Red Carpet Beauty

Roll out the red carpet, award season is here!   We are looking for our favorite screen sirens to set the precedent for this year's beauty trends and we're already getting a feel for the top looks this year!   Whether you prefer a soft and sophistincated look like Amber Heard's, or the girl next door look with a pixie cut and vampy lip like Jennifer Lawrence, check out a few of our favorites and tell us what you think.  And the winner is....


Amber Heard 

The Look: Soft and Sophisticated, Screen Goddess

No need for camera filters with this look!   A screen goddess prefers a soft focus look to her makeup with naturally flushed cheeks, and dreamy bedroom eyes.

To achieve Amber Heard's look:

Too Faced 6 Essentials Natural Radiance Face Palette 

Lancome Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette 

Trish McEvoy Precision Brow Shaper System  


Cate Blanchett 

The Look:  Feminine Flair, Classic Elegance 

A true movie star loves an elegantly classic look for their big night!  Usually,we think of a red lip to go with this look, yet Cate went on a limb and chose a deep pink, which perfectly balanced the boldness of the black gown  with her  blond hair.  Speaking of balance, while the lipstick was not red, it was still bold which meant that Cate made sure that her brows where well defined.

To achieve Cate's look:

Ready to Wear Longevity Anti-Aging Foundation

Ready to Wear Brow Extension 

Ready to Wear Color Curve Lipstick Set 

Jennifer Lawrence 

The Look:  Chic Pixie with a Vampy Lip


Don't be shy!  That is one lesson that we can definitely take from America's sweetheart, Jennifer Lawerence.  We love the sexiness of her matte, yet radiant skin, paired with her perfectly lined eyes, deep, rich red lip, and of course, her coveted pixie cut! The best way to pull of a vampy lip is with a girl next door attitude which gives your look chart topping status!
To achieve Jennifer's look:

Mila Kunis

The Look:  Sleek, Smokey, Sultry 


Mila's smoldering look truly makes our hearts melt! She showed off a new spin on the smokey eye- one done in natural colors with plenty of smudged black liner.  After that, apply a lush, voluminous mascara, slick your hair back, and voila!  Ashton Kutcher will be on your arm in no time.   Note: You don't need Ashton on your arm to look hot, hot, hot!

To achieve Mila's look:

Too Faced Natural at Night Eye Shadow Collection

Too Faced perfect Eyes  Eyeliner - Black and Espresso 

Too Faced LashGASM Mascara 

And the award goes to...YOU for being beautiful inside and out! With the help of the starlets, you can enhance that beauty even further!

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Colleen's Weight Loss Tips for A Healthier New Year!


Are you looking for ways to live healthier this year?  Is weight loss on your list of goals?  If the answers are yes, you're not alone!  After surviving the holidays, many of us are looking for ways to jump start a healthier lifestyle.  Check out my Top 10 Tips that can help you make 2014 the Happiest, Healthiest Year Ever!  

1. Find your motivation 


One of the best ways to get yourself motivated to lose weight is to pick a goal for a special event coming up on your calendar.  Do you want to wear a favorite sundress or bathing suit for a special cruise or vacation coming up?  Is there a wedding or class reunion you'll be attending where you want to look your best?   By choosing an event that you're looking forward to, it will give you good incentive to make healthy choices now so when the big day arrives you'll look and feel fabulous!

2. Eat breakfast everyday 

Skipping breakfast is a no no.  If you start your day in a healthy way and give your body the right fuel first thing in the morning, you're setting yourself up for success for the entire day!  I like to start my day with a smoothie or protein shake for breakfast.  Andrew Lessman's Secure is a great choice as it's stocked full of vitamins and nutrients and is under 70 Calories (not the mention they taste delicious!).  Andrew Lessman Secure Complete Meal Replacement 


3. Fill up on veggies 

The only way to lose weight is to cut calories from your diet.  One of the best ways to get rid of empty calories and feel full is to eat lots of veggies.  I like to make a large container of cut veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cherry tomatoes, etc) and mix them with a little Italian dressing and keep this in the refrigerator.  Every time I open the fridge I see my veggies and I make a bowl instead of eating something I'll regret later!  Tip - watch your salad dressings - they can be loaded with calories.  My favorite low call salad dressing is balsamic vinegar, lemon and a little olive oil.  Keep salad fixings and fresh or frozen veggies on hand so you'll always have healthy choices when you're hungry.


