Quick Fixes for your Fashion & Beauty Emergencies!

We've all been there, we think that we've got it all together - the perfect outfit, makeup, and hair - then, right before leaving the house...dun-dun-duuuun, we notice a run in our hose, a patch of gray hair sprouting out of our crown, or our skirt hem is falling down. What is a girl to do?!?!  Just take a look at the problems and easy solutions for your fashion and beauty emergencies  below - Quick fixes to the rescue!!


1. High heel's getting you down?  Tame tired tootsies!

There's nothing worse than stepping out of the back of your shoe and then trying to step back into your shoe will maintaining your stride.  The fix? Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz in Black 6-piece Pack .  Stick one of these in the back of your heels and allow yourself to strut your stuff!


2.No time for a trip to your colorist?  Roots be gone!

While doing a last minute primp before you exit your car, you notice a whisper of gray, then, no, wait, upon further inspection, they are screaming through your skipped hair appointment!  Calm those pesky hairs down with TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott Color, Lift and Brush Duo.  Simply brush on the colored powder and watch your gray skies ( or hair) turn!


3. Clumpy lashes?  No problem :)

After seeing black in your peripheral vision all day, you realize that you took your favorite magazine's suggestion of the Spider Lash a little too far.  Spiders in either form can be dangerous, so Lancome's Ready, Set, Lash Eyelash 3-piece Kit is here to rescue you!  This kit includes a primer to separate and prepare your lashes, a tube of amazing mascara to lift, plump, and lengthen, and a curler to give your lashes a look that is always in trend - beautiful!


4. Tired Eyes?  Instant eye opener!

After a night of marathon television watching, the next morning, your eyes tell the signs of your guilty pleasure.  Let the guilt be your only feeling and rim your eyes in Ready to Wear's Awake Eye Perfection Pencil.  The off white color of this pencil, just like the natural color of the whites of your eye, helps you avoid tired looking eyes, and also the 60's mod look that can happen when the pencil is stark white.


5. Fallen Hem?  Quick fix!



On your way to girl's night out, you notice the hem on your sassy little pencil skirt has fallen.  What is a girl to do?  It's not like we carry a sewing machine around with us all day!  Consider Liqui Sew 11-piece Complete Mend-it Kit your liquid sewing machine.  This kit is so simple and mends everything from denim to finest fabrics!


6. Makeup looking caky?  One word:  Primer!

After getting all dolled up, you take one last good inspection, and you notice your foundation is caked around your nose, chin and has a general maskey appearance.  How do you fix that? With Lancome's La Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer!   Swipe this primer on after your moisturizer and before your foundation and get rid of that "fake-up" look!


7. Chipped Nails?  Ruby Nails to the rescue!

You slip on your beautiful new cocktail ring and can't wait to show off your stunning treasuer until you realize that your nails are chipped and cuticles are ragged. Keep this handy Ruby Crystal Nail Care System w/ Refill Buffer Pads in your purse and make your nails sparkle like crystals in an instant!


8. Flat hair?  Get instant lift!

 While out with your best girlfriends, you decide to take a few pictures, and upon review, you notice that your hair looks like a drenched rat (the sleek look didn't quite pan out as expected)!  Get a lift that lasts with TRUHAIR By Chelsea Scott TEASEase 2 3-piece Volume Set.  This set's combs are the creme de la creme of teasing combs and the finishing spray sets your lift while still looking like your natural bombshell self!


9. Need an quick tan?  Golden glow in a flash!

The first day of spring arrives, and you decide to pull out that gorgeous spring number that you been patiently waiting to wear all winter. There's just one problem - your legs are so pale, they could basically glow-in-the-dark.  You need a tan pronto!   That's why we couldn't love Tantowel's Self-Tanning 13-piece Towelette Kit + Mist  more.  Tantowels are fool-proof, streak-proof, don't leave you smelling odd, and give you a tan glow pronto!


