Rare Treasure From The Land of Kings

 If you have a fondness for natural, exotic gemstones - you are in for a rare treat!  Jewelry lovers will be mesmerized by the beauty and artistry of our Today's Special coming up on May 7th at midnight.  Inspired by The Land of Kings, art historian, Andrew Stone, takes us on a journey to Jaipur and gives a little history lesson on what makes this rare beauty a treasure to behold.

Colleen:  A trip to Jaipur is on my bucket list - What makes Jaipur unique to other parts of the world when it comes to jewelry making?

Andrew Stone:  Jaipur is the capital of the Indian State of Rajasthan (Land of Kings) and was one of the best preserved ancient cities in Asia.  It is also the world's capital for semi-precious gemstone production and is known for  high quality gemstone cutting. Jaipur is also one of the world's top centers for traditional silver jewelry production.  

Colleen:  So when you combine stone production, gem cutting and master silversmiths - Jaipur is a triple threat when it comes to jewelry making!  Himalayan Gems has been making jewelry in this part of the world for over 30 years - that's impressive...

Andrew:  We have built great relationships and have tremendous respect for the knowledgable, talented people we work with in Jaipur.  The jewelry industry there was established centuries ago when the local Maharajah (Great King) Jai Singh established a new capital city. As part of the planning, he established a quarter where jewelry crafts people could set up. The industry thrived under the patronage of the Royalty and Aristocracy and continues to prosper to this day. 

We are fortunate to have established key relationships and acquired knowledge of the inner workings of both the gemstone and silver production. This allows us to bring you high quality gemstone jewelry at excellent values. 

 Colleen:  I know millions of tourists travel to Jaipur each year - what is the experience like?

Andrew:  We were lucky enough to be in Jaipur recently just as everyone was preparing to celebrate Holi - A Spring festival of Color and Love!  Jaipur is called  "The Pink City" - you are surrounded by pink light as much of the architecture is pink to connotate royalty.


In front of the Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) 

From behind these windows, the Queens and Princesses could observe the goings on without being seen themselves. It is beautifully preserved after more than 2 1/2 centuries. 


Snake charmer on the streets of Jaipur. 


Traditional "Fast Food" - Very colorful and spicy! 

Peacock doorway painted with crushed gemstones (Old Royal Palace).


Making friends with the palace guards. 



Andrew and his wife, Lori, dressed up for a farewell party. 

Colleen:  I'm so excited to share the beautiful, exotic gem ring you've created for our gemstone lovers and collectors - Tell us a little about this special piece of jewelry.

Andrew: The ring being offered for this event is indeed something very special - a large sterling silver ring set with a huge natural gemstone at an amazing price! 

You will have a choice of 3 beautiful and rare gemstones: Larimar from the Dominican Republic, Charoite from Siberia and Rhodochrosite from Argentina. 

The stones measure 18 x 25 mm and are oval in shape. Each stone is approximately 26 carats! 

All of the stones were sourced in their rough form by Himalayan Gems and are guaranteed to be free from any treatments or enhancements. 

The stones were all hand selected and hand cut at Himalayan Gems' Jaipur, Rajasthan workshops. The setting of these amazing treasures uses over 8 grams of highly worked sterling silver. 

Below are some photos that were taken during our trip to Jaipur during the production of this Today's Special. It was more than 6 months of work in total and we are thrilled with the results!!!npacking the rough Larimar.

Choosing the Larimar. 


Examining the Larimar to look for cracks. 

Drawing the shapes onto the Larimar. 


Larimar - From rough to finished cabachon. 


Some of the pieces that were selected for use in the Today's Special. 


Drawing the shapes onto the Rhodocrocite.  

Andrew with a large boulder of rough Charoite. 

Drawing out the shapes before cutting.

Selected Charoite cabachons


Isn't this everyones dream? A garden full of Charoite and Larimar drying in the sun. 

Melting the silver so production can begin. 

The melted silver is poured into a mold.

The silver is now ready to be turned into a ring. 


 The finished product is a total knock out!!  

Andrew and I can't wait to share this beautiful ring with you on Wednesday, May 7th at midnight!  

RSVP to Designer Gallery here! 

Will you choose the tranquil, serene Larimar from the Dominica Republic; The warm, rosy Rhodochrosite from Argentina; or The rich, royal Charoite from Siberia???

