The New Rock Stars: Colleen's Greatest Hits


Gemstones take center stage this season and my new Colleen Lopez Gems will have you stealing the spotlight wearing dazzling jewels!  My collection below takes a cue from a few musical muses - Get ready for a real "Gem" Session!!


Gems & Roses - A KiSS of Pink






For heart pounding glamour, choose passionate pink gems for your jewelry wardrobe.  Morganite, Rose Zircon, Pink Sapphire and Carved PInk Conch Shell are 4 rare blushing beauties that all sing in perfect pink harmony.

Green Day - Mother Nature, The Artist





It's easy being green, when you pay homage to Mother Nature's artistry by wearing one of her natural green wonders!  Siberian Chrome Diopside and African Tsavorite are two natural gemstones that will have all eyes on beautiful you - Ageless and Evergreen! 



Queen of the Stone Age:  Royal Blue Reins Supreme



There's no gemstone that will make you feel more like a Princess, or a Rock Princess for that matter, that royal blue sapphire!  From Princess' Diana and Kate to Liz Taylor, Sapphires have graced the fingers of some of the most glamorous and admired women in the world. Choose one of these classic rock designs and enjoy My Blue Heaven! 


Gem Garden - Viva La Diva!



Turn heads as you make your entrance and give your look a "Gemtastic" touch wearing rings that shimmer and jewelry that shines!  Choose these multi color Sapphire  pieces to create upbeat beauty and eye catching style...Wait for the Applause!  

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Sizzle in Radiant Rubies



Feel the heat!  Bring on the drama with stunning ruby red jewelry that speaks volumes.  Glamour reigns supreme when you adorn yourself in the most passionate of all gemstones: Precious Ruby.  Known as the King of Gems, Ruby is considered one of nature's all time greatest hits and will add major sizzle to your jewelry wardrobe.


Midnight Sun - Journey into the world of ebony gemstones



It's a "highway run into the midnight sun" when you journey into the world of gems wearing one of these stunning jewels featuring jet black stones!  You don't have to be in a band to be a rock star and this sultry jewelry will have you counting complements, instead of crows!

I hope you can join me Saturday, Sept. 6th at 1:00 PM ET when I debut my newest Colleen Lopez Gemstone Collection!   Let me know if any of my Greatest Hits  will end up on your play list :)  Rock On!


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Guest — K. Cook

Such beauties!

Love those ruby earrings and the pink carved conch shell.
Friday, 05 September 2014 6:06 PM
Guest — peggy cast

peg c

hi colleen......all the gems are beautiful.......i think i am looking for something pink ....the gem stone and the pink carved sto... Read More
Friday, 05 September 2014 8:08 PM
Guest — Mishusmom

Can not choose just one!

Colleen, they are all so beautiful! Who could pick just one?
Friday, 05 September 2014 11:11 PM
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Herkimer Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend!


    With Dr. Renee Shevat (Herkimer Diamond Mine Owner) and Designer, Deb Guyot 

There's nothing that can bring a a glow to a girl's face like new bling....and when the bling is in the form of Herkimer Diamonds, get ready to really shine!  My friends, Designer Deb Guyot, and Herkimer Diamond Mine Owner, Dr. Renee Shevat, have been working around the clock to make the perfect dream earrings for us for our Designer Gallery Birthday Event.  By perfect, I mean they capture the the 4 C's of a diamond to utter perfection.  The Cut:  100 faceted Kiss Cut.  The Color:  Colorless.  The Clarity:  A+ quality  The Carat Weight:  10 carat stones.  Earring Perfection.

I wanted to ask our dynamic duo, Deb and Renee, to share a little more info about these gorgeous "Girl's Best Friend" earrings that debut on HSN July 15th.


CL: I'm so excited to debut this new "Herkimer Kiss" - Tell us about this new and exciting cut. 

