Gold Medal Glam

The Olympics are in full swing and we feel like participating.  While we cannot swim like Missy Franklin or whack a ball like the Williams sisters, we feel like we can win a gold medal in the beauty division.  Below is a list of our Gold Medal winning products to get you in your top beauty shape, whether you are going to swim the 200-meter backstroke or leisurely doggy paddle across the pool.




In the swimming category, Ahava's Mineral Suncare Moisturizing Lotion wins the prize.  After a day in the pool, chlorine can wreak havoc on our skin, and this moisturizer will not only replenish your lost moisture, but protect against the sun too! 




When it comes to Volleyball, we give Sally Hershberger's Salon Moisture Deluxe Kit a perfect ten.  The sun can scorch our hair and cause our ends to split, leaving us looking less than golden.  This kit contains a shampoo that enhances our hair color, a conditioner that weightlessly hydrates, and a keratin treatment that seals in spilt ends.



For Tennis, our beauty judges have awarded these makeups a gold medal in the "long wear" category. Keep your game face pretty with Vincent Longo's Lip and Cheek Gel Stain, Benefit's Erase Paste, and Lancôme's Le Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner.





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Shape-Shifting Beauty

After years of beholding the breathtakingly beautiful women of HSN - top models, award-winning actresses, record breaking singers, and beauty brand moguls, we have learned a thing or two about makeup.  It has been on this perilous journey, one that has required intense training, keen observance, and hours of trial and error, that we have discovered one of the most well-kept makeup secrets: the art of contouring your face.  Before your mind starts going back 25 years and you remember a not-so-secret contoured makeup look, a few heavy streaks under your cheekbones, take a look at today's contoured face.  The sculpted face that is today's go to for celebrities, is a mix of similar shades that have been expertly blended to create a " must be good genes" shaped face.  With the right supplies, tools, and map to get you started, you will be on your way to a high-cheek boned, straight-nosed, perfect look in no time (and by no time, we mean 2 minutes or less!).

 This is our go-to map for sculpting our face.  Notice how the darker shades trick the eye into believing that that area is receding.  All you need to do is apply makeup a shade or two darker than your own natural shade in areas that you would like to thin out (think sides of your nose, hollows of your cheeks, and under your chin) and use a high quality blush brush to blend, blend, blend!  While the darker shades can disguise your "not so favorite" spots, don't forget to highlight the areas you would give a little lift too, like the top of your brow bones  and cheekbones, and the cupid's bow right above your lips.


Now that you've gotten the gist of facial sculpting, let's look at the products!



Who knows beauty better than Adrienne Arpel?  Adrienne brings us a simple, stress-free way creamy powder that makes sculpting our face goof-proof.  Signature Club A by Adrienne's Color and Contour Ultra Creamy Translucent Powders is a must-have in every woman's beauty arsenal.



Bronzer is only half of the equation when it comes to a contoured look. Bronzer + Highlighter = Perfection.  Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter will glide over the areas of your face that you want to accentuate - your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and right below the brow.  Don't forget your décolleté which is always a must for giving your look the perfect finish!



Without blush, even a perfectly sculpted face can look dull and flat.  It's no secret that Benefit's Bella Bamba Brightening Pink Box' Powder is our favorite blush at  This universally flattering shade of blush contains gold undertones, which will add an unbelievable (in the most believable way) glow that will make your cheekbones pop!  



The last leg of our journey on the road to the perfect face, are the tools.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to invest in a great set of brushes.  As we mentioned earlier, the difference between the harsh look of the 80's sculpted face and the sculpted face of today, is all about the blending.  We cannot think of a better brush set than YBF's Double-ended Brush Set with Black Carry Case to get you on your way.


 Now that you have your map, supplies, and tools, see where your beauty journey will lead you.  We'll bet that you are led straight to a ton of compliments and a ton of confidence!

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Polish Off Your Pout

What is the beauty secret on everyone's lips this Summer?  Just take a look at those lips, and their manicure, to get your answer.  Matching your lipstick to your nail polish is the biggest beauty trend that we have seen in a while.  Lipstick has elevated our moods since as long as we can remember and it is a well known fact that the sales of lipstick has even held steady through the worst economic climates from the Great Depression to our most recent hard times.  Even though some people may snuff at those of us who love cosmetics, there is an undeniable truth to the fact that a tube of lipstick can help one's outlook become a little sunnier.  As a matter of fact, almost 1,500 tubes of lipstick are sold every minute.  Through the years we have seen the magical effects of that a good shade of lipstick can give you, so we say why not grab a bottle of matching nail lacquer to polish off the look?


The ombre effect of Lorac's Lips With Benefits Lip Gloss in Alex has the perfect swirl of color that makes it a perfect match to at least one of The New Black's Ombre Nail Lacquer in Floyd.  Lorac's Lips With Benefits Lip Gloss in Chris also makes a great match.