Directly from The Land of Kings, our Today's Special is fit for a Queen!  

Which is your favorite?




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Guest — Sheila

I can't decide

what a stunning piece...I cannot decide...I might have to get that all! :-)
Sunday, 04 May 2014 5:05 PM
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Say It With Color

Looking to add a zing of purple, a pop of pink or a wave of blue to your wardrobe this season?  Before you choose what color to throw on before heading out the door, take note that the hues we wear speak volumes.  Yes, the colors we choose send a powerful message to the world about our mood, personality and taste!  I've chosen a rainbow of gemstones, clothing and accessories to help inspire you to Color your World with style and confidence for Spring!


Amp up the energy!  

The easiest way to wake up your wardrobe is with the color Red!  After the long cold winter, there's never been a better time to heat things up than with with confident, vibrant hue.  Choose Ruby Red Jewelry, a poppy red dress or chili pepper red nails for instant Pow!



Win the vote of confidence!  

Golden greens have taken on a energetic vibe and are popping up on everything from sneakers to sports cars.  Playful and outgoing, the warmth of gold mixed with the coolness of green makes this color a must for the girl who's going places this Spring.  Peridot jewelry, a simple sheath dress or apple green clutch will had winning, vibrant color to your style file!




Take a virtual vacation

Take a mini stay cation by diving into an ocean of aqua blue this season!  Tranquil, relaxing, dreamy, and meditative - Aqua blue is one color that instantly transports us in a glance to our favorite island getaway.  Blue topaz jewelry, a soft turquoise dress and soft blue strappy sandal are simple escapes for everyday (even when you're land locked at the office!).



Flex your power 

Blue is, without a doubt, the hands down favorite when it comes to getting a response on TV and Social Media!  Blue brings a cool factor that people gravitate toward. Easy on the eye, true blues will bring effortless confidence to every outfit.  Try on my incredible London Blue Topaz bracelet and ring, my dazzling blue dress or a fabulous tote and Sing the Blues this season!





Express your creativity 

 Rich variations of violet purples are taking center stage on fashion scene this spring!  Once only thought of as a color worn by the royals, purple today is a happy color that inspires creativity and free spirited thinking. With Radiant Orchid winning the title of "Color of the Year" there's never been a better time to add a shade of purple to your wardrobe!  Tanzanite (violet blue), Lilac (violet pink) or Lavender are just of few of the many choices you have - Pick your favorite plum and pump up your wardrobe with purple!



Show your smarts! 

The color Gold has become synonymous with luxury and wearing this powerful hue will bring good attention and admiring glances your way.  Yellow gold symbolizes intelligence and enlightenment - so show your smarts this season with champagne gold diamonds, a soft gold metallic jacket or gold shades - and let the sunshine in!




Embrace Elegance 

No longer reserved for little girls rooms, bubble gum and barbie dolls, Pink is now one of fashions most sophisticated colors!  Partnered with rich textures and chic styles, pink is one color found on every fashionistas "it" list this season.  Choose a dazzling rose hued gemstone ring, a punched up pastel dress and glossy blush lip and be pretty in pink for Spring!






With so many dazzling shades to choose from - What hue speaks to you?  



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Guest — Sheila


I gravitate to purples & pinks first, then blue tones...but those fresh greens are really catching me eye....oh geez, they all spe... Read More
Friday, 18 April 2014 3:03 PM
Guest — margie


love all off them-thank you colleen.
Friday, 18 April 2014 4:04 PM
Guest — Gina


So pretty!! The colors are beautiful!! I also adore the blouse you are wearing!! Very flattering!!
Saturday, 19 April 2014 1:01 AM
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Pile it on: Layer your Necklaces Like a Pro

Rule breaker and fashion icon, Coco Chanel was the queen of piling on multiple stands of pearls for chic, modern style.  Her look from 1932 when she first layered 10 stands of pearls on a simple black sweater, is one that fashionistas around the world continue to emulate today.  This  season the "more is more" approach to wearing necklaces is at the top of every stylists list, but the big question is - How to get it right?  I decided to ask 3 talented designers and necklace layering experts to share a few tips with us on how to adorn ourselves in luxe layers for Spring!

Pearl Perfection with RJ Graziano 

In February, I had the chance to stop by RJ Grziano's showroom in New York City - I've never seen so many choices when it comes to pearls!  If ever there's a time to wear a pile of pearls - it's now!


