50 Shades of Blue

We're feeling blue these blue, ocean blue, cerulean blue, indigo blue, baby blue, teal blue, midnight blue.....You get the picture!  Gorgeous shades of blue are popping up everywhere and those of us who adore these shades are in blue heaven.  Blue is beautiful, tranquil, calming, and transformative.  We are not the only ones having a blue moment, our incredible designers for Design Gallery have embraced the many hues of blues.  Deb Guyot has jazzed up March's birthstone, Aquamarine, pairing it with  her Herkimer Designs while Sajen Silver has a stunning lineup of exotic Kyanite, and Himalayan Gems has created the dreamiest labradorite collection that's simply divine.


Aqua Marine by Deb Guyot Designs 



You can practically hear the ocean breeze on your skin with Deb Guyot Designs.  The aquamarine shades in Deb Guyot Designs Milky Aquamarine Drop NecklaceDeb Guyot Milky Aquamarine and Herkimer Quartz Bracelet , and Deb Guyot Designs Milky Aquamarine Dangle Earrings looks spectacular with crisp whites, and canary yellows!  The natural shapes of the aquamarine and herkimer diamonds mixed with the wire links give you that bohemian, chic casual look that oh-so-hard to obtain!


Kyanite by Sajen Silver 


We don't know what is cooler about Sajen Silver's designs - the ambient kyanite, the sleek sterling silver, or you when you wear this artistic line of jewelry.  We love how the sterling silver curves around the Sajen Silver Pear-Shaped Kyanite Pendant and the Sajen Silver Pear-Shapred Kyanite Earrings. The curves of the earrings will perfectly compliment the curves of your face as well.  Kyanite's shade of blue looks dashing with your denim.  The Sajen Silver Round Kyanite Sterling Silver Ring has the look of a magical crystal ball, looking into your future.  Do we see this jewelry in your future?  We predict yes! 


Labradorite by Himalayan Gems 


Speaking of magic, Himalayan Gems has captured us with their spellbinding labradorite designs.  The dreamlike glow of the ethereal shades of blue in Himalayan Gems Labradorite Sterling Silver PendantHimalayan Gems Marquise-Shaped Labradorite Sterling Silver Ring, and the Himalayan Gems Marquise-Shapred Labradorite Earrings inspires and creates a sense of tranquility that is not as magical as it is real!  The most magical thing about labradorite though, are the changing colors of blue that look good with every color in your wardrobe from browns, to pinks, to yellows. Abracadabra! You look incredible!


Tune in Monday, March 11th at 12am-2p, 11a-2p, and 7p-10p EST before these 50 shades of blue are 50 shades of invisible!




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Spring Pearls: The World is your Oyster!

 Looking to add a touch of class to your wardrobe for spring?  Take a cue from mother nature and choose one of her most prized jewels - precious pearls!   Whether your style is classic, contemporary, trendy, boho (or a little of each) we have the perfect pearls to fit your style and personality...The world is your oyster!  

Ornate Artisan Designs 

 If you love exotic elegance and want to spice up your everyday, try some pearl jewelry that looks as though you've gone on a worldwide journey and accidentally stumbled across these magnificent finds in an Eastern bazaar.  Bali Designs by Robert Manse Cultured Fresh Water Pearl Two-Tone Ring and Bali Designs by Robert Manse Cultured Freshwater Pearl Two-Tone Cuff Bracelet bring a far away, unique look with the silver and 18 karat gold details to compliment the lustrous beauty of the pearl.  Because pearls are a wonderful way to express yourself, these pieces give you a sense of one of Confucius' pearls of wisdom:  " No matter where you go - there you are."  


Long Statement Necklaces


Be a trend setter this spring and slip into long, lean strands of pearls!  Longer necklaces work beautifully with spring tunics and dresses and are adored for the way they can slim a girl's figure.  Musé by Gypsy Multigem Bronze Tassel Necklace combines pearls and has the oh-so-fashionable tassel that gives you an oh-so-chic style.  If you love a lariat though, Musé by Gypsy Coated Shell Bead Mutligem Necklace is just for you.  This necklace jazzes up your look and makes you look "lean and keen" on style!


Luxe Layers

More is more when it comes to jewelry for spring!  The opulence of layering combined with luxurious pearls makes you look like a million dollars, and that, ladies, is always in style!  CL by Design 8-row Cultured Pearl 7-1/2" Bracelet, with all its layers, is a great way to spin a classic.  We love this bracelet with everything from a stunning tweed jacket to a casual, yet fashion forward jean shirt.  If you are looking for a little more pizzaz, we suggest CL by Design Labradorite and Pearl Necklace.  The deep multicolors of the peacock pearl paired with the always mysterious labradorite, make for a look that is very high end, very chic, and very YOU!


Classic Elegance


When in doubt, you can never go wrong with great, classic styling.  Sometimes you should forget all the fuss and frills, and let simple beauty speak for itself.  CL By Design Cultured Fresh Water Pearl Button Ring is a stunning solitaire that is the period at the end of beautiful. Add Tara Pearls Pearl and Topaz "Water Dancer" Earrings to keep with your uncomplicated look.  This jewelry provides the ultimate compliment with busy prints, yet also looks exquisite with a geometric dress for a modern vibe. 


