The Runway Report: Fashion After Dark



Amy Morrison and I glamming it up in black leather!

Top fashion designers are making Midnight Memories this season with collections that capture the mystery, glamour and intrigue of a moonlit evening in a romantic city.   If you're dreaming of rich brocades, textured leathers, luxe furs and moody hues this fall - check out some of our newest designer collections that will have you burning the midnight oil in style!


Fresh from the runway, Josie Natori, Naeem Kahn & Carmen Marc Valvo bring their exclusive new collections to HSN!

Wine and Dine



Red wine lovers, wine stained lips and rich red hues have never been more in vogue!  The fall runways were pulsing with deep berry colors from dark black cherry to red merlot.  Vamp it up this season and choose your favorite vintage - you'll be the toast of the town! 

Dark Angel 



 When the sun goes down and you feel the chill in the air, toss on a toasty and glamorous fur-tastic new jacket.  Pair it with a sophisticated little black dress, vintage inspired bling or this years gorgeous brocades and tapestry prints for instant chic.  You'll be looking ultra feminine and ultra fabulous from dusk till dawn!

Quilted Leather 



 Leather never stops looking cool and the newest quilted leather jackets, skirts, boots and bags are hotter than ever!  "Fear not the cold" in these glam rock pieces that will have you channeling Coco - ready for midnight in Paris.

Midnight Blues




 "A dreamer is one who can find his way through the moonlight" - Dream Big this fall in midnight blue Denim!  Jeans are Huge this season - paired with Sapphire leather and OPI "Lincoln Park in the Dark" nails - you'll shine brighter than the stars in the night's sky!

Get Shorty 



Everybody get on the floor with the hottest must have boot - the shorty!  You'll be stepping into style when you pair the chelsea, the moto, the western or the wedge with your favorite dresses, skirts, jeans, and skinnies.  Add a pair of tights for a look that is long on style.


Whether you're going to be dancing in the moonlight or sipping wine by the fireplace - These After Dark fashions will help you make everlasting memories all season long! 

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peg c

have a fantastic vacation deserve it............have fun and get some rest.........i hope you are done with the bronchitis
Thursday, 18 September 2014 2:02 AM
Guest — Colleen Lopez

Thank you, Peggy!

I'm feeling soooo much better - Thank goodness! Take good care! XO
Thursday, 09 October 2014 3:03 PM
Guest — ROMANI


مع الاهتمام والعمل الجيد يكون الشتاء دافى مع البطانة و الجلد
Tuesday, 16 December 2014 7:07 PM
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Colleen's Fall Shopping LIST!


From New York to Paris, the Fall Fashion scene for 2014 brings us an eclectic mix of styles and trends!  With animal prints ruling the runways, cozy knits beconning us to snuggle, and vivid hues promising to brighten the upcoming gray-skied months, Fall 2014's trends are endless.  Before you go shopping, check out my fashion trend list to help you stay on point when choosing the best looks for you!


Fall Fairly Tale Prints




Wonderfully whimsical prints have crept onto the scene and have us singing, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty!"  Try a dash of this print in a scarf, or go all out and pick a beautiful floral fall dress that will give you your own Westside Story!


Sheer Madness



Sheer paneling and cut outs are making a statement.  This subtle sexiness is appropriate for day or night- think sheer striped cardigan for work, sheer sleeved LBD for night!


Cozy Cool Knits 



 Draping is big this season, especially is knitwear.  The reason to be excited about this trend is the fact that it is ultra flattering and, not to mention, easy to care for.  Try a cozy knee length cardigan for a comfortable yet luxe look or take a swing at a mixed knit/leather pencil skirt for work!


Vivid Hues 



Bright and oh so hott!  That is the only way to describe the autumnal colors this year.  Super saturated, vivid colors look best in tops and dresses since they are close to your face and will brighten up your complexion as well as your spirit!


Animal House 



Leopard is quite the cat's meow!  These covetable spots have covered everything - accessories, dresses, skirts, shirts... the list goes on as does this fantastical feline print!


Gem Session



Be a gem this season, and wear them! Clothes and accessories are adorned, encrusted, and embellished in gems this fall.  Try a jeweled neckline for a classically beautiful look, or go more modern and edgy with studded gems. These ornate details are sure to give you that hard to come by fashion edge!


Quilt Trip 



This is not your grandma's version of quilting!  Quilting is everywhere in fashion right now- jackets, pants, and of course handbags and accessories!  For a fun, modern twist, try a quilted strap watch to go with your chain adorned satchel.