Matching your beautiful beiges will completely spice up a neutral look.  Try Lancôme's L'Absolu Rouges Replenishing Lipcolor with SPF 12 in Rich Cashmere and Deborah Lippmann's Nail Lacquer in Satin Doll.



From the days of Dior's New Look to the days of your new look, matching the forever classic red lip to the equally classic red nail is a look that has been and will always be, simply beautiful.  Achieve the evolution of the New Look, use Lancôme's La Laque Fever Ultimate Lasting Lipshine in Bang Bang Red for your lips and Deborah Lipmann's Nail Lacquer in It's Raining Men.



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Stay Put and Stay Beautiful Makeup

Since we are in the height of summer, the heat has forced us to lighten up our makeup regimen. When your skin is burdened down with thick heavy primers, foundations and powders, you can feel like you are wearing sweatpants in 100° weather.  How do you get the coverage without the look and feel of heaviness? Also, how can you achieve your usual beautiful face when the sun and sweat wipe it away?  We have a couple of tips for you and have picked our top favorite makeup for the days of Helios ahead.



Shiseido's Sun Protection Compact Foundation is just the thing that every one of us needs in their handbag.  Not only does this foundation give us the complexion of our dreams (do to the antioxidants in the formula), it has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for containing an effective UV sunscreen.



Sometimes blush can look much heavier than we realize, therefore providing us with a dated and aged look.  However, if we skip blush, we can look sallow and tired.  This Vincent Longo Water Canvas Blush is the perfect balance of color for our faces.  The texture in creamy and provides just the right amount of coquettish allure to our cheeks.



If you were to take a poll on which summer makeup snafu is worse: thick, gooey foundations or creased, runny eyeshadows, the results would come out even.  Since yours eyes are usually the main attraction of your face, you should always make sure to wear an eyeshadow primer on your eyelids before you apply your shadow to ensure that the attractions stays as long as the shadow!  For the ultimate goof-proof eye primer, we choose Lancome's Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolor Base


The days of summer are here, and they are hot and long, so make sure that you have makeup that can stay put so that you can stay beautiful!




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Guest — Lisa T. from MN


Love your tips, Colleen. Also, the blue dress you're wearing in your pic is GORGEOUS!!!
Tuesday, 10 July 2012 3:03 PM
Guest — Colleen Lopez

Colleen Lopez

Thank you so much, Lisa!! xoxo
Tuesday, 10 July 2012 4:04 PM
Guest — Colleen Lopez

Colleen Lopez

Hi Michelle! Thanks for making my day! XO
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 5:05 PM
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Colleen's Summer Host Picks

Summertime is the time of year to be outside, enjoying the sun and fresh air, yet many of those summer days are spent indoors due to torrential downpours and unbearable heat. While we have no control over mother nature's plans, many of us have locked ourselves in doors due to a few things that we can control - pasty skin, unsightly hairs, or fear of the sun's effects on our faces.  We know that the possibilities of fixing our beauty blunders are endless, so some favorites had to be declared. 

What's your woe?

Horrible Hairs

There are few things more embarrassing than the harsh light of day catching you with a stray hair or two popping out from somewhere it shouldn't.  Banish these rogue hairs for good with the No No Hair Removal Set.


Sun Scorched Skin

Speaking of smoothing your face, it's definitely time for a great complexion.  The hot summer sun can wreck havoc on our skin.  Not to worry, Wei East has brought us the ancient wisdom of Asia to help us answer our toughest beauty questions.  Wrinkles?  Wei East White Lotus and Snowgrass Age-Defying Beauty Set is the answer!


Pasty Skin

Remember the carefree days of youth when you slathered baby oil all over your body?  Unfortunately, a glance at your sun spots doesn't quite evoke the nostalgia that you were hoping for.  You can achieve the same tan today sans spots with a Tan Towel.  This is by far the best sunless tanner on the market - quick dry time, goof-proof application, and lack of "this is a fake tan" smell make it our all time favorite.


Lifeless Makeup 

Benefit Cosmetics' Box O' Powder and Lip Gloss in Bella Bamba gives your face the extra oomph that is de riguer for the summer.  One of our go-to beauty tips is to dust this golden watermelon shade on your cheeks and your temples after your foundation to give you a natural glow, then, all you need is to add the luscious matching lip gloss.  When you are finished with your application, you will blush like you just received the greatest complement.  


For more tips for a beautiful summer, watch Colleen's Host Picks: 

 Thursday, June 14: 11 PM - 12 AM = Summer Health & Beauty Pick

                               12 AM - 1 AM =  Summer Host Picks 

Saturday, June 16: 5-6 PM =  Summer Electronics Picks
                              6-7 PM = Summer Host Picks 



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