Gem Week!!


It's the most wonderful time of the year, Gem Lovers!!  Every October HSN dedicates a full week to the celebration of gemstones and this year we have the most beautiful and bountiful harvest of precious and exotic gemstones coming your way!  Here's a sneak peek at what we have in store - Time for a Gem Fest!



For our Gem Week Kickoff we're bringing you our "Harmony of Bliss" Gem Hoops!  On October 19th at midnight we will debut these spectacular Precious Gemstone Earrings....



Precious Pairs: Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires - Oh My!



Green says Go!  From the famed Mines Gerais in Brazil, welcome to Emerald City!  The gorgeous 7.5 Carat Inside Out Emerald Hoops feature 100% natural emeralds - May babies will swoon over these beauties and the rest of us who want to channel our inner Cleopatra (Emerald was her favorite gem) these lush emerald hoops will have all of us seeing green!


Red Alert!   Ruby is known as the King of Gems for good reason - No other gemstone has the lush color, hardness, and captivating beauty of genuine Rubies!  From the newly discovered ruby mines in Mozambique, Africa, I am beyond thrilled to bring you 100% natural ruby hoop earrings!!  Weighing in at a whopping 10 carats, these gorgeous natural wonders are are real prize for any gem lover's wardrobe -  Hello Ruby Monday at midnight Oct. 19!!


Sing the blues!  I hate to play favorites, but when it comes to gorgeous blue sapphires - I can't resist!  These exquisite stones are from the coveted Chanthaburi mines in Thailand.  Collectors around the globe covet the rare, exotic Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphires.  Our 9 Carat Inside Out hoops feature stones that have not been enhanced with dies, injections, or glass filled treatments.....Mother Nature does blue the best!



Feeling Fancy?  For the girl who wants it all - this rainbow of Sapphires for your ears will have you dripping in vivid, exotic, colorful gems!!  Chanthaburi Thailand is one of the best sources for fine fancy sapphires - and our beautiful "Today's Special" hoops feature 9 carats of these gorgeous jewels.  Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue....I can sing (and wear) a rainbow!!   



October's Beautiful Birthstone: Shades of Autumn Ethiopian Opal

Gem Week also welcomes stunning flash opals!  Welo Opals capture falls natural beauty all year round - and for years to come!!


Colleen Lopez "Glow Time" Ethiopian Honey Opal and Madeira Citrine Ring & Pendant


Colleen Lopez "Glow Time" Madeira Citrine, Ethiopian Opal & White Topaz Bracelet 



The Golden Gem: Maderia Citrine

With November right around the corner, these glowing gems will make every November Baby (our birthstone!) feel the warmth of the sun all year long.  The most beautiful and valuable citrine is the color of Spanish Wine from Madera Spain - Be the toast of the town in the rich, intoxicating gemstones.



Colleen Lopez "Golden Glow" 3.63ct 5-Stone Madeira Citrine & White Topaz Ring

Colleen Lopez "Fine Wine" 17.02ct Madeira Citrine Line Bracelet 




Apple Picking: Golden Green Peridot

Apple season is here and these mouthwatering peridot pieces are the Perfect Pick for a gem lover who wants to celebrate the delicious "Granny Smith Green" color for seasons to come!


Colleen Lopez "Picking Apples" 3.51ct 5-Stone Peridot & White Topaz Ring

Colleen Lopez "Lucky Me" 4.84ct Peridot & Chrome Diopside Bypass Ring


This is just a little peek at what we have planned for you starting Sunday, Oct. 18th at midnight.....Hope you can join me for a dazzling array of spectacular's your time to Shine! 



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