10. Panty hose emergency?  Try this tip!

You are dressed to impress and are on your way to a business meeting where you will meet potential new clients.  Just as you arrive, you notice a glaring tear in your hose!  To prevent this from happening again, try this trick:  Spray pantyhose with hairspray, we prefer David Evangelista HD Hold Brushable Hold Hairspray, put them in a plastic bag, and place in your freezer for at least two hours. The freezer/hairspray duo strengthens the fibers of your pantyhose and ensures that this bad situation will never happen again! 


11. Dull smile?  Brighten those pearly whites and freshen your breath, pronto!

After wining and dining at the soiree of the season, you pop into the powder room to reapply your lipstick.  All of the sudden, you notice that you teeth are stained from the wine and your breath smells like garlic!  Don't fret, you have IntelliWhiTE Pearl Stain Eraser Pen in your bag!  This pen not only guarantees erased stains, but also freshens your breath too!


12. Too much shine?  Matte in a minute!

By using your primer, you've successfully prevented your makeup from looking cakey, but now too much shine is causing you to over powder and look older than you are!  Instead of re-powdering your face every time you see some shine, use Boscia Fashionably Matte Blotting Linen Set to eliminate shine and keep your non-cakey appearance!


13. Deodorant Stains?  No sweat!

You have just thrown on your favorite blouse and notice hideous white streaks all over! Ughhh!  Never again will this be a problem, because Vincent Longo 8-pack Latex Free Wedge Sponges  are here to the rescue!  Simply swipe these sponges over the white streaks and...Voila, no sweat! 


14. Hair full of static? Tame your mane! 

 While window shopping, you notice your reflection and see a bunch of flyaways making you look like Einstein!  Try this ingenious idea to get rid of the frizz: a dryer sheet! Think like einstein, don't look like him! Run a dryer sheet over large sections of your hair for a static-free mane.  

On the road to looking your best, you may find yourself challenged with a few of these fashion emergencies, but heed these tips and you will be back to your confidently beautiful self in no time!

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French Ooh La La for Spring!

Ahhh, Paris - The city of all things beautiful!  I think most of us would agree, there's something about French style that captivates us.   CoCo Chanel, Catherine Deneuve and Marie Antoinette, are just a few of the women over the centuries who've employed the power fashion, cosmetics and perfume to create their own feminine mystique.  Here are a few beauty tips and secrets that the woman of France have discovered that we can all try - "Paris is always a good idea"!

Paris Fashion:  French Lace 




From the palace of Versailles to your own closet - The Paris runways for spring were dripping in French lace!  2013 is the year to take the lace out of your lingerie drawer and work it into your everyday wardrobe.  From dresses to blouses, scarves and purses - choose something new with lace for spring!  One way to bring that demure sexiness to the forefront with Colleen Lopez "Eiffel in Love" Lace Trench Coat.  This coat is so chic over leggings for an on the go look, or as a dress for a jaw dropping sexy look!  Clever Carriage Company French Lace and Haircalf Satchel makes is simple to wear sexy on your sleeve!


 French Make Up:  Channel Coco Chanel


Coco Chanel is THE style icon of France, let alone the world.   Chanel is a name eponymous with little black dresses, quilted bags, and, of course, red lips!  Every look that is Chanel is timeless and chic.  Would you like to streamline your makeup routine and look amazing everyday? Try Lancome's Duel Finsih Versatile Powder Makeup for perfect porcelain skin and pucker up with Lancome's Rouge in Love Lipstick for a signature red lip.  A porcelain complection and lush red lips will add instant pizzaz to your spring look - C'est Magnifique!  


French Perfume:  The Feminine Mystique 


Lancome Trésor Eau de Parfum 


Lancome La Vie Est Belle L'Eau de Parfum  

The power of perfume:  For centuries French woman have understood the allure of a beautiful fragrance. The French certainly know the nose and they understand that smell evokes the strongest memories.  What memories will your fragrance arouse in others?  Let us recommend some of France's finest scents with a little help from our friends at Lancome, Paris.  If you want to be remembered as modern, bright, and playful, then Tresor is yours.  If you want someone to remember you as ultra feminine and full of happiness, then the fragrance that means "Life is Beautiful", Lancome La Vie Est Belle L'Eau de Parfum  is for you!