DEB GUYOT: This rare new cut has over 100 individual, hand done facets in each stone! The process was a labor of love. It took over a year to mine the A+ quality material in the quantity required for this collection . . . then another 6 months, just to do the cutting. We created a special  cut which is a rare 3D, soft trillion. The facets were then done by master craftsman - all by hand! The finished product looks like a sparkling little kiss - with none of the calories! 


Well . . . maybe not so little . . . each drop on our TS earring is approximately 10 carats of Herkimer Diamond! 


CL:  Can you share a little about your collaboration with Renee, the owner of the Herkimer Diamond Mine?


Mohawk River Valley, Herkimer NY 


 Diamonds in the rough


A bowl of Herkimer Rock Candy

DEB GUYOT: We truly work as a team, each bringing our own unique perspective and skill-set to the table - quite LITERALLY! Our process is really very organic and fun. With this design, as with others - Renee' and I sit down alone together and spread all our concepts and ideas onto a design table. We create a sort of 'think-tank', where we brainstorm and conceptualize new pieces, cuts and concepts. Saying we work closely together on this line, is no understatement. Honestly, that is how some of our best pieces are born! A bonus in the partnership - a genuine friendship has developed. Work is fun for us, especially when you enjoy who you are working with! 

We are constantly working in tandem on unique ways to cut this amazing natural wonder. The Herkimer Diamond in its natural state is . . . "perfectly imperfect". Working with master cutters on new and unusual presentations elevates this natural beauty to a whole different level of elegance. It takes this ruggedly-gorgeous stone and brings a refinement to it that will give us endless new design options! 


CL: What inspired you to create this beautiful earring? 

DEB GUYOT: I wanted to design a new classic - something on-trend but no too trendy. Chic and wearable . . . ageless and timeless. This earring can go to a board meeting or a ballroom. You know I am an earring girl. . . I love the way something sparkly near the face can brighten the beauty of a woman. This earring does all that and more. It dances on the ear with sparkle galore. It is lightweight on the earlobe, colorless and 3 dimensional so it looks great from every angle! The new cut adds so much sparkle to an already bright Herkimer diamond - and the smaller round Herkimer on the lever back, is like the cherry on top! Oh and did I mention . . . it is a 10 carat earring!! Yep - TEN carats in each ear!


Handmade with Love! 


CL: What do you look for in the perfect earring? 

DEB GUYOT: Versatility, wear-ability and "wow!"-ability! I love an earring that can be worn with whatever style of dress you choose. Ideally, I want to be able to put that earring on with a full neck of gems - or to wear it as a stand-alone. 

For me it's about styling options with an earring, and that isn't always easy to find. From a T-shirt to a cocktail dress, I'm thrilled to be able to say I think you can have that with this earring. 


CL: How do you want a woman to feel when wearing your Herkimer "Kisses"?

DEB GUYOT: In one word - Beautiful! My hope is that this is an earring that will make her feel as special and unique as she truly is and . . . have an extra pep in her step! 



CL:  I know you have been working over a year on this project - We can't wait for the premiere of this gorgeous new cut! 


This collection debuts an exquisite new cut resembling a multidimensional kiss, emanating soothing energy.  The cut presents exceptional clarity, cut, color and carat weight. The pavilion depth of the stone allows light to remain in the stone and directs more light through the crown of the stone. The stone has no inclusions or blemishes. It is very difficult to create the quality and quantity of this cut. It literally consumed over a year to gather the material and six months to cut it. We will not be able to create this quality and quantity of this particular design again for a long while. 


The kiss shaped fancy cut Herkimers feature 100 facets per stone.


CL:  They really are Dream Earrings! 

DR. RENEE SHEVAT: Yes, in fact Herkimer Diamonds are revered for their dream work. It is said that sleeping with a Herkimer Diamond in your pillow case or under your pillow will result in more positive energy and result in avid dreams and dream recall. Some believe that Herkimer Diamonds are capable of completely doing away with nightmares. Many guarantee that dreams will be prolific. In the waking world, the Herkimer Diamond allows one to clearly envision one's dreams for the quality and type of life one wishes to develop. 


CL: What is it like working with Deb Guyot and with HSN?

