A Sea of Sajen Blues


Don't it make my brown eyes blue...

Marianna and Richard Jacobs are returning to HSN's Designer Gallery for our 5th Anniversary Celebration - Get ready to be swept away in a sea of blues when we share their newest collection! Once in a Blue Moon you'll come across a Rainbow Moonstone as stunning as this new beauty featuring the tranquility of blue topaz and appetite accents!

Midnight Blue is captured perfectly in the celestial sparkle of Sajen's new Heart Shaped Drusy ring - wear your heart on your finger (instead of your sleeve) with this magical piece! Our new Blue Lagoon Ring is an inviting pool of sparking blue crystal on your finger - take the plunge!

Crystal Blue Persuasion will take hold of you when you feast your eyes on the captivating beauty of Sajen's Opalescent blue quartz ring and our Blue Kyanite Ring is the right choice when Baby's got her blue jeans on!  Finally, don't miss our True Blue Obsidian pendant and matching earrings....these Icy blue droplets will wash your blues away!

RSVP to Designer Gallery 

 Hope you can join us Wednesday, May 8th at 1:00 PM and 7:00 et for these and many more exciting new designs!  And be sure to check out Sajen's exclusive selection of online only pieces on! 


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Guest — Randi Hofmann

Help I'm falling

OMgoodness. It seems lately the bigger the stone, real or not..the better.
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 6:06 PM
Guest — June Crespo

Any matching pieces??

Is the heart drusy ring going to have matching pieces?
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 9:09 PM
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Colleen's Gift Picks for Mom

With Mother's Day coming up next Sunday, it's time to find the perfect gift for Mom.  I'm blessed to have the most amazing mom in the world!  As the mother of 6 children and 14 grandchildren, she's always doing for others - so Mother's Day is the perfect time for me to pamper her with something special.  Whether she likes sparkle, fragrance, sweets or cozy comforts, check out my picks  and see if the right gift for your Mom is on my list!


Something Sparkly 


If your Mom has a glittering personality like mine does, give her something that sparkles!  My Colleen Lopez "Brilliant Trilliant" Earrings are the perfect gift for her ears to thank her for all of the times that she listened to you.  In the memory of the wonderful times that you've spent together, my Colleen Lopez "Birthday" Watch will make her feel like everyday is her birthday when she wears it!  To enhance your Mom's beautiful smile give her YBF Line, Refine and Shine Lip Trio with Cosmetic Bag.   For all the times that Mom held your hand when you needed it most, the Colleen Lopez "Arose in Paris" Rose De France Ring will be a perfect adornment to her loving hands.


 Something Fragrant


Scents evoke such memories, so why not give your mom a Mother's Day to remember?  Ultimate Dozen Fresh Roses with Vase are so delicate, pretty, and smell great, just like Mom!  Have these delivered to her office to perk her up or have them arrive at her home, so that she will think of your love every time she passes by them.  For the rare gem of a woman, D.L. & CO. Candle Gift Set - Emerald wood, Whimsical Breeze and Sparkling Delight is just the gift!  The set features an assortment of handmade fragrances that will please the nose, and the etched glass votives will please the eye as well.   Create new memories with Lancome La Vie Est belle L'Eau de Parfum Gift Set which is a very feminine and happy fragrance - perfect for Mom!  Primal Elements Handmade Lemongrass and Lavender Soaps are so special to incorporate into your daily routine.  The lemongrass scent will enliven her when she needs a pick-me-up, yet the lavender fragrance will soothe her into pure bliss!


Something Cozy


For all of the memories of curling up to your mom's side, give her something cozy!  On days when Mom feels like taking a break and staying in yet doesn't feel like throwing in the whole towel and staying in her pajamas all day, may we suggest the supreme solution - Joan Boyce Embroidered Top with Pants .  This set is silky and soft so that you are relaxed, yet fashionable enough to host a casual dinner.  Bring some style into your mom's everyday with Joan Boyce Printed Scrunch Ballet Flat.  There is no need for mom to wear old slippers when she can wear these gorgeous ballet flats that are equally as comfortable.  To complete your mom's day of serenity, slip the Homedics SP-30H Shiatsu Massage Pillow behind her for an instant massage whenever she pleases!


