuticle remover. I apply a drop on each cuticle, leave it a few seconds, and push the cuticles back. This is a great product because it will remove the cuticle, but if you are like me and have more cuticle than other lucky people have, this product leaves them ready to be nipped. You have to be careful with the way you nip them, though. There are several videos you can watch on YouTube that will teach you to do it the right way.


I struggled with acne most of my life, and I have been through a lot of treatments to finally get that under control. However, scars are very hard to get rid of. I'm constantly looking for ways to hide them. There are a few products I use, for example, I use Retin A for the scars which is something the doctor prescribed to me and it has worked. Another tip I'm going to tell you is that I keep a refrigerated, small spray bottle with my favorite toner.  I use the brand Simple - you can find this at drugstores. This has really help my pores shrink. When you are home just spray some on the skin of face and neck in the morning and at night, this will feel so cold, but it will help your skin look smoother. After I let that dry, I apply a moisturizer, and my favorite is Nivea's Soft Moisturizing creme because it does not give me breakouts and the skin absorbs it without feeling grease. Before applying my foundation, I use MAC's Prep+prime Skin Smoother Primer and on top of that I apply a little bit of Benefit's "POREfessional" (only where my scars are). I know this is like double primer, but that helps the texture of my skin smooth out."

Lori Livingston - Flawless Skin - How does she do it?


The stunning African American model, Lori Livingston always looks flawless!  Her secret weapon to looking amazing (even when working crazy hours with little to no sleep) is taking great care of her skin.  Here are a few of Lori's top beauty tips...

"Skincare is my number one beauty priority! I exfoliate and moisturize every night. The moisturization of my skin helps my concealer to glide on smoothly with minimal application. I also believe whole heartedly in taking an amazing green capsule form to keep my skin healthy. 

Working overnights and early morning shows can leave my eyes looking tired. I've learned that lining a quarter of my lower eyelid gives me a more "wide eyed" appearance". 


Chelsea Freeman - Our Picture Perfect New Mom!

When it comes to modeling, Chelsea Freeman can do it all!  You'll see Chelsea on HSN modeling everything from fashions to jewelry to beauty products - I'm forever amazed at how effortless she makes her job look!  Now that Chelsea is a new Mom, her schedule is more demanding than ever.  From getting into shape after her baby was born a few short months ago (she and Show Host Adam Freeman are the proud new parents of darling Oliver!) - to her gorgeous hair, skin and nails - Chelsea is a true inspiration!  She has a wealth of beauty and fitness advice on her blog: - I love reading it and I'm sure you will, too!  
I asked Chelsea to share tips with us on how she keeps her amazing mane so shiny, healthy and beautiful...
"No matter what type of hair you were born with, it is important to make the most out of your look.  I have heard that your hair is the first thing that someone notices when they meet you, so why not try to make it look stunning? A good cut and great products can work wonders. 
For years I had felt like my products were wearing out after using them for a few weeks.  I mentioned this to my hairstylist, and he suggested a cleansing shampoo ( I like either Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo or Carol's Daughter Rosemary Mint Clarifying Shampoo) once a week to remove the build up of products, followed by a deep conditioning mask to replenish your hair's moisture.  A sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner can work wonders for you too.  When I indulge in my shampoo, I absolutely love Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo - it guarantees me a good hair day!
After a shower, I spray Philip B. pH Restorative Toning Mist in to kind of "reset" everything.  Speaking of pH balancing, to get great hair, you should definitely focus on what you put into your body.  I appreciate all my body does for me, like overnights on HSN and overnights with my baby son (I swear I am not meant to sleep in this lifetime!) and I like to thank it with nutritious food.  Some foods that promote beautiful hair and skin are pumpkin seeds, avocado, and seaweed - it's good, just try it ;)  Also, so many of the model's are crazy for Andrew Lessman's Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails capsules because they maximize all of the above!
If you ever want any beauty, fashion, and wellness tips, you can always reach me on my blog:"
Thanks to Carol, Amy, Lori and Chelsea for sharing their beauty tips with us!  One final thing I would add is that each of these ladies is beautiful from the inside out - beauty truly does come from within and there isn't a beauty cream in the world that could ever replace the radiance that comes from having an inner glow.  Shine on, girls, and let me know if you have any beauty tricks up your sleeves you'd like to share :)
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Guest — Brenda

Lori's Comments

HI Colleen; I loved reading the tips and use many of them. However, could you please explain what Lori means by "amazing green ca... Read More
Monday, 05 August 2013 9:09 PM
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