DR. RENEE SHEVAT: It has been truly fun working with Deb. She designs elegant compositions that add character and flexibility to wardrobes. We have developed a friendship beyond professional affiliations which has been equally meaningful. Even our Husbands are very similar both in character and values. 

 Since there is an Imbalance in demand vs. supply, the Herkimer Diamond has increased in value. We are pleased to have the opportunity in working with HSN to maintain price and sensitivity for the HSN customer. 


CL: What do you enjoy most about wearing Herkimers yourself? 

DR. RENEE SHEVAT: As the only female mine owner (I believe in the world) it is with special privilege that I share Mother Nature's gift with so many women all over the world. The reason I enjoy wearing them is the same reason many women enjoy wearing them. Herkimer Diamonds have a unique history. They are the oldest stones on the North American Continent. They can only be found in one location, Herkimer, NY. They have exceptional clarity and they are the hardest of quartz crystals. Herkimers are a true American Gem.


<3 Herkimer Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend <3 


We are beyond excited to share these beautiful wonders of nature with you!  Don't miss the debut of our 20 Carat Herkimer Diamond Kiss Cut Drop Earrings - your new BFF!  





Recent Comments
Guest — Margaret Moyer


Those diamonds are sooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! I don't have any arms or legs...BUT...I'm wonderfully and marvellouslly made in His ... Read More
Monday, 14 July 2014 8:08 PM
Guest — margie


so beautiful!
Monday, 14 July 2014 9:09 PM
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California Dreaming: Introducing Facets by Robindira Unsworth




 It's always a thrill to discover a designer who's jewelry speaks to you - whose pieces draw you in, captivate your eye and stay in your mind.  From the moment I laid eyes on Robindira Unsworth's hand made dazzling jewelry it was love at first sight!  I'm thrilled to be welcoming Robindira to our our Designer Gallery....I can't wait for you to meet her! 


  Robindira is a Californian Dreamer and Designer who creates unique, exotic handmade jewelry at her studio in Petaluma, California. Deeply inspired by nature and the beauty of genuine gemstones, Robindira's goal is to make women feel beautiful and powerful when they wear her jewelry.  Robindira creates her pieces for women who prize naturally glamorous designs.  Her jewelry is elegant, very wearable and season-less mixing a blend of textures, fine details and natural gems. 

Unsworth's passion for design and fashion began at an early age, when she would spend her afternoons in her mother's atelier in San Francisco sorting buttons, color coordinating her mother's vast collection of fabrics, and exploring her vast jewelry collection. She began to dream of the day when she too would sparkle...With her stunning jewelry collection for HSN, Facets by Robindira Unsworth, it's clear that Dreams do come true!


 Robindira and Husband

Robindira has traveled extensively and there is a global influence that resonates in every piece of her jewelry.  A lover of nature, when Robindira is not in her studio designing or at her store curating her collections, she can be found planting in her garden with her Daughter, India, or relaxing with her Husband under their ancient wisteria vine.  Inspiration and beauty surrounds her and Robindira's love and passion for life is reflected in her stunning jewelry creations.




The creative process for Robindira begins with pen, paper, a vision and a spark of Inspiration.  


Each element in a Robindira Unsworth design is carefully chosen from the very finest raw materials. 


Touched by an artisan's hand, each jewel represents unique craftsmanship and design.  


Love is the foundation of Facets by Robindira Unsworth, and the passion is to share her vision of beauty with you.  


Statement rings!  Genuine gems with sparkling crystals make for amazing hand candy! 

b2ap3_thumbnail_Robindira-2.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Robindira-3.jpg

Necklace fit for a queen, Robindira's Lapis and Ruby necklaces are jaw droppingly gorgeous!


It's no wonder that Robindira Unsworth's jewelry is worn by Hollywood royalty and found in some of the finest stores in the world.  Facets by Robindira is both glamorous and dreamy - just like this California Dreamer who designed them for us!  Join me when we debut her stunning collection on july 15th - Shine time is 2:00 PM ET!

