Gifts to Pamper the Holiday Fashionista


 We all have that fashion maven on our holiday shopping list who is hard to shop for.  It seems she's the "girl who has everything"  and choosing the right gift for her can be tricky.   Our HSN buyers, aka fashion elves, and I have come up with some great ideas that are cozy, sparkling, and personal -  Here are a few ways to pamper the fashionista in style...

For The Hostess with the Mostest



For the girl who loves to entertain, why not give her a major dose of glam with a dazzling sequin apron? Or help her set the mood for her holiday party with a jeweled candle and a sparkling bottle of wine and toast to the hostess with the most style!


Send Her a Message




Does your hard to shop for friend have a favorite hobby?  Bird watching, traveling, concerts?  Help her wear her favorite past time on her sleeve with a graphic T, sweater or piece of jewelry that tells the world a little more about your stylish friend. 


Lavish her in Luxe Finishes






There's nothing a fashion maven loves more than an outfit that looks chic but is still cozy and comfortable - Comfort is always in style!  Choose a plush vest, scarf, hat or jacket and give her a big cozy hug in the way of a luxe faux fur! 

For the  Sleeping Beauty




 Everyone needs a little R and R over the holidays and for the busy girl on the go, help her pamper herself when she gets home.  Bubble bath - Check!  Cozy slippers - Check!  Baby soft PJ's - Check!!!  Give her the gift of sweet dreams this holiday season!


So there you have it, a few of our favorite gifts for the fashionista.....Can you add to it?  Share your ideas with me on what to buy for that hard to shop for lady on your list :)



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Guest — Michelle


I really need those sequined apron and slippers for my sister
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 6:06 PM
Guest — Colleen Lopez

Hi Michelle!

You can find the sequin apron by clicking on the picture above. The Naturalizer Slipper should be arriving any day now on HSN.com!
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 7:07 PM
Guest — Pam H.


Okay I'm usually confused anyhow but if you click on the slippers, it takes you to the Sporto suede slippers that were featured du... Read More
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 8:08 PM
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Colleen's Holiday Travel Tips



With the holidays coming up right around the corner, I wanted to put together a few helpful tips for traveling in style this season!

1. Carry rolling luggage that will fit in the overhead - this will save your back and keep you from having to lug around a heavy bag on your shoulder.



2. Pick a color theme - I always wear comfortable jeans or black leggings and layer with other dark colors.  Dress in layers -  wear a light weight T, sweater and jacket.  If you're traveling to a colder climate, carry your heavier coat with you on the plane.




3. Wear minimal jewelry.  When I travel I don't like to wear piles of jewelry as it's a hassle to take off when going through security.  I usually stick to a watch, bracelet, ring and comfortable pair of earrings.






4. Achieve "Instant Chic" with a Scarf.  A scarf is a must have travel for accessory for me.  I like to wear a large scarf that will also be my blanket on the plane.  Because I wear dark colors when I travel, I add color to my outfit with my scarf.



5. Always pack at least 2 pairs of shoes (comfort is key).  I like to wear boots that are easy to take on and off when I travel.  I also keep a pair of flats in my carry on and remember to wear socks (so I don't have to go through security with bare feet).




6 No more wrinkles!  When packing I roll  my clothes - keeps everything smooth and wrinkle free.  I also pack in layers starting with shoes on the bottom of my suitcase.  A My Little Steamer is the perfect thing to pack for touching up clothes when you arrive at your destination. 



7. Pack a Toiletry Case like the Better Beauty Case to keep all of your cosmetics, beauty products and vitamins organized.  I buy travel sizes of my favorite beauty products - easier to pack and  take up less space.




8. Pack a healthy snack and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Airplane food is never very healthy so I always pack nuts, dried fruit and a protein bar if I want a snack on the plane.  Also, drink lots of water - it's very dry on an airplane and you will look and feel better if you remember to drink lots of H2O.  I also recommend vitamin C or Airborn packets for your water to keep your immune system boosted when you're in the air.


b2ap3_thumbnail_airborne-.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_vitamin-c_20141023-145449_1.jpg



9. Never pack essentials in your checked bag. Carry all valuables on you.  Jewelry, money, your passport, and electronics should always be stored in a carry on bag.  Valuables should never be checked.



10. Portable Electronics.  Be sure you've charged your computer,  phone and tablet before leaving and bring your charging devices with you in your carry on bag.  



Where ever your travels will take you this holiday season, I hope a few of these tips will come in handy - have a great trip!






Recent Comments
Guest — LoriW57

Great tips!

Great tips. My problem traveling is going from a cold climate (snow) to a hot climate (Hawaii) and what to wear etc. What is t... Read More
Thursday, 23 October 2014 2:02 PM
Guest — SunCity


Thanks, Colleen! Very timely, great tips! I've been a fan of your for years. We love you! You're the best. Happy, safe holida... Read More
Thursday, 23 October 2014 3:03 PM
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Luxe Lounge: Easy Does It!


   Chilling with Christie at The Red Mesa Cantina in St. Pete

With the busiest time of the year coming up in the next couple of months, it's important that we all find time to kick back and relax.  I'm happy to report that one of the fastest growing categories in the world of apparel is Luxe Lounge Wear!  It makes perfect sense - Who doesn't want to feel relaxed, comfortable and stylish in their clothes?  When you choose the right silhouettes, fabrics and cozy textures, you'll be feeling as great as you look . . .