Mix and Match

From bold collars to jumbo pearl station necklaces, mixing and matching has never been more fun!  Don't be afraid to mix high contrast styles, the pearls will be the common denominator that will pull your layered look together.  

Play with Texture

RJ loves to mix various textures with pearls.  Long chains, slinky snakes and pearls of different sizes all play well together when layering.  The chunky and opulent details of RJ's pearl collars and bibs pictured above create a stunning statement for any neckline.  Layers bold collars on top of each other for major impact.

The pure elegance of timeless strands of pearls has always made a stylish statement. Fashion Icon, Coco Chanel, takes the more is more approach to layering - you can too!


Delicate Layers make a Statement with Deb Guyot Designs



Every time I see our fabulous Herkimer Diamond Designer, Deb Guyot, she's is always dripping in sparkling layers!  She is the Queen of "Messy Perfection" - Here are a few tips on how to achieve a delicate, long layered look...

You become the Designer!

Deb believes that's exactly what happens when you layer your jewelry!   She loves to mix new pieces and combinations with your "well loved" older pieces - they feel fresh and new again.


 Start with a pendant necklace and "frame it" with different lengths

Create a statement look using delicate pieces. Layering is a style concept that works with whatever is trending - instead of one bold pieces, try several smaller necklace to achieve the look you want.

Deb's favorite way to design a layered look is to work within the same gem family, using different cuts and configurations. 


Here is a little peek at what's currently going on in Deb's studio, this Herkimer and Garnet collection is currently a "work in progress."   She layers looks in her studio using mannequins to check length, progress and determine what works! 

Stagger each piece to showcase each necklace


Look for longer lengths in a 32", 42" or 54" piece to frame each look. That final piece, elongates, and ties it all togethers.   Another Plus - the look is very slimming - and that's always an added bonus!

Take a good look at your jewelry box and 'go for it'!


Chunky, Colorful Layers with ANTHOLOGY

Melissa Van Nuys, Anthology designer, always creates necklaces made from natural stones in artful cuts and stunning colors.  She loves wearing jewelry that evokes confidence and feels that jewelry is all about expressing your own personal style and taking any look to the next level. There is no easier way to transform your wardrobe in one easy step, than adding jewelry!


Certain necklines urge you to add bold sparkle! For a high neckline, Mellisa likes to use smaller chains/breads, closest to your neck, and bolder, chunkier pieces draping below. Think small, medium, large!

This ANTHOLOGY 2-Row Chunky Amethyst Necklace paired with a gold metal chain will really say "notice me!" 

Play With Color

Choose bold gemstone colors in tonal or contrasting colors for major impact.

The ANTHOLOGY Lapis Station Necklace paired with this ANTHOLOGY round Textured Lapis Pendent creates an exciting transition from day to night. 

 Make a Statement

We all love our statement necklaces but a big and bold necklace doesn't always have to steal the show on its own. choose a bold color story with other necklaces of the same hue or similar gemstones in varying lengths. 


Pair this ANTHOLOGY Red Agate Carved Link 20" Necklace  (which stands great on its own) and this Red Agate Beaded Station Necklace to create a modern feel. 

Take Away The Guess Work!  

On those days when you just want to grab and go, pick up the necklace that has been pre-layered for you! You can rock the layered look without any thought with this ANTHOLOGY 3-Row Gemstone and Chain 18" Necklace , which has been designed to lay perfectly each time you wear it! 

Dress Up Your Signature Look. 

Rework your tried and true favorites.  Many of us have a signature piece of jewelry, a dainty charm on a chain, your name on your necklace or your child's birthstone, perhaps. Make your signature necklace the center of you layered look by simply choosing elements that match. If your dainty, delicate signature is gold, choose a long necklace that has gold accents in it. 

 Have Fun! 

The most important thing is to have fun and to experiment with different looks. There is nothing that can freshen an outfit like a bevy of beautiful necklaces!  Mix and mingle  your favorite necklaces this Spring - Coco would surely approve!



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Guest — Mary Ann

Untangling the chains?

I like to arrange and layer my chains and bead necklaces but, after a while they get tangled and it defeats the purpose of the loo... Read More
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 2:02 PM
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A Bouquet of Jewels: Gems Set To Bloom




Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year when both our jewelry and our fashions are getting set to bloom!  On Saturday March 15th, my new Colleen Lopez Gems Collection will be featuring a stunning bouquet of gemstones and diamonds!  With the first buds of spring beginning to peek through, it's time to let your jewelry and fashion imitate this grand garden party that is about to take place!