Something Sweet



If your Mom has a real sweet tooth indulge her on Mother's Day and give her something sweet!  David's Cookies Rose Handbag Jar with Pecan Cookies satisfy a woman's love of sugar and handbags!  The cookies may disappear within a couple of days, yet the cookie jar will be a lasting reminder of your sweet gift!  For a new spin on chocolate covered cherries, give mom B'Drizzled Gourmet Popcorn - DOuble Chocolate Supreme and Chocolate Cherry Cordial which are hand-drizzled for a euphoric chocolate experience.  You know what would be sweet?  Baking a delightful confection together out of Sweet Serendipity Delightful Dessert Recipe Book!  This book features recipes from the famously delicious New York restaurant that you can recreate at home!


There you have it - Something sweet, cozy, fragrant or sparkly - hopefully you'll find the perfect gift for your Mom on my list!  And finally, because Mother's Day is a day we honor ALL Moms - even those in heaven - I hope you will choose something special to pamper yourself with on this very special day and have a very Happy Mother's Day!


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Guest — Carla Boucher Leasure

Great Ideas

Thanks for the great ideas Colleen!
Monday, 06 May 2013 6:06 PM
Guest — margie sanders


thank you colleen,wonderful ideas.
Monday, 06 May 2013 7:07 PM
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The Art Of Style

Show your Art Appreciation this Spring and adorn yourself with jewelry that captures the beauty and essence of artful design!  From ancient filigree techniques by Balinese artists to fine meticulous bronze casting reminiscent of the bronze era, art collectors and jewelry lovers will be enchanted by our newest collections coming up this Saturday in our Designer Gallery.  We hope you'll stop by and browse our collections.  Let your outfit be the blank canvas and let our talented designers transport your look with their masterful jewelry designs!

RSVP to Designer Gallery here! 


Bali Designs by Robert Manse

Capture the reflections of an exotic paradise. Inspired by the lush landscapes and natural beauty of the island of Bali, Robert Manse works with the masterful Balinese jewelers to bring his ideas to life. His exotic jewelry collection exceeds our expectations at every turn with vibrantly colored gems that shine in sterling silver and 18 karat gold settings and intricate filigree that pays homage to the metalworking traditions of the Balinese.  Robert's joy and passion for his jewelry is truly inspiring - we can't get enough of his gorgeous collection!




Statements by Amy Kahn Russell 

Award Winning Designer, Amy Kahn Russell, transforms nature's beauty and exotic blend of world cultures into contemporary handcrafted jewelry. Unique, museum-quality pieces bring out the true charm of this collection. Amy's distinctive jewelry combines antique glass button making from europe and fine bronze sculpting to create vintage inspired jewelry that is both timeless and artful!  Don't miss the return of Amy's gorgeous floral and gemstone collection - Spring flowers abound when your wear these miniature masterpieces! 


Sajen Silver 

For those who truly appreciate some of earth's most cherished gifts, the internationally reowned Sajen collection is for you. Influences and inspired by exotic cultures, each item is handcrafted using a combination of genuine, created or simulated gemstones. Artists Marianna and Richard Jacobs travel the globe for inspiration to personally design each piece. The result is a refined and extraordinary contemporary piece of jewelry with a hint of cultural intrigue. 




 We hope you'll be able to join us on Saturday, April 6th at 2:00 PM eastern for 3  hours of Designer Gallery featuring Robert Manse and Amy Kahn Russell designs.  Our Gallery Open is at 2:00 PM ET - We can't wait to show you our newest curated collections of wearable art!  



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Guest — Randi Hofmann


Gorgeous...Fav Robert Manse))))) OMG
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 7:07 PM
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Spring Bling

Need to spark up your spring wardrobe?  The easiest way to add sizzle is with a little (or a lot) of Bling! Here are my favorite jewelry looks and trends of the season - hope some of my favorites will become yours - Bling it on!


 Heavy Metal 


You don't have to worry about April showers getting you down when you wear my Colleen Lopez "Live Large" Simulated Drusy Earrings and Necklace! These spectacular sparklers will create a jaw-dropping look that will have you shining even on the cloudiest days. Let the sunshine in and live large for spring!!


Gypsy Soul 

Add some tropical thunder and look like a Caribbean Queen in my Colleen Lopez "Passport to Style" Beaded Hoop Earrings and Bangles!  This set of 12 bangles are perfectly mixed and matched with wood, natural stones, and a warm gold finish to create a look that captures boho chic at it best! 