Yoga Time (Mat optional!)




Ok, so maybe you're like me and you find you choose Yogurt more often than Yoga - I won't judge!  It's no sweat because activewear is more in style than ever, both in and out of the gym!  Throw on a vibrant racer back tank or long sleeve T, a stylish warm up or vest and some form fitting leggings and look sporty chic all day!


Movie Night 




Movie night at home can be as glamorous as going to the movies, yet ten times as comfortable!  Feel free to snuggle into a modern day muu muu or playful printed palazzos, slide into your cozy slippers, and grab your popcorn...SHHHH! The movie's starting! 


The Hostess with the Mostess 




No hostess wants to be all trussed up like the turkey that she will be serving.  That is why it's best to be stylishly relaxed.  Try a gorgeous, lightweight velvet top, easy luxe pants, and some great jewelry.  No fuss, no muss!

Game Day Style





On the seemingly endless football days, two things can get you through it: 1.) Looking good 2.) Being comfortable.   On the next game day, wear your team's jersey in a figure flattering women's style with cozy yet trendy lounge pants and score a touchdown in relaxed sexiness that will make it hard for your guy to focus on the game!

Home Away!




Planes, trains and automobiles - no matter the mode of transportation, we all want to look good while feeling relaxed and comfortable when we travel.  Throw on a soft cardigan, your favorite jeans or leggings, a cozy scarf and trendy sneaks - first class all the way!


Take some time for yourself in the busy weeks ahead and have fun creating a wardrobe of Luxe Lounge Wear - Easy Does It!





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Welcome to Boot Camp


Attttteeeention! Ladies, you are in for the best boot camp in the world.  In this camp, you will learn boot style that will have you in tip top fashion shape this fall and winter.  You will walk away from this camp  flexing your fashion muscles  and looking fiercely fabulous! Now - give me ten and Let's get to shopping!

For the Girl-On-The-Go

If you're always running around, it's important to find a boot that looks fab and will stay the course with you.

Saddle Up 

Ladies, meet your footwear go-to. Riding boots look great with both pants and skirts, flatter everyone, and are comfy and trend proof.



 Get kicky in Chelsea style boots- they are a nod to mod, yet totally on trend right now, and are forecasted to be just as hot in the future!  We've seen the future of boots - and it's sleek and sophisticated.



For Stand-Out Style 

A wall flower you are not!  If you like for your fashion to be noticed, then this is you style.


These styles are edgy, eye-catching, and full of attitude. They look exceptional with skinny or relaxed jeans, a graphic tee, and a moto jacket.



Plaid, houndstooth, buckles & oxford details add polish to any outfit.  Menswear has never been a bigger trend than right now.  Try these boots with an ankle length pant or even a fun mini skirt for a unique  look!



Statement boots can transform an outfit!  Whether you choose full of fringe, cowboy couture or over the knee, grab a pair and let them be your signature style this season and for years to come.



For Rugged Fall Style 

If you are looking for a boot that is as functional as it is fashionable, this section is for you!

Lace Up 

Time to lace up!  These boots are tough, yet, dare I say cute? From a sweater dress to jeans, these laced-up ladies can go the distance with many items in your wardrobe!




If you are the type of girl who likes to run with the boys, yet still likes to look good doing it, then these boots are for you!  A touch of shearling and/or suede adds an outdoorsy-chic vibe to your look and the rugged soles ensure that you can still get around in the winter months while looking fashionable!  



Now that you have been prepped and primed in the fashion of boots, it is time to take action- Watch HSN, shop your boot style, and march into fashion victory!




Recent Comments
Guest — margie sanders


thank you colleen,you always give us such wonderful styles and ideas!
Thursday, 02 October 2014 8:08 PM
Guest — Geria

Boot Camp

Welcome to boot camp immediately caught my eye. I thought Colleen does exercise. Now I can ask her for her diet plan, see the exer... Read More
Monday, 23 March 2015 4:04 AM
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Fashion Rocks


Are you ready to rock?  I sure am! With the launches of Stories by Kelly Osbourne, Ali Khan jewelry, Rockport Shoes, and Shoelery our closets will be having a rockstar moment. 


Urban Attitude 



 Daughter of a rock legend and host of E!'s  Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne, debuts her new Stories Collectoin on HSN! From sweet dresses to  sexy "Jogger" pants, her collection is filled with stylish pieces for you to create your own fashion story.


 '80s Revival 



The best part of the 80's may be making a comeback! If anyone knows how to give an 80's edge to jewelry, it's Ali Khan. Some of our favorite pieces from the collection have tassels galore and pack the energy of a mega watt stereo! 


Rock N' Sole 


Looking like a rockstar usually means sacrificing comfort for style. Fortunately, Rockport has dealt with dilemma for us and brought gorgeous shoes and killer boots that provide a comfort that makes feel like you're walking on sunshine by day and doing the Moonwalk by night!


Sole Sisters 



I guarantee that your quest for both jewelry and shoes will rewarded  when you discover Shoelery!  These exquisite shoe  accessories can turn any boring plain jane shoe into something rock goddess spectacular!

Shop HSN for fashion that will skyrocket your style to superstar status! Rock on fashion friends!



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