4. Exercise

The easiest way to start an exercise regimen is to find something you enjoy doing!  Many of you know, I love to ski - in order for me to get in shape for ski season I have to get to work on my cardio and stretching.  So in January I work harder to get in shape for the slopes.   When starting and exercise program, find a buddy to exercise with!  You'll be more accountable if you have a friend to walk with in the morning or to yoga class.  My best advice is to not overdue it!  Start slow, make your workout routine fun and easy so you won't get discouraged - the key is to be consistent and to stay with it!  


5. Celebrate your progress by rewarding yourself 

When you're working on eating healthier and losing weight, it's nice to reward yourself!  Pamper yourself with a mani or pedi, a massage, a new pair of earrings, or a new outfit!  Rewarding yourself with non-food items is a great way to give yourself "calorie free" incentives to keep going!!

OPI Hollywood Nail lacquer 3-piece SetPerlier 3 Liter Bath and Shower CreamColleen Lopez .25ct Colored Diamond Sterling Silver "Star Gazers" Hoop Earring 

6. Be prepared to have set backs

We all "fall off the wagon" occasionally - we're only human after all!  Allow yourself an occasional spurge and don't feel guilty about it!  If your weakness is something sweet like ice cream or pie - allow yourself a treat every now and then.  The key is to stay on your healthy eating plan and "allow" for those little bumps in the road!


7. Make the investment 

When you make a financial investment in your weight loss and fitness goasl, you're more likely to stick with it.  You may want to consider a good piece of exercise equipment, a gym membership. or even hiring a personal trainer.  When you commit financially, you'll be more likely to stay the course.  Also, buy a cute outfit for working out.  I find that when I put on my fitness clothes int he morning, it puts me int he mood to exercise and I'm more likely to get a workout in! 


ProFrom 14.0 CE Elliptical with 18 Workout Apps Empower Core BallNew Balance Chakra Tunic, Yoga Pant and WW695 Shoe

8. Get rid of the white stuff

Sugar will sabotage your your weight loss goals - plain and simple.  If  you can get refined sugar out of your diet, you will see results much quicker.  If you crave sweets, have a piece of fruit - a juicy orange or bowl of berries will satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way.  Last year I cut dairy products out of my diet.  I feel so much better and I don't even miss it!  Example:  Instead of butter, I use olive oil, instead of skim milk in my coffee I use almond milk.  There are so many healthy alternatives to dairy products today - Hope you can give it a try (it's really worked for me!).

9. Drink plenty of water 

I know you've heard this a thousand times, but drinking more water is critical to having a healthy body and losing weight.  Along with helping your body flush out the toxins, staying hydrated will make you look and feel so much better.  Often times we think we're hungry, when actually we're just thirsty.  I try to drink 8 16oz bottles of water every day.  Not only will you feel fuller, longer - your skin will look much better - hydrated skin glows!!


10. Take your vitamins

 Last, but not least, take your daily vitamins!  Andrew Lessman, HSN's resident health authority, has a long list of products that will aid in weight loss and help you live a healthier life style.   I take many of Andrew's vitamins and I feel a lot better for it.  The easiest way to start living a healthier life is to start a good vitamin regimen.  You can learn more by watching Andrew's shows coming up Jan. 11, 12, 18th and 19th on HSN.  Here's to a happier, healthier 2014!!

 Andrew Lessman Maximum Essential Omega-3, Andrew's Coenzyme Q-10 100 MG,  Andrew's CarniSlim-250Energy & Fat Metabolism Factors 







Recent Comments
Guest — Judy /Arkansas

Good advice

Thanks ...but didn't you once say you counted calories?
Saturday, 11 January 2014 6:06 PM
Guest — Colleen Lopez


Hi Judy, Yes - if you read above many of my tip are geared toward cutting calories out of your diet....I stated in tip number two ... Read More
Saturday, 11 January 2014 10:10 PM
Guest — HELP


Pam, I have to take Plavix and this medication and fish oil really do not mix, I already have blood coming to the surface of my sk... Read More
Sunday, 12 January 2014 4:04 PM
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Bronze Ambition

Just because the cold, grey days of winter have arrived, it doesn't mean we should follow suit when it comes to our make up and wardrobe.  In fact, winter is the perfect time to add warmth and radiance to your appearance - be a bronzed goddess this holiday season!   For years bronze medals have been handed out to the third, or last place, winner, however, we would like to give bronze a first place award all of its own!  This neutral metal looks good on every skin tone and inspires looks from "screen siren" to the "sun kissed girl next door".  Some may call bronze third place, but we call it the first place winner!


The Statuesque Screen Siren 



How does a screen siren get her skin glowing and bronze? With Adrienne's Hollywood Glow Skincare & Makeup Kit!  This kit contains some of Hollywood's go to products, like line fillers, lip plumpers, and of course, gorgeous bronzer!


