Cue the Fireworks - Gem Lovers, Let's Celebrate!!


 Fire up the Sparklers - It's time for a Gem Party!!!    I have a spectrum of Summer Colors coming up on Monday, June 29th - Get ready to Light it UP!!


All eyes will be on you when you're wearing my gorgeous  "Lights, Camera, Action" Ethiopian Opal Ring!  A customer top favorite, this breathtaking beauty is always ready for a close up!


I'm simply over the moon for our new "Trip to the Moon" Moonstone Earrings & Ring.  Feauring a rainbow of tourmaline colors, this bold beautiful ring and earring set is brilliant, fiery and swoon worthy! 




Hello Fire and Ice!  You'll be able to heat things up and and cool it down with this stunning combination of Welo Opal and Tanzanite. Put on your own fireworks show in this  Colleen Lopez Welo Opal & Tanzanite Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet - Ooooh, AHHHH!



Sunset is my favorite time of day and Mother Nature has captured those dreamy colors in my "Sweet Summer Night" 10 ct. Ametrine, Amethyst, Citrine & White Topaz Ring.  You'll get to experience the majestic beauty of a summer sunset all year long when you wear this awe inspiring natural wonder. 




Take me to the beach :) That's exactly what my dreamy blue topaz suite evokes when you wear this incredible ocean of blue!   One glance at  this "Glisten Up" Swiss Topaz Burst Pendant, Ring & Bracelet set will take you away to  your favorite island getaway...



You'll feel like sinking your toes into soft green grass and hunting for 4 leaf clovers every time you feast your eyes on my beautiful new "Green Tea Garden" Chrome Diopside Necklace, ring and earrings.  Lush and bountiful, when you wear these beauties you'll be transported to the emerald isle - Shamrocks rule!


Colleen Lopez "Fancy  & You Know It" Chrome Diopside Stud Earrings 



Are you looking to make a statement?  Gem collectors tongues will be waggin' when you show them this exotic new gem find: Natural Mint Kyanite!!   My new "State-Mint of Love" Earrings & Ring are extremely rare and limited - Indulge in the cool, icy beauty of these exotic gems!




Feel the heat! Named after a fine Spanish Wine, Madeira Citrine is one of the most intoxicating gemstones!!  Warm, bold and sultry, my "Fine Wine" Madeira Citrine Ring and Bracelet will be the toast of the town sun up to sun down!


Join me on June 28th for 3 hours of gemstone bliss - bring on the Fireworks!!




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