What's Bold Is New Again For Fall

One of our favorite looks that came off the runway is the new ladylike trend.  Not only is classic beauty fabulous in fashion, it is even better when we can create our own, with our makeup.  Think of all of the timeless beauty looks, the type of looks that make you ecstatic to be a woman: blushing cheeks, bold eyeliner, and a cherry red pout. 


Blushing Cheeks

Why not look like you are getting bombarded with compliments?  YBF's Bronze, Blush, and Brighten Trio Compact not only help you look like you just received a compliment, it will get you the compliment!  Notice that Emma Watson combined all three looks, for a flawless face whose look is bold, but not brash.


Geometric Eyeliner

Adele proves that whether your channeling Cleopatra or a screen siren from the past, a bold, geometric cat eye is a timelessly flattering look.  The best way to achieve your mysterious look is with Luminess Air's Eye Kit.  The felt tip liner helps you simplify your makeup routine and takes you on your way to the hottest look of the season, and the hottest look of all time.


Cherry Red Pout


Is there anything more ladylike, classic, or stunning than a cherry red pout?  Benefit's Silky-Finish Lipstick allows us to choose our level of boldness with its moisturizing, buildable color.  Here's to hoping that it will get us closer to looking like Nicole Kidman's doppelgänger!


Take a note from some of our favorite classic beauties themselves, Emma Watson, Adele, and Nicole Kidman who prove that this season, makeup is not for the faint of heart, because the only rule of thumb is what's bold is new again.  






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Guest — margie sanders


beautiful make-up colleen,love it all
Tuesday, 02 October 2012 6:06 PM
Guest — Abi

Beauty help

Hello Colleen, I'm in my early 30s and beginning to have eyebags, what can I use?
Monday, 05 November 2012 3:03 PM
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Heaven At Home

If beauty comes in two different forms, inner and outer beauty, then spa treatments are what unify the two.  For the modern woman though, it is hard to get ourselves to an actual spa, whether to do the time or the expense.  Why not create your heaven at home?  While your hair, makeup, and appearance are the first things that others notice about you, what you do in the shower gives you the perfectly primed palette for everything that follows.


Throw that old washcloth away and unveil the true you with Beautisol's Hamman Deep Exfoliating Mitt. For a deep exfoliation, soak in your tub for about ten minutes (we love to add Body Ache's Bath Salts in Carol's Daughter Delectable Bath Duo) and then gently buff your arms and legs in order to slough off any dead skin that you may have.  For a different form of exfoliation, we cannot say enough about the luxurious, Brown Sugar Scrub from Carol's Daughter which leaves your skin moisturized and smelling delicious. Whichever exfoliation you choose, these exfoliants will rid your skin of any dullness that may be inhibiting you from letting off your supermodel glow.


There is a certain something about a woman who treats herself right.  With 25% organic shea butter, and a scrub brush that helps you beautify even the hardest to reach places, Perlier's Shea Butter with Sweet Almond Milk Cream Shower Set is just the thing for that woman. 


What is a spa session without a veil of moisture to hydrate, nourish, and fragrance your skin?  Korres' Classic Body Butter 3-piece Set contains blends of avocado, sunflower, and almond oil plus shea butter and quince extract, that take your skin from so-so to sublime.


Now that you have buffed your way to bliss, your outer beauty will come forth just as much as your inner self.  As we know, it is important to treat yourself right, and not just once a year.  Get these spa essentials and create your own heaven at home everyday!

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Trish McEvoy Premiere

For the past few months, there has been a buzz around HSN that Trish McEvoy was coming, and we have been bubbling over with anticipation. In case you are not familiar, Trish is an absolute guru in the field of beauty.  For over 35 years, Trish has enhanced the beauty of women the world over, including some of the most recognized beauties in the industry.  If you have never tried Trish McEvoy products, we must warn you: confidence ensues.


Please excuse us while we squeal in excitement about Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner Collection!  Everything you need from foundations, lips, and mascara, to Trish's best-selling Makeup Planner is in this collection.  This collection will keep your life organized, and your face beautiful.


Airbrushed face?  Sign us up!  Better results will follow when you use Trish-McEvoy Mistake-Proof Application Brush.  This brush is designed specifically for the perfect application of powders and foundations.  


Trish is bringing our sexy back with Trish McEvoy Sexy 9 Eau de Parfum Blackberry and Vanilla Musk!  Take juicy blackberries, stir in cozy vanilla and velvet musk, mix with patchouli and sandalwood, and you will have yourself the most sensual fragrance that we have ever worn.


It is no secret that women have busy lives.  Trish has recognized our time crunches and has brought us Trish McEvoy Gentle Cleansing Wash.  This wash not only cleanses our face, it is gentle enough to remove our eye makeup all at once.  The only downside is the fact that we do have to take off all of this glorious makeup at the end of the day!