Tanzanite - Dazzling Blues!

The cool hues of tanzanite thrill and excite, and are reminiscent of one of the top colors of the year, Dazzling Blue.  This dreamy blue-violet color will revive your jewel box and your closet and looks exceptional with this season's florals as well!

Hal Rubenstein "Denise" Trench Coat 

Colleen Lopez Moonstone, Tanzanite and Zircon Pendant and 4.7ct Tanzanite and Diamond Accent Ring 


Amethyst:  Mix with jewel tones for a Gem Symphony!



That beautiful and mysterious purple has captured our hearts this spring.  Whether in a fluttery, flirty dress or in a smashing jewelry piece, amethyst looks absolutely stunning with teals and blues!

 Eureka by Christos Garkinos "Vanessa" Shirt Dress with Slip 

Colleen Lopez 12ct Amethyst and Multi-gem Floral Ring 

Robert Manse 5.4ct Gemstone 2-Tone 6-1/2" Hinged Cuff 


  Blue Topaz - Reach for the Sky


We have no problem saying goodbye to the icy weather, however, the icy sky blues are another story.  Incorporate this dreamy color into your fashion and jewelry wardrobe through a floral tunic, or a big rock of ice!

Antthony "Jozelyn" Printed Knit Tunic 

Bali Designs by Robert Manse Blue Topaz Woven Cuff Bracelet 

Colleen Lopez Blue Topaz and White Topaz Ring 


Pink Sapphire:  Put on a Rosy Glow for Spring


Pretty in peony pink? It wouldn't be a spring bouquet without this blushing color.  This season try a kimono style dress with pink as the overriding hue, and then adorn your ears and hand with a fanciful pink sapphire to enhance the glow that you will have from receiving so many complements!

CSC studio Kimono-Sleeve Belted Dress 

Himalayan Gems 15ct Umba Sapphire "Lotus Flower" Drop Earrings 

Colleen Lopez Pink Sapphire and Topaz "Floral" Ring 


London Blue Topaz:  The Sea is Calling 



If you are feeling like a tropical garden party, reach for the rich, yet ravishing London Blue a Topaz. Always a classic, this Blue Jasmine like hue will not only captivate you now, but for years to come.

Slinky Brand Printed Drape-Front Jacket 

Colleen Lopez 5.04ct London Blue Topaz Cuff Bracelet 

Colleen Lopez 4.25ct London Blue Topaz Ring 


Ruby - Everything's coming up Roses!

Roses are always the grand dame of any garden.  Pair a ruby red floral peasant top with a sweet floral medallion ring for everyday glamour, and then slip on your ruby and diamond ring for later.

 Colleen Lopez Printed Peasant Blouse with Lace Trim 

Colleen Lopez Ruby and Gemstone Sterling Silver "Floral" Medallion Ring 

Colleen Lopez Ruby and Diamond Sterling Silver Ring 


Roses are red, violets are blue, and any of this jewelry will be perfect for you!  Hope you can join me on Saturday, March 15th,  as we celebrate Spring with a lavish array of beautiful gemstones - Showtime is 1:00 PM ET - Hope you can join me, Flower Girls!

RSVP to Colleen Lopez Gemstones on HSN


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Gem Escape!

 If your battling a bout of cabin fever, we have a cure for your winter time blues:  Captivating Gemstones!  On Tuesday, January 28th,  Sajen Silver and I will  take you on a island escape to the Dominican Republic and share the exotic wonder of Larimar - The Jewel of the Sea.  Deb Guyot will also be stopping by to bring us two full hours of a "girls best friend"  - Herkimer "Diamonds"!  Here's a sneak peek of what's to come...

Sajen Silver

Paradise Found! 

Sajen Silver Exotic Larimar and Created Opals...Take Me Away!


Deb Guyot Designs 

Herkimer "Diamonds" in the Rough

Gem Collectors don't have to travel very far to find one of the rarest gems on earth.  Found right here in our own back yard, Herkimer "Diamonds" are mined in Herkimer County, New York, will add fire and ice to your jewelry wardrobe!


Join us for HSN's Designer Gallery with Colleen Lopez Tuesday at 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM Eastern - Escape with us!  

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