Enchanted Beauty

The only thing that we love more than watching Snow White and the Huntsman, is the fashion and beauty products that the movie inspired!

Enter, where you can live out your fairytale and look like Snow White for the day.  To some, Snow White's beauty may bring to mind the image an overly powdered face with a ribbon in the hair, but that is not what we are on about.  We want to bring you to the new generation of Snow White, the enchanted beauty with mystical eyes, apple-red lips, and raven-sleek hair.

This kind of beauty will catch you looking at yourself in the mirror asking, "Who's the fairest of them all?" (Come on, you knew that was coming!) 




 This sultry eyeshadow and plum eyeliner made us feel divine.  Just a warning, you may captivate a Huntsman or two with this sultry eyeshadow. 










 Deborah Lippmann knows that on somedays we want to feel like a princess, other days, a queen!










 How could you not feel like royalty with YBF Beauty's Royalty Red lipstick?  The pewter case alone was reason enough to reapply our lipstick throughout the day.






Be sure to make your fantasy a reality and watch Colleen kickoff the Snow White and The Huntsman event on HSN May 29th at 11pm! 

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Beauty Bargain Alert

Beauty Mavens - 

I have to let you in on my latest score. This Benefit Powder Pop Full Face Color Collection comes with 1 Bad Gal Lash mascara, 3 blushes (Dandilion, Coralista and Dallas) and 1 beautiful spring eye shadow in Fawn all for only $30.00 :-)  

Enjoy Beauties! XO



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Energizing with Citrus Scents

Springtime always calls for a change of scent from the winter months, where people prefer a more musky, spicy and woodsier scent.

Citrus scents are always nice way to welcome the warm weather! Theres nothing like a splash of orange, lemon or grapefruit to leave you feeling energized and happy!

Refresh with Perlier Sicilian Citrus 3-piece Bath and Body kit. Skip and Amanda’s line of Mediterranean bliss is one of the best in bath and body. The antioxidants from the oranges, tangerines and lemons aid premature aging and help to tone your skin. This will leave you looking healthy and radiant from head-to-toe.

Do you have a favorite Perlier Product?

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Nude Nails

Creamy beige is always a clean and classic nail color. “Beige is the new sheer pink and it’s popularity if rising.” says Deborah Lippmann. “I’ve been doing nude nails season after season because it gives the illusion of skin continuing and really lengthens your finger – it feels modern. We’re shifting to warmer, foundation inspired hues because who doesn’t love the idea of never-ending skin? Skin has become so important to our culture -we’re always after that glowing, dewy, gorgeous effect.”

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3 New Products For Fabulous Hair Days

Cold weather offers an opportunity for successful hair days. However, it becomes a process to maintain healthy, shiny hair. This task becomes easier when knowing the right products to include in your hair styling routine. HSN knows what it takes to achieve the goal of having sultry hair.

Take the following 3 products in these 3 steps, for instance:

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