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Colleen's Tanzanite 20th Anniversary Ring is Coming to HSN!

 My how the years have flown...This year marks my 20th Anniversary with HSN!  Coming up on Wednesday, June 18th at midnight, HSN is helping me celebrate by offering a stunning "Colleen Lopez 20th Anniversary Ring" Today's Special!   When our buyers asked me what my "Dream Ring" would be for my Anniversary the first thing that came to mind was a Tanzanite 3 Stone Anniversary Band.  I've always loved Tanzanite and a "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" ring seemed like a perfect fit for this special milestone.  I love sharing beautiful gems and the stories behind the stones with you - so let me take you on a little journey to exotic East Africa - the birthplace of my Tanzanite Today's Special!




There's no place on earth quite like Tanzania.  Yes, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro there is a tiny 4 kilometer area where you will find the only source in the world for the most exciting gemological find of the 20th Century.  It was 1967 when Melani Tribesmen first laid eyes on this spectacular violet-blue stone.  History tells us that it was after a bush fire heated the gem material on the surface of the ground that this rare gemstone phenomenon was revealed.  Tiffany and Co. was the first jeweler to introduce Tanzanite to the world in the late 1960's - Never before has a gemstone captured the hearts of gem lovers world wide in such a short period of time.




Tanzanite is a variety of the mineral Zoisite, but it's the unlque presence of vanadium in this one specific geographical area that produces one of  the rarest gemstones on earth.  Tanzanite's geology is so unlikely, there's less than a one million to one chance of this ever occurring again anywhere in the world.  




Tanzanite is a true collectors stone. It's 1000 times more rare than a diamond and according to geographical tests, the world's supply of Tanzanite will be totally exhausted within the next decade.  Tanzanite mined today is called the "Last Generation Stone" - We are the last generation that will be able to buy Tanzanite before the supply is depleted.




Mount Killimanjaro's snow capped peak can be seen above the clouds in Tanzania.   This majestic backdrop befits the natural beauty and wonder of Tanzanite.  One of the things that makes this gem so unusual is it's trichroic structure.  The stones radiate 3 different colors from 3 different crystal axes.




 Tanzanite has a color range from velvety blue to soft lilac.  This exotic gem features a kaleidoscope of royal blue, violet, indigo, lilac and periwinkle.  The quality of the material used for our Today's Special features gorgeous, AA quality, violety-blue stones!




Tanzanite is a pleochroic gem which means it will show different colors when viewed in different light and from different directions.  Look for blues, purples and even flashes of reds and golds! 




Quality Tanzanite is getting more and more difficult to find at affordable prices. Our buyers tell me that in just the past 6 weeks Tanzanite prices have gone up 35%.   HSN works with the finest resources and suppliers of Tanzanite.  In order to get the material for our Today's Special, the miner's had to travel up to 45 minutes into the earth's core to excavate the rough.  Here is a photo from one of the miner's vantage points as he travels deep into the mine.   




Another day at the office:  Mining can be a dangerous business.  Miners work slowly and methodically to dig through the earth's core for tanzanite material.  It's a laborious process - Accumulating the stones for our Anniversary Ring took over one year! 




Once the material is excavated, the stone's go on their own journey of sorting, grading, cutting and polishing.




Here is our Quality Assurance team inspecting the stones used in our Today's Special. 






Global demand for Tanzanite is increasing as supply is dwindling.  Do to it's popularity, Tanzanite is now an official birthstone for the month of December.  Not since 1912 has a gemstone been added to the Birthstone List.  Due to the demand for Tanzanite by gem lovers world wide, and because of it's rare beauty, it was added as a birthstone for December in 2004.  




When choosing the design for my 20th Anniversary Ring, I wanted something with classic beauty.  Ever since De Beers introduced the 3 Stone Anniversary Band to the world in the late 1990's, it became an instant classic and one of my all time favorite styles.  I love the symbolism the of the 3 stone design: Yesterday,Today, Tomorrow or Past, Present, Future. The 3 stones remind us of the fond memories of the "Past", the gift of the "Present", and to look to the "Future" with hope and optimism.  Every time I glance down at my beautiful ring, I'm reminded to count my blessings.