Boho Chic

If you are the type of girl who wants to bring pearls into your casual wardrobe for spring, you are in luck!  A necklace that will bring some "WOW" into your everyday is BAJALIA's "Tasanee" 5.5-9.7 mm Culture Fresh Water Pearl Collar Necklace.  This necklace would look dazzling with a tank top and jeans or give a fresh take to a favorite maxi dress!  Imperial Pearls Cultured Pearl and Tiger's Eye Bracelet gives you a beauteous bohemian look that can be layered with bangles and watches. 


Whichever pearl look you decide to go for, pile on these natural beauties for spring and bask in their luminous glow!

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Heavy Metal: Drusy Metallics Rule for Spring!

 Coming up Sunday, February 24th, we're going to rock out with some heavy metal for spring during HSN's Designer Gallery!  Obsessed doesn't even begin to describe how we feel about the metallic trend that is hitting fashion big time!  To rock this trend, we have put together three looks for work, play, and everyday featuring gorgeous drusy designs by Christine Darren.  Get ready to turn up the volume on your style!

For Work - Sleek, Sophisticated Platinum Drusy


Christine Darren Platinum-Color Drusy Quartz Ring  -  Just like it's circular style, the statement that this powerful ring makes will have you running circles around your colleagues.

Christine Darren Drusy Quartz Two-Tone Button Earrings - Two of our favorite jewelry aspects are seen here: button styling, to cover up any earlobe imperfections, and serious sparkle that captures light and bring it to our face!

Christine Darren Multicut Drusy Set of 3 Bangle Bracelets - Perfect with any suit or blouse, these bangles will impress your boss or employees  with showing that you are as serious about style as you are about your job!

IMAN Global Chic Glamour Luxury Leather Tablet Case - Forget carrying a leather case that looks like it belongs to a man!  Iman makes sure that we can be up on technology and style at the same time!

Vince Camuto "Harty" Metallic Leather Pump - We would dip our toes in drusy if we could, but these pumps will do just fine!  A classic pump with high shine?  Yes please!


For Play - Gold drusy for the Midas touch!



Christine Darren Triangular Golden Drusy Drop Earrings - Have your fashion match your attitude with these playful earrings.  Let the gold of the drusy glint off of your skin and catch your admirer's attention!

Christine Darren Golden East/West Drusy Bronze Ring - The geometric shape is all business, yet the gold sparkle is all play!

Christine Darren Round Golden Drusy Ring - The circular style, with the rough drusy of top and the open shoulder design screams sexy!  Imagine  sparkling around with this stunner on your fingers as you dance your way through girls night out!

Steven by Steve Madden "Wicked" Beaded Sandal - Speaking of dancing, put on your dancing shoes!  These sandal's style is right on cue and embraces the this seasons trends of metallic and serpent-like shapes.  Wear these sassy shoes with a cute beaded dress, or skinny ankle pants and look absolutely "wicked" ( the good kind!)

Frosting by Mark Norton Nouveau Shoulder Bag - Shoulder bags are all the rage in fashion, as are tassels.  Mark Norton captures both with in a bag that is all play and no work!



For Everyday - Put on a rosy glow with Pink Drusy

Christine Darren Rose Drusy Heart Clover Ring - Looking for good luck in your everyday?  It may not help you win the lottery, but it is bound to make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

Christine Darren Rose Drusy Heart Station 18" Necklace - Three-stone rings are great, but if you want to spice up your jewelry style a little while still having meaning, then this romantic necklace is just for you!

Christine Darren Rose Drusy Heart Drop Earrings - If you wear your heart on you sleeve, then try wearing your heart on your ear!

Joan Boyce Glittered Loafer with Bow - If anyone knows about comfortable shoes that are not lacking style, it is Joan Boyce!  These loafers go perfectly with this season's ankle pants!  

Vince Camuto Rose Square Metal Sunglasses - If you are the type of girl that sees the world through rose colored glasses, then, you know what we are going to say - get the whole set! 


For more Christine Darren Designs, tune in for Designer Gallery on Sunday, February 24th from 2-4p and 6-8p Eastern Time.

RSVP to Designer Gallery Here! 



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beauyiful fashionable,chic,classy items.thanks for sharing colleen;
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 5:05 AM
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I'm Currently Coveting . . .Chinoiserie Chic

Chinoiserie:  A French term meaning style or design that is Chinese-esque.  One of the 2013 run way trends I'm loving for spring is the ornate, chic, timeless style of far eastern design.  Americans have been mystified by Asian design for centuries since the arts of the Orient were very intircate and hard to acquire.  In the globally connected world that we live in today, fashion and jewelry designers are embracing these exotic styles more than ever.  Here are a few treasures that will add effortless Chinoiserie Chic to your jewelry wardrobe...




The Chinese hold an ancient belief that where you choose to wear you ring holds certain symbolism.  We wonder what it would say about us if we were tempted to wear these on every finger?

