Colleen's Jewelry Report: Top Jewelry Trends for 2014


New Year, New Jewelry!  Are you looking to add personal style and extra sparkle and flair to your jewelry wardrobe this year?  Whether you decide to adorn yourself with your monogram, a pile of "skinnies", or a flock of feathered friends - the choices are many and the possibilities are endless. Here's my Top 10 Hit List for 2014: 

1. Monograms + Words of Endearment 

If you're a girl who likes to feel connected to her jewelry monogram and message jewelry has your name written all over it.  Monograms and words of endearment are on the necks of starlets, fashionistas and jewelry lovers from coast to coast.  Share your story with the world and feel like you're wearing a warm hug when you look down at your personal treasure.

Some of my top picks include: Moon and Lola Metal Script Monogram NecklaceDaniela Swaebe "Inspire to Dazzle" Macramé BraceletDaniela Swaebe "Delilah Trio" Necklace 

2. Pendant Revival 


Bold, beautiful pendants take center stage this year.  Choose one with a vividly colored stone, an artful carving or a long pendulum design and create a singular sensation around your neck!

Top Picks Include:Himalayan Gems Moonstone and Blue Topaz Flower Pendant,  Sajen Silver Blue Lapis, Drusy Carved Elephant Pendant,  Rarities 9.23ct Zircon and Black Spinel Vermeil "Horn" Pendant, Deb Guyot Designs Black Spinel and Herkimer Quartz 32" Necklace 


3. Fringe Benefits 

Fabulous fringe was all over the 2014 runways and worn in every different medium from suedes and bright colored glass beads, to heavier metals.  Enliven your everyday workwear with jazzy style and enjoy all the fringe benefits!

Some of my Favorites are:Himalayan Gems Potay Bead Fringe-Style Drop Earrings Heidi Daus "Oh, So Pretty" Beaded Tassel Drop Crystal-Accented Bangle Bracelet Stately Steel Beaded Fringe Necklace and Hoop Earrings. 


4. Skinny Bangles 

Here's the skinny on bangles - A stack of "skinnies" is a look that's big on style for 2014!  Mix, match, and layer them with other skinny bangles in different colors and textures, or keep them uniform - you are the curator!

Some of our favorites are:Jay King Anhui Turquoise Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet Colleen Lopez "Sensational 60" Interlocking Bangle Bracelets Rarities 10.02 Black Spinel Set of 3 Bangle Bracelets Colleen Lopez 5.04ct London Blue Topaz 7" Cuff Bracelet 


5. Friendship Bracelets


The macrame friendship bracelets of your childhood have grown up!  2014 is all about expressing your love and what better way to do it than friendship bracelets made out of leathers and suedes?  The BFF symbol is now matured into an infinity sign and the rainbow colored plastic beads are now a sophisticated gemstone and pearl!  Even the men can get in on this trend!  Tell your favorite guy how much they mean to you with a handsome bracelet to symbolize your love!

Some top picks:Michael Anthony Jewelry Infinity Station Cord Bracelet, Marjorica 6mm Manmade Organic Pearl 7" Cord Bracelet, Roberto Faraone Mennella "L'infinito" Bracelet;  Men's Stainless Steel and Leather Wire Woven Bracelet 

6. The Birds + The Bees 

Let me tell you about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above, and a thing called Love (sing it with me)!  Bejeweled flying friends are popping up everywhere on the jewelry scene and jewelry mavens are flocking toward these kitchy pieces that are a sure way to add flight of fancy to your wardrobe!

Some of our favorites are: Sajen Silver Multigemstone "Dragonfly" Sterling Silver Pendant;  Rara Arvis by Iris Apfel Multicolor Crystal "Toucan" Pin Rara Arvis by Iris Apfel "Owl" Pin/Pendant Heidi Daus "Pretty as a Peacock" Crystal Ring 


7. Spring Ethnics 

Get ready to be bit by the travel bug!  Global glam beaded necklaces will make you feel like you're on vacation - even in the dead of winter! These beaded creations are stunning in bright colors and of genuine gems and glass beads and will add exotic flair to your everyday wardrobe.  Indulge the boho girl in you and satisfy your wanderlust with a bold, colorful beaded necklace!