Boot Camp




Make your boots your outfits signature this year!  Swap last years lace up boots for a more mod- styled Chelsea boot (top right).  Also try a knee high boot which always has head turning appeal written all over it!


May this list bring you all of the fashion happiness, ultra confidence, and major compliments that make shopping for a new season so much fun!





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peg c

hi usual you have some great ideas......i always enjoy your tips and tricks.......and i am especially happy you gi... Read More
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 7:07 PM
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It's Time to Reboot!



Hello Boot Season!!  There's a reason why Fall, in all of its crisp, cool, cozy glory, is fashion's favorite time of year. As the weather cools, the temps invite us to to add great new boots to our wardrobe.  From ankle to riding, now is the time to ReBoot for Fall...





Even if you're not a member of the horsey crowd, you can dress the part in riding boots! A pair of tall, lean boots in sumptuous leather brings instant polish to basics like white shirts, jeans, turtle necks and and trench coats. The timeless equestrian style boot is like fine wine - it gets better with age!



Give your outfit an edge with a leg lengthening wedge!   Under jeans, over leggings and paired with skirts, the wear anywhere silhouette is sure to become a go to choice for your fall and winter wardrobe. 




Saddle Up, Girls! The Wild West is back and it's more fierce and fabulous than ever! Boots crafted in luxe suede with fringe trimmings are the perfect statement for Fall! Enjoy this style all day long or while riding off into the sunset - Happy Trails!





Jaw Dropper Alert! This eye-catching style is a must-have for the fashionista who wants to turn heads this season. Pair with a longer skirt, leggings or short skirt and tights and you'll be knee deep in compliments!



Give your wardrobe a little moto-chic style with Fall's must have biker boot.   Balance their rugged-ness with opaque tights and a fall floral dress or skinny jeans and give your fall wardrobe a dose of cool, easy comfort.




It's a Mod, Mod world and the perfect time to add this versatile boot to your boot collection - The Chelsea! This Euro Chic classic will have heads turning here at home and abroad - Cheerio! 


There you have it - these boots were made for walking (or dancing, working and playing!) - Are you ready to reboot?





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Guest — peggy cast

peg c

hi colleen all the boots look great..pick the one that goes best with your outfit.........i will be watching
Thursday, 04 September 2014 1:01 AM
Guest — Paula Baker-Regas

over the knee I think will be ...

Colleenn I agree go with what outfit. But if I was picking a outfit around my boots I think the over the knee with fringe would l... Read More
Thursday, 04 September 2014 12:12 PM
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Fall's Fashion MVPs



While the boys may be gearing up for the start of the football season, us ladies are getting ready for our fall fashion season!  This isn't Fantasy Football, but we have selected this Fall's top ten fashion MVPs that will make your wardrobe fantasies come true!

And the lineup is....


 The Statement Coat 


This " go with anything" coat is bound to make quite a few appearances in the coming months.  A large and flattering collar, a car coat length, and a cinched waist are all trademarks of this season's signature coat!


The Wrap Dress 


Feminine, flirty, and oh so flattering, its no wonder why the wrap dress is a classic.  This timeless dress has kicked it up a notch this season with stunning geometric prints, allowing you to bring your A game.


The Cozy Knit


The perfect piece to wear to the football games or lunch with the ladies has to be the cozy knit! Try a longer length for more dramatic appeal, or a shorter knit for a great option to a jacket!  


The Leather Jacket


While the guys may look pretty good tossing around a leather ball, you will look even better when you toss on a leather jacket!  Leather moto jackets are still hot on fashion lists, and leather blazers are taking the lead over the standard blazer of seasons past.


 The Artsy Scarf



This year, leave the coziness to the sweaters- scarves are on display in wonderful artsy prints.  Scarves that look good enough to frame themselves, will make an elegant frame around your face.  Plus, you can always go Parisian chic with the scarf and tie it around your satchel!


Dressed Up Denim


 A major player in the fashion world, denim, is getting dressy this season!  Polished, classic looks abound in Fall 2015, and denim is keeping up.  Buy yours in a darker wash for a dressier feel and pair with any of the other MVP's for pure fashion bliss.


The Satchel 


No gym bags here!  The ladylike satchel is back this season!  The satchel is one of fashion's most coveted bag styles.  Not only does the satchel add instant polish to any outfit, its medium size takes the game out of digging through a bottomless pit to find you keys.