Heidi Daus' "Chinois Mystique" Black Onyx Ring fabulous cocktail ring harkens us to the 40's and to the red carpet of the Chinese Theater. Now that is Chinoisserie Chic! 

Between 2013 being the year of the serpent and Chinoisserie's strong presence on the runway, Sajen Silver by Marianna and Richard's Labradorite Serpent Ring hits all of fashion's high marks and so will you when you wear this!




Are you craving a look that is worth walking the Great Wall of China for? Try either Jade of Yesteryear "Double Happiness" Earrings with tassel drops, which have been so popular for the past couple of seasons, or, for a more elegant look,  Jade of Yesteryear's Art Deco Jade Earrings.  Worn with your hair in a bun and a mandarin collar dress, you will find the look that you've been coveting.




We love the symbols that are forever present in Asian design.  If you are looking for protection (hopefully not from the fashion police!) then this Heidi Daus' "Glittering Guardian Fu Dog" Beaded Necklace with its right on fashion emerald color is the perfect choice.  If you are looking for the symbol of purity or if you have recently overcome a struggle (finding a necklace this superb?), then Statements by Amy Kahn Russell Bronze Carved Lotus Pendant w/ Necklace is just for you!




This season Chinoiserie jewelry symbolizes your fashion know how, yet, these pendants, when worn close to your heart will symbolize your true love of the beautiful and the symbolic. One of the Orient's most precious symbols, Buddha perched on a lotus blossom, is represented in Sajen Silver by Marianna and Richard Jacobs' Buddha Pendant. We love wearing this pendant at heart's level since it symbolizes an opened heart.  

If you want to bring good fortune into your life, and your wardrobe with Sajen Silver by Marianna and Richard Jacobs' Mother-of-Pearl and Blue Topaz Koi Fish Pendant.


Fortunately, you don't have to travel to the Far East to be in style this season; HSN has something for all who crave these fanciful and fabulous designs - Welcome to the timeless world of Chinoiserie!


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wow; very beautiful pieces and very interesting,thank you colleen.
Thursday, 28 February 2013 5:05 AM
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It's Cocktail Time!

 It's time for cocktails, dahling!  If you like to stand out in a crowd there's one accessory that brings instant wow this season - A fabulous Cocktail ring.  Bold, colorful statement rings are real spotlight stealers and they're the easiest way to add excitement and interest to any outfit. I've paired a few beautiful cocktail rings with  some low calorie libations - Sip in moderation and cheers to cocktail hour!


 Royal Blue Caribbean Cocktail:  150 Calories

Ingredients: 8 oz Citron Vodka, 2 Tbs Blue Curacao, 1 tbs fresh lime juice, 1 oz agave nectar, ice, lime wedge, sugar on rim optional.



Sajen Silver Pear-Shaped Aqua Blue Drusy Ring 

Shimmering like the blue waters of the Caribbean Ocean, This stunning Sajen Silver Drusy ring flashes with shades of blues and greens.  Transport yourself to an island paradise wearing this  intoxicatingly beautiful stone.   


Lemon Drop Martini: 125 Calories

Ingredients:  1 1/2 oz vodka, 1/2 oz lemon juice, splash of triple sec, ice cubes, lemon rind (sugar on rim optional)

Himalayan Gems 18ct Oval Lemon Quartz Sterling Silver Ring 

Let's toast to 18 carats of icy lemon quartz with this Himalayan Gems statement ring!  Framed in a floral border of sterling silver, this sunny yellow ring will warm things up and add a splash of golden light to any outfit!


Blushing Fizz : 85 Calories

Ingredients:  Pink champagne, fresh strawberry


Sajen Silver Pink Recycled Glass Oval Sterling Silver Ring 

Slip on this dreamy hue and bask in the rosy glow of Sajen Silver's pink obsidian statement ring.  Pink champagne is the perfect compliment to this blushing beauty - cheers!


Mojito: 100 Calories

Ingredients:  8 oz rum, 3 oz lime juice, 12 fresh mint sprigs, 1 tsp Stevia, club soda


Statements by Amy Kahn Russell Carved Aventurine Ring 

They'll be green with envy when you lift your glass wearing this Amy Kahn Russell carved Aventurine ring.  Green is the color of the year, not to mention the color of money - You'll look and feel like a million in the cool, casual elegance of this artful statement piece.


Chocolate Martini   185 Calories

Ingredients:  1 oz vodka, 1 oz chocolate liquor, ice cubes, chocolate shavings



Deb Guyot Natural Herkimer Drusy Quartz Ring 

Indulge in the calorie free decadence of Deb Guyot's chocolate "diamond" Herkimer ring!  This stone's natural sparkle and exotic beauty looks so delicious it's like wearing dessert on your finger!


Make a statement wearing cocktails on your fingers!  Drink responsibly and have fun toasting during your next happy's 5 O'clock somewhere!



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I love that you are including cocktails with cocktail rings... and I love this page...
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Hi Colleen!!

I applause your imagination!! I absolutely loved your concept of the cocktail "drinks" next to the cocktail "rings"; that was geni... Read More
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