Check out a few of my top picks: Statements by Amy Kahn Russell Bold Multigemstone Pendant Necklace Himalayan Gems Waterfall Potay Necklace Jay King 3-Row Anhui Turquoise 19" Necklace Jay King 3-Row Amethyst and Turquoise 18" Necklace 


8. Get Pinned


Approach the broach - it's time to get pinned!  On the runways, designers gave a nod to the past with pretty pins adorning shoulders, waists  and necklines.  Pay homage to your grandmother's style from yesterday with a new vintage inspired accessory today!

Some of my favorites are:Statements by Amy Kahn Russell Carved "Butterfly Pin/Pendant Heidi Daus "Endless Beauty" Pin Heidi Daus "Whimsical Floral" Crystal Pin  Statements by Amy Kahn Russell Multigemstone "Dragonfly" Pin/Pendant 


9. Coastal Treasures 


The sea is calling - Relax your style with some coastal treasures!  This look is all about adding beautiful pearls, abalone shells, and genuine coral to your everyday outfits.  The best part is, you don't have to wait until spring to wear these because they give a serene vibe to even the most structured outfit. Channel you inner mermaid this year and look to the ocean for jewelry inspiration.

Colleen Lopez Calcite and Cultures Mabé Pearl Ring Imperial Pearls Set of 10 Multicolored Pearl Bracelets ANTHOLOGY Reversible Lapis & Abolone Heart-Shaped Pendant ANTHOLOGY Red Coral Hinged Bangle Bracelet 


10. Cross Your Heart

Of course, crosses are always popular, however, 2014 will be known for amping up one of our most beloved jewelry pieces.  Bold gemstones make a statement of faith on your neck, hand, or finger!   As a symbol of your faith or a fashion statement - A beautiful new cross will make a heavenly addition to your jewelry wardrobe.

Bali Designs by Robert Manse 2.3ct Blue Topaz 18K Accented Sterling Silver Cross Pendant Heidi Daus "Hope Never Dies" Crystal Cross Ring Real Collectible by Adrienne Jeweled Cross Pendant AKKAD "Forever Glory" Crystal Cross Drop Bracelet 



There you have it - my top 10 Jewelry Trends for this year!  Here is a nod to the past and a big smile to the future....It's your year to shine!!


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My Blue Heaven


Oh, for the love of blue!  If you are a gem collector pining for dreamy, rich, luxurious blue stones, look no further than one of the rarest gems on earth - Tanzanite!   Tanzanite is said to be 1000 times more rare than a diamond and is a "one source" stone found only in East Africa at the foot of Mount Kilamenjaro in a small 12 X 14 Kilometer mining area.   Tanzanite is a trichroic gem which means it reflects 3 different colors.  When Tanzanite is moved in the light you can often see shades of blue, violet and salmon/orange.


Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 when a tribesman in East Africa witnessed a lighting strike across the Merlani Hills - low and behold, this hidden blue treasure was revealed.  Originally the world famous jewelrs, Tiffany and Co., were the only ones to own the rights to sell this stunning jewel and women all over the world have been collecting this exotic beauty for 45 years.  Tanzanite is considered a "one generation stone" and the mine owners believe that Tanzanite will be mined out within the next decade.


This year the ever popular Tanzanite is more in Vogue than ever!  The color authorities at Pantone recently announced the leading fashion colors for Spring 2014.  Vibrant Blues and Violets make up the top 3 spring colors:  Dazzling Blue, Violet Tulip and Radiant Orchid.  There's never a been a better time to sing the Tanzanite Blues!


The beauty and rarity of Tanzanite has been recognized by the Gem Trade Association and they recently added Tanzanite to the List of Birthstones.  Not since 1912 has a stone been added to this list - but December babies have something to celebrate as Tanzanite is now officially your birthstone!  