We may never look exactly like Charlize Theron, but we can get close!  Our Colleen Lopez "Spoonful of Sugar" Sequin Top reflects its golden sequins onto your face for a youthful glow.  Plus, the drape neck and flutter sleeves keep everything very Hollywood.  Our Colleen Lopez "Forever Fabulous" Sequin Skirt finishes off your statuesque screen siren look.  Polish things off with the stunning with our Colleen Lopez "Very Important Date" Watch and you will be sure to make an entrance, even if you are fashionably five minutes late.


The Bronze Goddess


Pale legs have no chance this winter!  TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer ensures a head to toe glow that will make your look and feel radiant!


Impress everyone that you have not seen all year in DAVID David Meister Jeweled Neckline Sheath Dress.   This dress has incredible draping and a gorgeous sheer neckline that gives you a look that is undeniably goddess gorgeous!  Bellezza "Buonestelle" Pavé Gem Drop Earrings reflect beautifully off of bronzed skin.  I think that there is a memo somewhere that says that bangles are de riguer for goddesses ( see Iman's picture below for case in point) and Colleen Lopez "Sensational 60" Interlocking Bangle Bracelets takes care of business for you with 60, yes 60, interlocking bangles!


The Global Goddess 


A global goddess knows that the eyes are the most intriguing part of the face.  Lancome Design Shadow & Liner Palette gives your eyes a brilliant fire with a copper, gold, bronze, and brown shadow.

If anyone knows how to be a global goddess, its Iman!  IMAN Platinum Rock the Runway Leather Quilted Jacket adds a chic touch to any outfit whether you are running to your local grocery store, or hopping on a jet plane. For the softest, most luxurious scarf try  Colleen Lopez "Just the Right Touch" Scarf which has a tinsel lurex running through it, giving you a beautiful bronze sparkle.  Studio Barse Turquoise, Amber and Carnelian Ring adds global appeal to your look with its timeless mix of stones set in bronze metal.

The Sunkissed Girl Next Door 




From everyday beauty to full on nighttime glamour, Too Faced 6 Essentials Natural Radiance Palette gives kiss the sun kissed glow that we can only dream of this time of year!



You never know who you will see when running those holiday errands! We love A by Adreinne Landau Reversible Draped Front Vest in Camel paired with DG2 Ponte "Lean Jean", which will have friends commenting on your svelte self.  The sun-kissed girl next door is never without her Bellezza "Aulia" Bronze Hammer Oval Hoop Earrings which will complete your blushing, bronzed look perfectly!


Don't fret about those early nights and overcast sky, HSN takes top prize for keeping us radiant by bringing us the best in bronze!

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Guest — margie


beautiful ideas. thank you
Friday, 06 December 2013 3:03 AM
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Camera Ready: Colleen's Tips on How to Look Your Best in Holiday Photos!


The holidays are at our heels and soon we will be sacheting our way to our annual festivities where we will see all of our loved ones and the pop and flash of cameras will be upon us.  With the ability to post pictures to our social media pages instantaneously, we all want to look our best in pictures - there's nothing worse than unflattering photos plastered on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the world to see!  I have a few tried and true tips for you on how to take a flattering photo and I've enlisted a little help from the cosmetics elves, too.  With a few make up tips and photo tricks you'll be ready for your close up every time!



One thing I like to do this time of year is fill a pretty make up bag with my beauty essentials so it's always packed and ready to go.  I can move it from purse to purse or better yet, carry it as a small evening purse. Thanks to purse designer, Kim Isaacson, A makeup case has never looked so chic!  You won't want to leave home without your necessities when you have Clever Carriage St. Tropez Haircalf Makeup Bag - it's the perfect size to fit your point and shoot camera, too!

Photo Tip:  Stand up straight!  Good posture will take 5 pounds off in a photo!  Angle yourself slightly away from the camera and put your weight on your back leg - you'll create a slimmer, leaner effect.



Oh, the Mistletoe!  The number one beauty must have I keep in my "on the go" bag is lip gloss!  Nothing perks up  your smile faster than a pretty glossy pout!  Korres Perfect Lip Hydrating Trio provides you with three different choices for soft, luscious lips - a lip butter, a lip glaze, and a lip gloss! 

Photo Tip:  The most important part of taking a photo is to share your smile!  Try to push your tongue against the back of your teeth for a more natural looking smile.



Don't be out shined this season!  You will not be with LORAC Red Hot 6-Piece Lip Gloss Collection which gives you 6 different super shiny glosses to heat up your holidays!  Be sure to touch up those lips for a bright, camera ready smile!