French Escape:  Lavender Fields of Provence 


Here is a French woman's beauty tip that we as women find hard to achieve: Calm is sexy. While the air in France is fragranced with calming lavender, those of us not living in this beautiful country have to find relaxation by other means, such as  AHAVA's Honeysuckle & Lavender Mineral Botanic Duo for your body and Seda France Pagoda Candles - Set of 2 Lavende Provencale and 1 Mini French Tulip for your home. Our French friends love to pamper themselves....stop and smell the lavender this spring and create a french escape at home!


No matter which of the beauty secrets that you decide to put into play - French lace, Chanel inspired make up, French perfume or lavender aroma therapy -  the real  je nais se quoi of the French woman is confidence.  Celebrate beautiful you!


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Spring Beauty Rocks!

The beauty forecast is out for 2013: Skin is naked and nails are nude, Emerald eye shadow is as eye-catching as the gem itself and faces glow like the Moonstone.  I chose some of the top spring beauty trends and paired them up with some of my favorite gems.  After all, Spring beauty rocks!

All American Girl 



This year's beauty is played like a Tom Petty song.  The All American Girl trend is a fresh, outdoorsy face all aglow! This is not a makeup-less face, but rather a clean face with other features played up.  Check out one of American's favorite All American beauties, Cameron Diaz and snag her look!

To finish this look, pair the stunning Heritage Gems Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Sterling Silver Chandelier Style 16" Necklace, America's sweetheart of stones, with Serious Skincare's InstaGleam Glowing Facial Moisturizer, a moisturizer that blurs imperfections with its subtle light-reflecting glow, and wait for the compliments to start pouring in!


Moon Glow  


The stars are glowing like the moon!  Moonstone captivates with its ability to capture certain light waves which bounce around their crystalline structure and then release the light in a shimmering effect or a glowing aura. One can certainly see how the moonstone's ethereal glow is coveted by the beauty world and "Moon Glow" has become one of the hottest trends this year. In 2013, a girl in the know is the girl with the glow!

Benefit Watt's Up Cream-to-Powder Highlighter with Lip Gloss - This highlighter gets you glowing with its easy to use applicator.  Swipe the highlighter wherever you want light to catch - cheekbones, brow bones, décolletage...Speaking of décolletage, we love the Colleen Lopez Pear Moonstone Pendant placed close to your face to create an even more angelic look!



 Emerald City   


Follow the yellow-brick road to a beauty maven's paradise - Emerald!  Pantone listed Emerald as the color of 2013 and you can definitely see this why this intriguing color is a must for our beauty wardrobe!

 Lush, lively, and radiant, Emerald, the stone and the color, enhances our sense of well-being, balance, and harmony which is why Daniel K Absolute 13ct Simulated Emerald Drop Earrings make you feel as amazing as you look.  Pair these earrings with beauty's hottest trend, hypnotic Emerald eyeshadow, by using Lancome's Color Design Eye Shadow Quad - Modern Edge and watch 'em swoon! 


Nude Awakening 


To suggest that nudity is a trend sounds quite preposterous, but when it comes to beauty it's true - nude is now!  The allure that nude nails have is the fact that the color makes you fingers seem beautifully long and nude matches all of your jewelry.  Don't worry though, this trend will not leave you naked - just nude!

Imagine how on trend you would look if you were simply tucking your hair behind your ear while wearing Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Fashion and matching Technibond Oval Chalcedony Chandelier-Style Drop Earrings! These earrings contain clear quartz which balances and revitalizes your physical, spiritual, and mental planes - all things that do you good while keeping you looking good!