Along with Tanzanite's physical beauty, this "chameleon" stone has been given many romanic properties as well.  Lore says that Tanzanite is the stone of new beginnings and will bring success and clarity to the wearer.  Tanzanite is also known as the stone of balance and harmony - what better stone to wear as we celebrate a new year!?  Hope you can join me for a full hour of True Blue Luxury on Thursday at 5:00 PM ET on HSN as I bring you my newest Colleen Lopez Gems Collection featuring Tanzanite - I'll be in Blue Heaven!  

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Guest — Janet Woj


Wednesday, 15 January 2014 11:11 PM
Guest — Carol Roeben


Looking so gooooooood!
Wednesday, 15 January 2014 11:11 PM
Guest — Mama stone

Deeper Blue Tanzanite!

The deeper the color blue of the stone--the better for tanzanite! And more valuable also!
Thursday, 16 January 2014 1:01 AM
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"ROCK" Around The Christmas Tree!


 The season of sparkle is upon us!  The only thing shining brighter than twinkle lights on the tree will be You wearing dazzling gemstones!  I've gathered the most gorgeous sparkling treasures to make your season of giving a true delight - It's your time to shine!


Like teardrops form heaven, these stunning Himalayan Gems moonstone pieces will brings an ethereal glow your wardrobe and shine the light of the moon on your face.  Look and feel like a snow angel wearing any or all of these captivating beauties: Himalayan Gems Moonstone "Flower" Pendant, Himalayan Gems Victorian-Style Pear Drop Earrings Himalayan Gems 15-Strand Potay Bead Bracelet. 


Snow capped brilliance has been captured in these bountiful blue beauties!  Our new Himalayan Gems Kyanite trio features the most incredible arctic blue stones - sure to melt the heart of any gem loving ice princess.  Himalayan Gems 5.7 ct Kyanite Sterling Silver RingHimalayan Gems 7.6 ct Kyanite Sterling Silver Earrings. Himalayan Gems 7.6 ct Kyanite Sterling Silver Pendant 




Celebrate Christmas wearing the Color of the Season - Poinsettia Red!  Our new ANTHOLOGY Faceted Red Coral J-Drop EarringsANTHOLOGY Faceted Red Coral Stretch Bracelet,  ANTHOLOGY Red Coral Hinged Bangle Bracelet will add flair to any outfit and bring many compliments from willing admirers.  Wear Santa's favorite color while sipping eggnog, singing Christmas carols or stealing a kiss under the mistletoe - Make the season bright!



Ageless and evergreen, our new Himalayan Gems Green Onyx Collection will add show stopping style to any holiday outfit!  Get ready to Rock around the Christmas Tree wearing this rich, gorgeous trio:  Himalayan Gems Green Onyx Sterling Silver Ring,  Himalayan Gems Marquise-Shaped Green Onyx Pendant,  Himalayan Gems Marquise-Shaped Green Onyx Drop Earrings 



Whether you're attending midnight service or a New Year's Eve soiree  - This exquisite Himalayan Gems ensemble features the color of the evening sky paired with the elegance of antique lace.  For the girl who loves a little mystery and romance, these Victoria Inspired pieces are sure to inspire and delight her this holiday season and for years to come: Himalayan Gems Victorian-Style Black Spinel Sterling Silver Ring,  Himalayan Gems Filigree Black Spinel Drop Earrings,  Himalayan Gems Victorian-Style Black Spinel Cuff Bracelet 


Coming up on Saturday, December 14th at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM ET, I hope you can join me along with my very special guests, Andrew Stone and Melissa VanNuys, for sparking gemstones and holiday cheer - It's time to "Rock" Around the Christmas Tree!!


RSVP to our Designer Gallery Event on HSN! 


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Thursday, 12 December 2013 6:06 PM
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Item Number

Love this bold multi-gemstone pendant! It's item 299-476 http://www.hsn.com/products/himalayan-gems-bold-multigem-sterling-silver-... Read More
Sunday, 22 December 2013 4:04 PM
Guest — Lisa

Love Brooch

What is the item number for brooch on left side of tree-has cross shape square stones in middle-looks like labradorite with some s... Read More
Sunday, 15 December 2013 3:03 PM
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You're Invited to our Gallery Open!


