Sleeping Beauties

The holidays can undoubtedly be a stressful time.  Have you found that the bounties of the season have left you abundant everywhere except the sleep department?  Well Santa is not the only one with helpers this season, we have just the ones to get you on your way to sugar plums dancing in your head.


Feel like a true sleeping beauty in Rhonda Shear's "Harlow" Nightgown.  This gown's silky texture and elegant style will send you straight to dreamland!


Running holiday errands can leave your feet aching.  Brookstone's PlushLuxe 2 pack of slippers are the perfect "one for me, one for you" gift.  Not only will you sleep better because your feet will be thanking you, but your loved one will be taken care of as well.


Is the balancing act of this season leaving your skin stressed and dry?  Leave the task of moisture balance to Lancôme's Bienfait Multi-Vital Night Cream.  All you need to do is apply, sleep tight, and wake up at your pinnacle of prettiness.


With the ever multiplying list of to-do's, sleep is most likely not one of them.  Wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with Andrew Lessman's Night Time which give you a little help when it comes to falling asleep and they will not leave you groggy in the morning.



The only thing that will lure you to sleep more than a luxurious bath before bed is Carol's Daughter Lavender and Vanilla 4-piece set.  The body cream will leave your skin glowing and your attitude even warmer after the calming lavender fragrance whisks you away to a deep sleep.


Hop on the dreamboat and drift away to beauty sleep with these sleeping beauties!

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Guest — margie sanders


love the beautiful rhonda shear gown,would love to own it.
Wednesday, 12 December 2012 6:06 PM
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Nail Visionary Deborah Lippmann Shares Her Favorite Trends of the Season!

  From Vogue, Instyle, W, Vanity Fair and Italian Vogue to Versace, Valentino, Balenciaga, Donna Karen and Zac Posen - Deborah Lippmann is the go-to manicurist for the most fashionable magazines and the most renowned fashion houses. Her amazing line of lacquers and treatments for nails, hands and feet are coveted by women all over the world! The Deborah Lippmann Collection is frequently featured in top magazines, spotted backstage at fashion shows, and painted on the tips of the world's most notable women. Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Renee Zellweger and Penelope Cruz were all manicured by Deborah and wore nail polish from her collection when they accepted their Oscars. 

We caught up with the amazingly talented Nail Master to find out what trends she loves most for the Holidays!


I got a Bachelor of Arts degree in music and like most artists, needed to wait tables to pay rent. I was extremely untalented at that and needed to find another way to "have a day job" so I could sing the music I loved. I wound up in cosmetology school and eventually specialized in manicuring. It turned out working really well that I can sit down and hold hands with people during the day and stand up on my heels to sing at night. 


I love the diversity of my job. I have an agent who manages all my jobs, and I never know one day to the next what shoot I'll be working on. I keep a carry-on packed at all times as I often get called to another city at the drop of a dime. 


Hmmmmm so many choices . . . . I can't remember the last time I sat across someone at a proper manicure table. I'm always portable and mobile. Sometimes it's terribly glamourous like the Ritz in Paris, and sometimes I'm sitting in the complete dark in a recording studio, on private jets, in old abandoned warehouses in the muffle of the winter with no heat (more than once)! I once spent 2 days on a video shoot with Lady Gaga for "Born This Way," and it was about 10 degrees. It took me 2 days to de-thaw! 


I'm currently obsessed with my new "Through The Fire" holiday shimmering red. It's very lux, and it makes me happy when I look at it! You know, sometimes it's the little things! ;)


I have several shades of grey to choose from. "Waking Up In Vegas" is a light foggy grey; as you might suspect, it's great for daytime. "Stormy Weather"  on the other hand is a deep, strong opaque grey that makes more of a statement. Finally, you could go for the gusto and choose "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," wear this when you're ready to take it all on. 


I think combining shades and considering not wearing the same shade on each nail is a very modern approach for this holiday. You can wear the ombre look, where the color on the nails is soft at the base of the nail and gradually gets darker and richer at the tip (or vice versa). You can't go wrong with strong shimmer or glitter, or a combo of both this season. 


I tend to be a simple girl with my nails but, I just got back from Japan and almost everyone there had multiple colors on their nails. The more I see it, the more I like it. I came home with designs on every nail. It was fun for a few days and then I went back to basic, like my latest 'nude" nail "Modern Love" (an opaque mauve). The nail art trend is going to be around for a while for sure, but for some of us, we will always go back to our staples of nudes and red. To me, nudes and red are staples just like the little black dress. 



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Small Wonders

Have you ever wondered how some woman manage to always look fresh and polished all day long?  We want to let you in a little secret - these woman are carrying their very own "small wonder" in their purses!  Because the holidays are the most social time of year and you need to look your best from day to night, there's no better time to get your hands on this secret weapon.  Between your work schedule, parties, family get togethers and shopping marathons, it's impossible to look "camera ready" at all times....until now!!


Trish McEvoy Effortless Beauty Planner

Consider Trish McEvoy's Beauty Planner the swiss army knife of the beauty world.  Foundation flaw?  Fixed. Blush, bronzer, powder?  Got it.  Droopy eyelid accompanied by tired, bags around the eyes?  This kit even has a fix for that!


Signature Club A By Adrienne Take Along Total Makeup Vanity

While you may be the nominated Energizer Bunny this season, you may feel like you are looking far from bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Call in the troops! (And by that, we mean Adrienne's Imperial Vitamin C infused makeup vanity.)  You look amazing when you take your vitamins, so why not apply them to your makeup?  These industrial strength concealers paired with universally flattering eyeshadow colors and lipsticks, will keep us going, and going, and going.....