The Ankle Bootie


The ankle bootie has all of the allure of a pump, with the freedom and wearability of a boot.  Try wearing them with relaxed denim for a downtown edgy style or pair them with tights and a mini skirt for a mod, 60's style that is so in right now.


The Knee High Boot


When a boot is comfortable, versatile, and sexy, what's not to love?  Knee high boots give everyone a bit of appeal, yet because of their low heel are easy to kick around in!


A Bold Necklace 


Last but certainly not least on Fashion's MVP list is the bold necklace.  This accessory not only pull your look together, it is a look in and of itself.  Go bold, brilliant, or even black when making you statement this season!


Now that you have taken stock of Fall Fashion's MVPs, let the games begin- and let's go shopping!

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Guest — peggy cast

peg c.

i enjoy your advice and you have such great style........i need guidance..i a curvy so alot of the items would not work for me...... Read More
Thursday, 28 August 2014 6:06 PM
Guest — Colleen Lopez

Hi Peggy!

Hi - There are a lot of beautiful ways to play up your curvy shape! Instead of hiding your shape, try a silhouette with black pan... Read More
Thursday, 28 August 2014 7:07 PM
Guest — belinda burwell


Colleen, I cannot wear a line or straight skirts. I feel like they do not fit right. Any suggesgions? I didn't get to watch the... Read More
Saturday, 30 August 2014 10:10 PM
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Baby, You're so Classic!


Trends are fun, but classics are forever.  Use this list of our top 10 tips to achieve a classic look this fall so that when you look back at pictures of this year, you will to say "Wow" instead of " Ow"!


1. Start with neutrals 



When deciding on an outfit this fall, start with a classic and then work in a trendier item.  For example, a classic tan trench coat looks incredible with a black leather legging.  By starting with a classic neutral, you can work in fun or trendy pieces and pops of color with scarves and accessories for a unique look!

2. Add interest to tried-and-true silhouettes w/ eye catching colors and bold hardware.



Shake up your classics by adding a visually interesting loafer to a slim trouser.  Play up a structured bag by choosing one that has exaggerated hardware.  These little additions will take those classic shapes and make them instantly more fashionable.

3. Wear at least one menswear-inspired piece. 



Menswear inspired pieces are hot on the scene this season!  While you don't have to get into a men's suit and tie to embrace this trend, try to incorporate an element of it here and there. For example, a classic white tee with a boy friend jean or classic indigo skinny jean and heel will bring a feminine touch to your classic jackets and blazers.

4. Play with proportion and volume.



By tricking the eyes, playing with different proportions can do wonders for your look! Try a voluminous top in a neutral palate and pair with skinny black leggings or a fitted top with a flowing trousers for a chic fall look.


5. Carry a timeless bag.



You will never fall into the trap of having a here today, gone tomorrow type of bag if you carry a timeless handbag!  A timeless, structured bag has the ability to bring a whole outfit together. Plus, because of its versatile nature, you can wear it to the office, shopping, or a night out!

6. Have fun with jewelry 




Jewelry is meant to be worn, not live a life of abandonment in the back if a jewelry box!  Have fun with your jewelry - try layering strands of pearls, or wearing a beautiful pearl ring on an unexpected finger for an updated look!

7. Wear leopard as a neutral




Fierce always fits! Because leopard has black, brown, and tan in its print, it works as a neutral as well as a playful pop!  Whether paired with black, or brown, red, lavender, or any other color, you will be surprised how far you can take this gorgeous print.

8. Play up your shape 



Make the most of being a woman!  A cinched in waist, a high heel, or a long necklace all add an little oomph to our figures and looking your best is ALWAYS a classic!

9. Boots are going to be the most versatile thing you wear. 




If boots were made for walking, then pick a pair that will walk right into your wardrobe and flatter a majority if your outfits.  Flats boots are a great versatile option for the day and can go with jeans, skirts, and dresses! Consider them a gift from the fashion gods!

10. Highlight your lips 


Through the years, everyone from famous fashion designers, to Hollywood screen sirens have proved that a red lip works wonders for a woman.  A red lip is universally flattering and classically beautiful, and will even lift your mood! 


Incorporate these tips into your wardrobe this fall for a look that is classic and uniquely you! 





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peg c

hi colleen enjoyed your tricks and tips......i admire your style you always look fantastic have a great show.....i will be watchi... Read More
Thursday, 21 August 2014 8:08 PM
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