One of the things I love most about my job is getting to work with creative, talented people.  Nothing inspires me more than meeting artists and designers who have a passion for what they do and who love sharing their stories, their work and their talent with the rest of the world!  Designer Gallery is a show that I curate for HSN - it gives me a chance to work with amazing people and share their jewelry creations with all of you.  Just like strolling through an art gallery where you view various artist's collections, Designer Gallery is a place for you to immerse yourself in the beauty and art of jewelry.  Monday, November 11th, you will have the chance to meet 3 of our talented designers - Here's a sneak peek!  By the way, our Gallery Opens at 7:00 PM ET....Enjoy a glass of wine browse the collections with us...    


Bali Designs by Robert Manse


Capture the secrets of paradise, inspired by the lush landscapes and natural beauty of the world's most exotic destinations, Robert Manse travels the globe to find craftsmen and jewelers that bring his ideas to life. His exotic jewelry collection exceeds your expectations at every turn with vibrantly colored gems that shine in sterling silver settings and intricate filigree that pays homage to the metalworking traditions of the Balinese. 

Capture the essence of Bali with a matching Bali Designs Pear-Shaped Gemstone Pendant, Gemstone Hinged Cuff Bracelet and Sterling Silver Gemstone Wrap Ring. Choose brilliant blue topaz reminiscent of the island's coastal waters, white topaz that glistens like the sun on the waves, or prasiolite, symbolic of the lovely local flora. Each gemstone is wrapped in ornate Balinese scrollwork and accented with yellow gold drops for a fun, yet elegant jewelry accent you'll love to wear. 


Statements by Amy Kahn Russell

Amy Kahn Russell transforms nature's beauty and exotic blend of cultures into contemporary handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. Unique, museum-quality pieces bring out the true charm of this collection. These distinctive items incorporate an array of gemstones for a clean, fresh look. 

 Embrace your wandering spirit with jewelry designed to complement your affinity for all things beautiful. This floral themed Amy Kahn Russell Bold Multigemstone Pendant Necklace, Floral Medallion 2-Tone Drop Earrings and Antique-Finish Bronze Charm Bracelet feature glittering gold-colored crystal accents and an antique finish for an updated look, with a distinctive antique feel. 


Christine Darren Designs 

Dazzling dursy delights the eye! Mother and son design team Christie and Darren Wehby prominently feature this gemstone in each of their standout creations. The stone is cut in a way that gives it maximum shine and exposes its uniquely attractive crystal arrangements. Don one, or more, of those stunning sparklers and take you place at center stage. 

Bring a splash of fashionable gemstone color to your wardrobe with this sophisticated ChristineDarren Colored Agate and Dursy Quartz Goldtone Figaro Bracelet, Round and Pear Drusy Drop Earrings and Royal Blue Drusy Goldtone Ring. Look no further than these pieces to glamorize your wardrobe! 


RSVP to Designer Gallery Here!


Hope you can join us for a little "Art Appreciation" and watch our Designer Gallery on HSN on Monday, November 11th from 7p-10p ET! 



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Colleen's Favorite Jewelry Trends of the Season!


As the temperatures start to drop it's time to turn up the heat with sizzling hot jewelry!  I wanted to put together my top jewelry trends for Fall and Holdiay - Look for major sparkle in big and bold designs, luxe layers to minimal chic!  This jewelry will bring so much heat, you may need to turn down your thermostat ;)


A Really Rockin' Ring

Rockin' a rock this season?  Don't be shy!  The bigger the better!  Try some unique pieces like FERN Finds: Round and Pear-Shaped 3-Stone Ring which is a very untraditional take on a three-stone ring!  Sajen Silver Lavender Drusy Quartz and Crystal Ring gives you a glow and sparkle in three different forms: crystal, drusy, and opal!  Take the glamorous cocktail ring to a whole different level with Colleen Lopez 41.9 ct. London Blue Topaz and Apatite Sterling Silver "Aloha" Ring. Yes, you read that right, 41.9 cts!!!!!!!  The best part is, these cool hued beauties can be transitioned right into spring!