Ready To Wear Beauty Treasures Makeup Set

The holidays are a great time for trying out new looks, and Ready To Wear's Beauty Treasures Makeup Set will take our beauty up a notch, and keep it there with its "pop in your purse" size.  Not only do we love all of the glosses and eyeshadows, but we love this kit for Ready To Wear's famous mascara and powder, plus, we absolutely adore the chic bronze cosmetics bag! 


Get these ingenious small wonders and keep them wondering how you keep looking so good, all season long!



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Guest — Colleen Lopez

Happy holidays!

Thanks, Margie!
Tuesday, 27 November 2012 3:03 PM
Guest — margie sanders


love all the make-up.
Tuesday, 27 November 2012 12:12 AM
Guest — Colleen Lopez

Thanks for your message!

Hi Leslie! I agree! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Happy Holidays! XO, Colleen
Tuesday, 27 November 2012 3:03 PM
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Scent-Sational Gifts

Looking for memorable gifts?  They say that our olfactory sense is our best link to our memories.  We have chosen something for everyone on your list so that this holiday season you can be the one to help create new memories with these "scent-sational" gifts. 


For the Romantic

There is no better way to show her your love than with the gift of Lancome's La Vie Est Belle L'eau de Parfum.  This is our new favorite fragrance and we think the name says it all "Life is Beautiful"!  Give this as a gift or wear it yourself for the holidays -  We are pretty sure it will get you a kiss under the mistletoe!  Hint:  Tune in to HSN at Midnight on Dec. 4th for the best value EVER on this gorgeous fragrance!!


For the Jewelry Lover

What woman doesn't love jewelry AND fragrance?  Lisa Hoffman knows what women want and created this Japanese Agarwood Necklace with Fragrance Beads as the perfect answer to our constant craving!  Unlike traditional perfume, Lisa's fragranced wood beads nest inside this filigree pendant and continue to scent the wearer throughout the day!  Available in 5 glorious fragrances, give the "Scent of Style" for the holidays!


For The Man In Your Life

Sometimes the men in our lives can get lost in the shuffle of the holiday frenzy.  Jennifer Lopez' Deseo For Men Set will keep them smelling as good as they look and we guarantee that it will create a lot more memories than the usual "last minute purchased" tie!  JLo is known for creating beautiful fragrances for women and for her first men's fragrance Jennifer says, "I wanted to capture the intimate and personal nature of a man that's sexy and strong".  This three pieces gift set is one that we think he will enjoy as much as you will ;)


A Gift For The Expectant Mom

Do you want to give a mother-to-be a more creative gift than a onesie and a pack of diapers?  Try this beautiful, soft, alcohol-free Kaloo Lilirose Eau De Toilette Spray and Toy Set.  The fragrance is so pure and gentle that baby can wear it, plus it comes with a too-cute-for-words bunny for a baby girl to play with!  This precious gift is one both Mom and baby will enjoy together!


A Gift For The House

Looking for a gift that brings a little glamour and intrigue into someone's life?   We may have an easy answer as we are obsessed with the sent of Forsaken by True Blood! This D.L. & Company Candle and Diffuser Set will fill their home with intoxicating scents!   Flirt with darkness and choose this for the vampire fan on your holiday list!



These are just a few of the many fragrant gifts you can find on  Call it guilt by association when your loved ones remember you every time they smell these new fragrances.   Scent-sational gifts are memories in the making!


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Guest — Stella

Lancome"s "Life is Beautiful"

Just ordered a bottle this afternoon. I was shopping at Macy's this afternoon and tried it on a testing strip. Came home and order... Read More
Thursday, 15 November 2012 10:10 PM
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Ready For A Dazzling Closeup

One of the looks we covet most today is flawless, luminous, glowing skin.  No one knows this better than Hollywood's stunning starlets.  Since the invention of the high definition camera, which not only show every blemish but every morsel of makeup as well, makeup artists have had to take extra care in tending to their clients skin and giving them that fresh, dewy look that everyone craves.  The good news is, you don't have to have a makeup artist professionally apply your makeup to get the same results.  We have picked some of the best products that are not only easy to apply but do all the work for you so that you are ready for your dazzling closeup!

In order to achieve that "camera ready" flawless finish, your skin needs to be bright!  Shiseido's White Lucent Protective Emulsion freshens the canvas for the rest of your makeup.  Not only does this lotion help get rid of pesky dark spots, but its SPF can help protect against future spots as well.

A sexy and elegant side ponytail like this movie star's makes the perfect frame for ethereal skin to shine.


If it's the natural, California-girl glow, that your skin craves - you may want to try beauty's new "it" product B.B. Cream!   Boscia's B.B. cream has everything that you need in this tube of wonder -  moisturizer, skin firmer, SPF, primer, and foundation!  If only there were a product that could wash, blow-dry, and style your hair at once...

This Hollywood golden girl has always made us crave a natural look.  Her seemingly foundation-less face paired with sleek strands give her a look that is simple, yet always desirable.

To be as glamourous as everyone's favorite screen siren, you are going to need some caviar ( and seaweed!) in your foundation.  Signature Club A's Caviar Foundation with Spirulina Glow Core helps you perfect that glowing complexion.  This foundation's Spirulina Glow Core lightens up your face and deflects attention away from sagging skin.  What's even better is the convenient foundation stick allows you to touch-up for your close-up anytime, anywhere!

With curls positioned to open away from your face, like this legendary beauty's, you will set the stage to display your spectacular skin.


Movie stars are not the only ones bombarded with cameras.  As we approach the holidays, we all find that more bulbs with be flashing!  These products will have you looking pretty as a picture and ready for your close up (Mr. Demille would have approved!).   

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Guest — margie sanders


wonderful make-up, if only i looked like the ladies (lol).
Thursday, 01 November 2012 4:04 PM
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