Modern Romance 


Keep the romance going all year with the trend of Modern Romance.  Feminine and dramatic, two words that are synonymous with being a woman, make this a look that is classic yet edgy - think classic red lips paired with edgy, vampy deep burgundy nails.  Now think of leaving admirers with their jaws on the floor!

Get the full Modern Romance trend in one fell swoop in Deborah Lippmann's Midnight Confessions Lip and Nail Duet.  Pair your beauty look with Rose Beryl, known as the stone of Unconditional Love, like in this Müse by Gypsy "Sultan's Favorite Red Beryl and Multigemstone Bronze Ring and watch romance walk your way!



Beach Babe  


The look of 2013 is breezy, cool, and carefree, especially when it comes to our hair.  The beach babe look is inspired by the resort chic look of being on a Caribbean vacation.  Say,"Yes, please!" 

Colleen Lopez Larimar and CZ Round Ring is just the thing to enhance your beach hair!  Larimar is the color of the Caribbean Sea and sky and is only found in the Dominican Republic (boy that sounds good right about now!).  Speaking of vacations, take a break from all of your styling tools - just spray and tousle your hair with Phillip B. Maui Wowie Beach Mist and you'll look like the most fashionable girl on the island!


Which beauty trend will you rock this year? 

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Just Beautiful Colleen,great work pulling this together for us,HSN has such a variety of beauty products and jewerly for all!
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Hi Colleen, I would love to see more mother-of-pearl (white) jewelry. I have a pair of Nicky earrings with blue (quartz or topaz) ... Read More
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Colleen's Winter Beauty Survival Guide

Have you noticed that right about this time every year Old Man Winter starts wreaking havoc on our skin, hands, feet and hair?  It doesn't matter where you live in the country, I think we all find that the cold, dry winter weather takes a toll on our appearance.  I wanted to put together a Beauty Survival Guide with products and tips that will help you survive the cold weather gorgeously!


Moisture, moisture, moisture.

Let's start with our face - the place where we first see the signs of winter dryness. Skin care guru, Linda Marshall, has just what the doctor ordered for round the clock hydration.  Her Elysee Liposome Creme for Dry Skin has encapsulated liposomes that will give your skin time released moisture throughout the day.  You'll love the skin nourishing benefits of the hyaluronic acid that will give your skin the hydration boost it's craving.  Be sure to check out the customer reviews on this cream - it's one of our top rated moisturizers on HSN.

Let's face it, the cold winter months can be brutal and wearing the wrong make up only magnifies the problem.  Winter proof your makeup and put your best face forward with Hydroxatone's anti aging BB Cream.  This all in one cream looks like a foundation and acts like skin care with with antioxidants, botanical extracts and broad spectrum SPF 40.  With it's bevy of beauty ingredients it will help protect your skin against winter's environmental aggressors.  

My Best Tip: When it comes to keeping your skin hydrated, be sure to turn down the thermostat.  Too much heat draws moisture out of your skin.  Use a humidifier, like the this one from Hunter to help replenish thirsty skin. 


Dry Hair SOS


If you're dealing with flyaway hair, dry scalp and split ends, here are a few things to rescue you from bad winter hair days.  Taya Buriti Intensive Repair Kit will rejuvenate your damaged locks thanks to a blend of unique ingredients.  Formulated with Brazilian nut oil and extracts of raw parsley, this amazing shampoo and conditioner will have your hair looking shiny, soft and manageable from roots to ends. 


You may also want to take the advice of hair stylist extraordinaire, Johnny Wright.  Johnny is the man who keeps our first lady's hair looking so gorgeous.  His secret weapon is the Coriolis K2 Vapor Infusion Iron with Argon Oil (he told me this is ALWAYS in his beauty bag).  This fabulous iron protects your hair while you use it and infuses your hair with argon oil vapor for mega shine!

My Best Tip:  Avoid over washing your hair.  I wash mine every 3rd day to keep it from drying out.  Also, take shorter showers in the winter months (5 - 10 minutes) and use luke warm water....piping hot water, long showers will dry out your skin and hair.