If you are looking to revive your beauty regime, tonight is the night!  Watch Trish McEvoy show us "the power of makeup" on HSN tonight at 11pm EST.

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Just a small question :)

It's super amazing wooow , Is this a giveaway ?
Friday, 31 August 2012 3:03 PM
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Backstage Fall Beauty

For Beauty junkies like us, one of the greatest things about working at HSN is getting to test drive and try the newest beauty products and trends for each season.

There are so many choices in beauty right now, we wanted to narrow it down to our top ten products and trends for Fall 2012!


1. Luminous Skin

Skin is always in, and the look on your skin this fall should be luminous!  Shisdeido White Lucent Emulsion SPF 15 pairs helps us achieve that fresh, glowy skin look that pairs nicely with smokey eyes and matte lips.


2. Bold Brows

Frame your face and your fall look with bold brows.  Bold brows, easily achievable with YBF's Automatic Eyebrow Pencil, match the bold styles seen on the runway.  Whether expertly manicured or brushed upward and carefree, thick brows are all the rage.


3. Cocoa Craze Eyeshadow

The rich, beautiful chocolates and bronzes in Lancome's Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in Bronze Amour remind us kicking through the autumn leaves and the top eyeshadow colors look this fall.


4. Major Lashes

In our book, big, luscious lashes are always a look.  Benefit's BADgal Lash Ultra Black Mascara helps amp our lashes up to fluttery flair.


5. Dramatic Lips

A beautiful, bold lip harkens us to the ladylike days of the past, a prevalent look all over the runway this season.  Phillipe Chansal must have had all of  our beauty moods in mind with Ready to Wear's Hydraluxe Lipstick Set of 3.


6. Geometric Eyeliner

The clean, futuristic lines of clothes beg for a matching counterpart.  Make sure to pair a nude, subtle lip with the bold look of the eye.  Ready to Wear's Line by Design helps us achieve the most flawless liner.


7. Jewel Tone Nails

 Who better than Deborah Lippmann to let us let our inner artist, or a least our inner vixen, shine through with rich, jewel tone nails?  Wear Deborah Lippmann's Steal My Kisses Magnetic Nail Lacquer Set like you would your classic polish or use the magnet to swirl the color around and set your own ten trends.


8. Statement Hair Accessory

Hair accessories had to be one of the top trends on the fantastical runways this fall.  Make fantasy your reality with Heidi Daus' "Hues Loveliest of All" Crystal-Accented Hair Clip.



9. Extreme Hair Texture

Whether you are ready to rock the runway's side-part style or the sleek ponytails and buns, Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Pudding will help get you "the look".


10. Retro Bouffant

If ladylike style is back, then you can count on the bouffant not being far away.  Retro, sexy, and glamourous all define the look of hair this season.  Keranique's Volumizing Lifting Spray will take your hair, and style, to great heights.


You can be sure that on and off camera, we'll be trying out all of our top ten beauty favorites for Fall! 


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Guest — margie sanders


loved your blog;colleen thanks for the beauty tips
Wednesday, 22 August 2012 7:07 PM
Guest — Colleen Lopez

Colleen Lopez

My pleasure, Margie!! xo
Wednesday, 22 August 2012 7:07 PM
Guest — Colleen Lopez

Colleen Lopez

Hi Mary! For this blog I was focusing on style trends - and make up/hair ideas for fall. For Skin Care I need a whole new blog...... Read More
Friday, 24 August 2012 3:03 PM
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True Blood: Forsaken Beauty Products

Thanks to HSN, we can finally really sink our teeth into HBO's series Trueblood. Beauty products by Deborah Lippmann, and fragrances by Givaudan and home goods, such as candles and diffusers by DL & Co made our blood curdle with excitement.  We could not help but tempt you with a sneak peek of the goodies that will be on tomorrow. 

It's our human nature to covet all of these products... Deborah Lippmann has designed a beautiful nail lacquer trio of magentas, dark cherries, and nudes called "Bad Things" which were all inspired by the starlets of the show. Deborah's also created the Forsaken signature set which contains a scented lacquer that matches the scent of the Forsaken fragrance, which contains a blend of pear, jasmine, and amber notes. If that was not enough, Ms. Lippmann has created her first ever lipstick, a deep blackberry shade that keeps lips moist and completely kissable (or bite-worthy)!

Forget the garlic!  DL & Co has partnered with HSN to create a line of home fragrances that will let vampires and sweet sultry scents into your home.  We especially love the fang adorned lid on DL & Co.'s triple wick candle.


 While it will be hard, you will have to wait until tomorrow, August 9th, to take a bite out of the deals!


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