Gem-Drenched Bib Necklace 


Make the most of your go to jeans and tee, or add even more sensation to your favorite "night on the town" outfit with a bib style statement necklace.  RJ Graziano "Social Sparkler" Necklace will surely strike up conversation and is not for the faint of heart, but for, as the name suggests, the social butterfly!  You know the phrase, "Go big or go home"?   Colleen Lopez "Live Large" Simulated Drusy Necklace really puts the phrase into perspective with its ten huge slices of simulated drusy!  Keep in mind that drusy is one of the most fabulous stones this year and is big on every fashion lover's list!  Also, hot on the list this year, was vintage inspired jewelry!  AMEDEYO NYC Cornelia Beaded Lace Cameo Bib Necklace will look equally great over a blouse buttoned all the way to the top, or with a strapless black gown!



A Cool Gold Cuff 

Forget layering bracelets for a second!  When you pop on a cool, gold cuff, you will instantly feel chic and powerful!  Roberto Faraone Mennella "La Jeunesse" Pavé Elongated Geometric Cuff Bracelet looks incredible with a silk blouse with its sleeves rolled up just a touch.  Talk about denim friendly jewelry!  ANTHOLOGY Gemstone Hammered Bangle Bracelet is so fabulous with its brilliant hued gemstones (you can pick from 5), even your jeans will go weak in the knees when you wear it! How do you go from glum to goddess in ten seconds?  With Deb Guyot Designs Herkimer "Diamond" Quartz Bracelet, of course!  It is so chic, it will declare superiority over every other bracelet in your jewelry box!


Bold Dangle Earrings

These earrings are all about your face, so treat them as an enhancement to your beauty routine!  Christine Darren Freeform Dursy Triple Drop Earrings shimmer, shimmer, shimmer next to your gorgeous skin and cast a golden hue across your face.  For some true night-out glamour, AKADD "Hello Amore" Pavé Crystal Dangle Earrings are it, plus their diamond-like sparkle goes with any of this fall's color palette.  If you are looking for jewelry as rare and on trend yet timeless, look no further than Rarities 41.6 Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings.  Emerald is THE color this year and your ears will never look more stylish!


The Glam Choker

The runways definitely announced that the 90's are back and that means that chokers are back too!  This time around, chokers are far more glamorous and lay on the neck a bit lower-  think collarbone! Colleen Lopez "Mod Revival" Necklace is perfect for pairing with the geometric tops and coats that are so popular this season!  Also, kick it up a notch with a sleek pony to complete the wow factor!  Heidi Daus "Lined in Luxury" Crystal Collar Necklace brings vintage appeal to the forefront of your fashion.  This stunning choker is definitely a grown-up version of decades past!  Are you looking for a choker that is simply dynamite?  Look no further than Joan Boyce "One Shine Fits All" Crystal Coil Necklace.  Whether over a turtleneck, under a blazer, or tucked in between a high-collared evening gown, this is the choker for any, and every, occasion.


A Minimal Pendant

So far everything in the jewelry world this season has been on a large scale, so it is no surprise that one may crave a little breathing room!  Pendants have been popular for a few years, and this Fall 2013 proves that they are here to stay!  Sajen Silver Gemstone and Recycled Glass Pendant allures us with its teardrop shape and entrancing deep berry color.  If you are craving something exotic in the serene color of the sea, try Himalayan Gems Bold Oval Gemstone Pendant.  For the times when you want to feel like a princess on her day off, Bali Designs by Robert Manse Sterling Silver and 18K Mabé Pearl Pendant will be the perfect fit!  Don't forget to layer your pendants with other pendants or a strand of pearls for look that is now!


It looks like there is such thing as global warming!  Even in this cool season, with this jewelry, your world is about to get really hot!


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Guest — Catherine Martin


Love them all, but have already met my quota of spending for the year, but will be tuning in anyway, happy shopping everyone!
Wednesday, 23 October 2013 6:06 PM
Guest — Pam

Mod Revival Necklace

I shouldn't admit this but I watch the reality show Basketball Wives and one of the ladies has been wearing a necklace that I have... Read More
Wednesday, 23 October 2013 8:08 PM
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