Tanzanite is a true keepsake.  The Merlani Tribes People give Tanzanite as a gift to new born babies as it symbolizes New Beginnings, Eternal Truth and an Open Heart.   With a grateful heart, I want to thank you for your wonderful support over the years and I look forward to celebrating this milestone with you!  




Hope you can join me on Tuesday night (into Wednesday) June 18th, at midnight for the launch of my "20th Anniversary Tanzanite Ring" Today's Special.  Come celebrate with me - the best is yet to be!!

Recent Comments
Guest — Janice Anderson

Can't wait !!

Thank you so much Colleen and HSN !!
Monday, 16 June 2014 3:03 PM
Guest — Diane Miller

Beautiful Ring i have ever ...

i hope with all my heart its affordable so want this beautiful ring
Monday, 16 June 2014 5:05 PM
Guest — margie


hope my husband gets me that our anni, is july 2!
Monday, 16 June 2014 9:09 PM
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You're Invited to My Blues Fest!




Muffy and I are crushing on blue - how about you?  Warm summer days are on the horizon and there's no better way for jewelry lovers to celebrate the colors of the sea and sky than by adding some gorgeous new gemstone sparklers to your wardrobe.  Check out my newest collection coming up on Saturday and join me for a dazzling Blues Fest!


A Seaside Escape 


70 Carats of Enchanting Aqua Marine will travel around your neckline when you're wearing this dreamy blue stunner!  For added panache, choose my new Aqua Marine and Black Spinel ring and earrings - the striking contrast will add style and flair to your everyday wardrobe.


It's A Bluesy Bling Fest!  


Smoldering sophistication is on the way when you choose my gorgeous London Blue Topaz Ring, Necklace and Studs.  The steely blue color mixed with sleek, classic styling will bring admiring glances and cool sophistication to your wardrobe for years to come. 



 Add vintage appeal to your glamorous sense of style with my new London Blue Topaz Trio.  The rich blue princess cut stones paired with sparkling white topaz will have you dripping in vintage chic style.


The Wild Blue Yonder 


Dreaming of taking off into the wild blue yonder?  Me too!  My gorgeous new Madison Avenue watch with genuine gemstone dials will have you on Island Time in no time!  Slip on this spectacular Amazonite and London blue ring and you'll be transported to your favorite exotic destination - Relax!


Margarita Time! 



What's a Blues Fest without a Margarita?  Hello, Margaritaville!  My new stunning Citrus Quartz ring with a salty rim of white zircon and lime green burst of Chrome Diopside will bring mouthwatering beauty to your summer wardrobe!  Pair it with my new 36 carat peridot bracelet and tequila colored Margarita ring and you'll be ready for Happy Hour - It's 5 O'clock Somerwhere! 


 The World Is Your Oyster 


Now that I've sounded you with an ocean of blues - Can you hear the waves?  The sea is calling!  The stunning treasures of the ocean are a dream come true for pearl lovers!  These 15MM beauties will add jaw dropping elegance to any jewelry lover's wardrobe.  Take the plunge!! 


Pack up your troubles and put your cares away and join me on Saturday, May 24th, for a Melody of Gemstones that Sing with Style!   


RSVP to Colleen Lopez Gemstones Here! 

Recent Comments
Guest — JewelsForMeByTheSea

Good Golly Miss Muffy!!!

You Are Sea FabuMore IN Your Blusey Beautiful Sea Colored Treasures!!!!
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 5:05 PM
Guest — June Crespo

Love the new watch!

that style is one of my very favorite watches, so I can see why you restyled it. I wish there were more silvertone choices, but ... Read More
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 6:06 PM
Guest — Hi June!

Colleen Lopez

Hi June! I knew with your eagle eye you would spot this beauty! The Lapis and Onyx in Silvertone are both gorgeous! I may have ... Read More
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 6:06 PM
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