Weekend Warrior




You have charged through your week days in your power suit, and now your challenge is to take on the weekend - in one cardigan. "One cardigan?" you say. Yes, this wardrobe warrior is the answer to whatever your weekend calls- lunch with the girls, nesting around the house, even a hot date!  You will be amazed at what one sassy sweater can do!


Nesting around the house 




Maybe you will be giving your house a little TLC this weekend, or maybe just yourself! Pair this soft cardigan with a simple tee, a lounge pant, and some toe wiggling slippers for a Saturday with your favorite t.v. show.  The best part is, you will still look finished yet cozy in case you have an unexpected guest or two arrive at your door ( hopefully they will have a bottle of wine in hand!)






Sunday brunch with your bunch is worth a week of waiting, especially if you have something cute to wear!  This cardigan even looks fabulous with a pencil skirt, and makes the workwear piece more approachable, relaxed, and sexy! 

Lunch & shopping with the girls




If you want to perfect the cool girl vibe of "I just threw this on and look this hot" kind of outfit, then look no further.  Fitted leggings, knee high boots, and a slouchy leather tote are made effortlessly chic by none other than, the cardigan!

Sports Event 



Sporting events during this time of year definitely call for some wardrobe back up!  Keep yourself stylish while rooting for your favorite team and using this cardigan to complete a simple jeans and tee look.  Get some extra fashion points by teaming your outfit with a trendy sneaker! Go shirts!


Night on the town



Topping off a beautiful dress with something a bit warmer can be difficult. The cascading cut of this cardigan allows it to be easily dressed up for a night on the town, whatever the weather may be!



There is one more event in which this cardigan works its ultimate magic - when you are doing a happy dance in front of your mirror because you are the ultimate weekend warrior!  Now go out and show them who's the fashion boss!




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