Relief for Dry Hands and Feet

Winter can be brutal on our hands and feet and when the temperatures drop below freezing it takes takes it's toll.  Perlier's Double Latte Hand Care Set will smooth and soften rough, dry hands.  Apply the Double Latte organic rice and soy milk lotion generously to your hands and wear the moisture gel gloves for 20 minutes for a spa like treatment that will take years off the appearance of your hands.  

For happy winter Feet, try AHAVA's Dead Sea Foot Cream.  Treat your dry feet to the soothing relief of minerals from the dead sea combined with vitamin B5 and Vitamin E for extra nourishing for your tootsies.

My Best Tip:  If your feet are extra dry, apply lotion and wear socks at night while you sleep for extra moisture hydration.  Also - get in the habit of using lotion after you wash your hands.  I keep a bottle of lotion next to every sink so I remember to reapply throughout the day.


All in One Beauty Treatment

One more winter beauty essential to help combat the elements is Andrew's Lessman's Healthy Hair Skin and Nails. It provides a unique blend of natural ingredients selected to promote the growth of the healthiest hair, skin and nails possible.  Winter hair, skin and nails in particular will really benefit from all of these extra nutrients.

My Final Tip:  Hydrate.  Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep your skin smooth and glowing - hydrated skin looks healthy and radiant - so drink up, beauties!  




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I just returned home to FL after a week in Canada...Perlier products are my dry skin life savers...thanks for the great tips Colle... Read More
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thank you for all the tips,one thing i do is never go out side without useing 'rich girl hand cream' by deborah lippmann.
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Eye help?

Colleen, what do you suggest to use around the eye area? And you have to share where you found the beautiful dinnerware on your C... Read More
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The WOW Factor

The Wow Factor:  The degree to which the first impression of something makes a person say "Wow".  A surprise, originality, coolness factor.

If you're looking to add a little extra "wow" to your holiday look, I've compiled a list of head-turning holiday makeup tips that will take your "HOW" to  "WOW"!


1. Perk Up Your Peepers

Some eyeshadow trends can be intimidating, and while sparkle is gorgeous on a Christmas tree, it is not always flattering for your eyelids.  Kick your warm toned eyeshadow up a notch with the metallic tones found in Lancôme's Color Design 5 Eyeshadow & Liner Palette "Rudy Affair"!  The warm colors will draw attention to your baby blues, dazzling browns and exotic greens - All eyes will be on you!


2. Boost Your Lashes


Everyone looks better with a luscious set of lashes! While every mascara amps up your lashes, few can hold a candle to Lancôme's Hypnose Star Show-Stopping Volume Mascara.  With the ultimate glamor girl, Betty Boop, as the official spokesmodel for this fab new mascara - this is my new favorite and will make even the wimpiest lashes look Wow!


3. Find Your Perfect Shade of Red

Paint the town and your lips red!  Nothing packs more punch for the holiday than luscious lips.  Whether you are feeling rosy in pink, coquettish in coral, or ravishing in red, Korres' Mango Butter Lipstick Trio has a shade of red for every occasion -  Bring on the mistletoe ;)


4. Sexy Hair




Have you heard the saying:  Go big or go home?  Let's get one thing straight, Corioliss' Straight2 Curls Titanium Styling Iron will help you obtain big goddess locks of curls, or sleek and shiny straight strands in the twist of a wrist. This iron's titanium plates will eliminate frizz and static, which is sexy no matter which style you choose - Go big!


5. Fierce Nails

 Nail it with Deborah Lippmann's "Rock This Town 3-piece Kit".  Deep rich velvety nails with a touch of metallic shimmer are just what you need to bring you major impact on a small scale.  Just add your favorite cocktail ring and your hands will look party ready in a flash!


With one or more of these 5 tips - warm eye shadow, bold lashes, red lips, sexy hair and fierce nails you've just amped up your holiday look big time...Bring on the Wow! 

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