Photo Tip:  Avoid very dark lipsticks - they can look harsh and make your lips look too thin in photos.  If your going to wear red, go with a blue red - it will make teeth look whiter.  The best lipstick tip is to wear translucent gloss for a shiny, flattering lip!



Nobody wanst to carry around a 5 pound make up bag, and thanks to our friend and make up guru Trish EcEvoy, we don't have to!  Trish McEvoy The Power of Makeup Planner Romance is the ultimate makeup kit for the master planner, or even for those of us who dream of organization.  Everything that you need is in one take along compact.  Not only is this all that you will need for your holiday parties, it is also the ideal gift for any beauty lover! 

Photo Tip:  Work the angles.  Avoid a double chin in a photo my making sure the camera is at eye level or slightly above.  If your photographer is shorter than you, bend your knees a bit to get your face to camera level.  Also, try to keep your chin out and slightly down - it may feel strange, but by doing this it will elongate your neck and flatter your face in a photo.




If you're going out after work, and need a day to evening look, you'll want the right tools in your beauty arsenal. Never underestimate the power of a good makeup brush!  YBF Beauty Double-Ended Brush Set with Black Carry Case  ensures a flawless application of makeup and, because of its double-ended brushes and carrying case, it is just right for the girl on the go!

Photo tip:  Powder your nose - nobody wants to look like Rudolph in a holiday photo!  To avoid looking overly shiny in photos, keep blotting papers or a small powder compact in your make up bag to keep shine at bay.



Look as if your were walking in a Winter Wonderland will remaining cozy indoors!  Benefit Cosmetics Bella Bamba Brightening Pink Box O'Powder gives you the nippy cheeked flush that only a snow bunny can get!  Grey winter weather can sometimes leave you looking a little pale or sallow - A touch of this blush on the apples of your cheeks will give you a soft rosy glow that will brighten your complexion and perk up your whole face!

Photo tip:  Everyone looks better with a little cheek color when the camera flashes!  Speaking of color - wear clothing and jewelry colors that flatter....beautiful, complexion enhancing colors will make you stand out in a picture.



Get ready for eyelashes as fluttery as the sugar plum fairies!  Lancome Hypnose Star Volume Mascara - Noir Midnight not only makes your lashes flutter, they also add volume and thickness like no other mascara.  Even long eyelashes can fall flat.  Ensure a curl that stays with Lancome Le Curler Eyelash Curler.  A little hint is to warm it with the blow dryer for a couple of seconds before you curl your lashes and your eyelash curler becomes like a mini curling iron.  Be careful though, and remember to touch the curler to your fingers before you apply by your eye! 

Photo tip:  When it comes to eye make up - blend, blend, blend.  You want to avoid harsh make up around your eyes and you don't want to go too dark with the liner and shadow.  Softer is better and will look prettier and more natural in a photo.  Also, be sure to keep your eyes open!  When looking at the camera, look slightly above the lens to avoid that "deer in the headlights" stare.  




Whether you feel like a sweet pink like OPI's "Bubble Bath", or a classic true red, OPI Start-to-Finish Nail Lacquer Gift Set will help you maintain your polish the whole season through especially with its all-in-one no-fail strengthener, base and top coat!

Photo tip:  Try not to keep you arms too stiff or straight down at your sides.  Find a comfortable natural way to hold your arms and hands.  Slightly bend them at your sides, place a hand on your waist or hip, or "hold a prop' - anytime you can look animated and relaxed in a photo, the better the results!




You have your super shiny glossy lips, your dramatically voluminous mascara, and you even have a perfectly polished manicure.  All you need now is to finish with a spritz on the wrist!  Create memories this season with warm, sensual fragrances such as Lancome Tresor 3.4 fl. oz. Eau de Parfum, Lancome's best selling fragrance, or Lisa Hoffman Pearlescent Bracelet with Heart - Agarwood and Orchid Scented which gives you a sweet scent and a jeweled look all at once!

Final tip:  Have fun and be yourself in photos - the best photographs are those that don't look too posed.  Chin down, big smile, eyes open - You'll be picture perfect every time.  Say cheese!