Stack It Up!

If you're a girl who loves to pile on the wrist candy, this is one watch you'll want to be adding to the mix.  Layered with your shamballa bracelets, beads and bangles this super chic Colleen Lopez "Shamballa" Pavé Crystal Watch is a must for being on time, in style, and uber glam - stack em up for spring!


Roman Holiday 


Dreaming of a European summer?   Take a Roman Holiday with my Colleen Lopez Crystal Station Seed Bead Cuff .  Our arms beg for a substantial bracelet to go with the shorter sleeves of spring and the bold look of this cuff is sure to finish off any look.  Picture yourself in one of Spring's alluring maxi dresses with a pair of gladiators and this cuff and you'll be ready to hit the Coliseum - or just a family barbecue!


Emerald City 

The wizard has cast his spell on Spring! Between the color Emerald being Pantone's selected color of the year, and from being prevalent in Spring's top film, "Oz the Great and Powerful", it's all about green this Spring!  My favorite way to incorporate this elegant color into my wardrobe is through jewelry of course!  My Colleen Lopez "Fancy This" Earrings and Ring brings brilliance to your face and leads you down the yellow brick road to style!


For more Spring bling, I hope you can tune in for My Favorite Things Fashion and Jewelry on Friday 3-5p & 7-9p ET! 

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Guest — margie sanders


stunning pieces!!!!!
Sunday, 31 March 2013 3:03 AM
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Constant Cravings

I'm beyond smitten with my new gemstone collection coming up on March 29th!  We have something to satisfy your every craving - chocolate fudge brownie cake, key lime pie, strawberry parfait, or blueberry cheesecake - whatever your taste, we have gorgeous "calorie free" gemstone delights that will bring a smile to your lips and not end up on your hips....How sweet it is!


Hot fudge brownie cake with vanilla Ice cream - Smokey Quartz, Black Spinel & White Topaz "Jewel in the Night" Ring


Gem fatale!  I have to admit, chocolate is my biggest weakness when it comes to sweets.  My new smokey quartz, black spinel and white topaz ring is drop dead gorgeous and unlike dessert that only lasts for a moment, this stunning "Jewel in the night" will last a lifetime!


Ice blue frosted cupcakes with silver sprinkles - Blue Topaz and Tanzanite "Blue Escape" Ring


Blue skies are on the way when you choose my blue topaz and tanzanite ring!  The dreamy blue hue of the sky blue topaz paired with tanzanite "sprinkles" will shine brightly on your finger and chase the clouds away!


Strawberry French Parfait - Rose De France "Arose in Paris" Ring


Ooooh la la!  Sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, this rosy confection is flanked by the rock candy colors of orange sapphire, tsavorite, rhodolite and blue topaz....a colorful boquet of possibilities for your wardrobe - Tres Chic!


Key Lime Pie - Peridot "Burst of Bloom" Earrings


The mouthwatering citrusy color of my new peridot princess cut earrings will have you looking your best from day until night.  Available in 4 blooming color choices, these face flattering earrings are affordable luxury at it's best.  


Union Jack Cupcakes - London Blue "Evening Tide" Ring


London calling!  You don't have to travel across the pond to enjoy the rich spendor of London topaz.  With it's clean lines and elegant pear cut stone, this true blue topaz ring is my new favorite for everyday. Say Cherrio to this London charmer!


Purple Cake Pops - Amethyst "Glitz on the Wrist" Bracelet


Glamorize your wardrobe with purple panache when you slip into this sparkling wrist candy!  The rich "pop" of color is just what a girl needs to take on the day in style!


Blueberry Cheesecake - Tanzanite "Brilliant Trilliant" Earrings


These dazzling exotic tanzanite stones will look like sparkling blueberries dropping from your ears - Yummy!  Simply pair them with your favorite tanzanite ring and prepare yourself for compliments - need I say more?


I hope you'll be able to join me for my Colleen Lopez Gemstone Collection on HSN coming up March 29th at 8PM ET :)  There will be something for every taste and we'll be talking carats, not calories!  Unitl then, let me know what gems you've been craving...

Shop My Favorite Things New Arrivals here! 



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Guest — jewejs4me


Thursday, 21 March 2013 8:08 PM
Guest — margie sanders


wow that was all great looking,loved the jewlery
Friday, 22 March 2013 1:01 AM
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