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Guest — Colleen Lopez

"Lace" Anniversary Dress

Hi Lorri - Thank you! This dress is available in a 3/4 sleeve length on hsn.com Check it out here:http://www.hsn.com/products... Read More
Sunday, 17 November 2013 10:10 PM
Guest — Lorri


Love your blue lace dress!! Is that on HSN??
Saturday, 16 November 2013 12:12 AM
Guest — margie


thanks for all the tips!
Saturday, 16 November 2013 3:03 AM
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Holiday Host Pick is Here!!  To kick things off I've invited some of my favorite HSN beauty experts to come and party with us! I've assembled the Ultimate Glam Squad for 2 hours of head to toe beauty starting tonight, Thurs. Oct. 17 at 11 PM ET! 

Brace yourself for high-gloss shine in candy colors, portable girl-on-the-go palettes, pearly white tooth whitener for camera ready smiles, rosy cheeks (without setting foot in the cold), triple the drama for lush holiday lashes, and much, mush more!  Here's a sneak peek at my beauty dream team: Ready, Set, Glam!

YBF by Stacey Schieffelin

Just like any good friend, Stacey Schieffelin, Founder and President of YBF, shares her personal beauty tips and secrets with us and for Host Pick find out how to have the perfect brow thanks to her award winning, world famous eyebrow pencil!!  This is a "desert island" product for me and my host pick price of $10 is Simply Irresistible!   By the way - The Gorgeous Stacey was one of Robert Plant's stunning guitar playing models on his Simply Irresistible video - Wowza!.



TRUHAIR creator, Chelsea Scott, has been in the professional beauty industry for over 20 years. Coming up at midnight, Chelsea brings us the most exciting Today's Special for those of us who want fast, bouncy, fabulous curls for the holidays!  Chelsea understands hair issues commonly faced by today's women and is thrilled to share this latest innovation by Conair. Born out of her passion for easy solutions that deliver big results - she's created some of the best technology in hair care for us - don't miss our fabulous TS at midnight!


Phillippe Chansel is the creator of Ready to Wear cosmetics. Ready to Wear's dynamic and comprehensive line of makeup will make you feel and look like a model! Created to transform the fabrics and colors of high fashion into color cosmetics for real women, it allows us to feel capable and confident in achieving our own individual beauty level.  My host pick will include some of my all time Ready to Wear Faves - Can't wait!

SERIOUS SKINCARE with John Pinocci 

Guest, John Pinocci will show us how to keep dark circles, puffiness, and lines and wrinkles at bay!   Jennifer, Serious John, CC Stock and the entire SSC team have developed the Ultimate CC Cream for eyes - Buy one get one free for my Host Pick! 

TOO FACED with Jillian Barberie 

Jillian Barberie is the Ambassador for Too Faced Cosmetics. Too faced cosmetics believe makeup is power, giving women the freedom everyday to express themselves, and the confidence to take on the world. Luxurious textures, trendsetting colors, its no wonder this brand is coveted by celebrities and makeup addicts alike - Let the the primping begin!

BENEFIT Cosmetics with the Maggie & Annie Ford Danielson! 

Often mistaken as twins, Sisters, Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson are the global brand authorities of benefit. This creative line of cosmetics will leave us looking gorgeous from head to toe- while having fun doing it! Benefit Cosmetics brings much-needed sense of humor to the world of cosmetics, causing women to laugh, grin and wear it!  Don't miss my top Benefit picks for all you Benebabes!!

GLO Science with Stacey Levine 

Glo Science expert, Stacey Levine will be showing us how to bring our best and brightest smile to life with GLO technology. Guided Light Optics is a groundbreaking teeth-whitening technology that helps provide professional-looking results at home.  News Flash:  Tune in for my host pick and see the Brand New amazing value we have on Glo Tooth whitening - Hint....It will be under $50!!

KORRES with Liz Folce 


Korres Beauty expert, Liz Folce will be sharing certified organic ingredients in this line that inspire and make us oh so happy! Steeped in Greek tradition, Korres is for the woman who feels good about using skin and body items that contain naturally derived, top-quality ingredients. From rich and decadent body butters to refreshing cleansing face masks, every Korres product contains quality plant extracts and essential oils without added silicone or mineral oil.  At under $16.00 - My Host Pick will make you feel like a Greek Goddess thanks to our friends at Korres!

Andrew Lessman Vitamins 

 I'm not sure how Andrew Lessman would feel about being a member of my "Glam Squad" but I had to include Healthy Hair Skin and Nails as part my two hour beauty line up tonight.  This amazing product by Andrew Lessman works from the inside out to help your hair and nails grow longer and stronger and your skin to look more radiant - A must have in my beauty arsenal!


Hope to see you at 11:00 PM ET for the Kickoff to our big 2 day Holiday Host Pick Event on HSN - Ready....Set....Glam!!



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Guest — margie


thanks colleen!
Thursday, 17 October 2013 4:04 PM
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