What's Your Jewelry Style!?



One of the biggest, if not the biggest trends in jewelry is layering.  Layering is a fantastic way to add attention to each element of your look.  How can you incorporate layering into your favorite style? It's all about piling on interesting, personal pieces!!! Find out how to make the layering trend work for you, no matter what your style suggests. . . .





Refresh your love of classic, elegant jewelry with a few styling tricks! station necklaces look divine as your longer layers, while your favorite pendant sits high on your décolleté! Finish your look with a pair of brilliantly hued gemstone studs, and call yourself "classic with a twist"!






As laid back a vibe as boho gives, it's casual style requires some layers for an authentic look! Leave no stone, or hand, unturned when it comes to layering in a bohemian way- neck, wrist, ears, and fingers should all be adored for this "boho chic" look!




If Vermeer's " Girl in the Pearl Earring" was pretty, then you will be stunning as the girl in the pearl necklace, bracelet, and ring!   A modern way to layer your pearls is in your bracelets- let each have a unique quality like tassels, or beautiful silver workmanship.  Finish your look with a long pearl necklace and pearl accented ring for a positively pretty look!







Cool girl jewelry layering is all about the necklace.  Avoid looking like you just came from Mardi Gras, by keeping your necklaces relatively thin, a maximum of two or three, and giving enough space between the layers. Tres chic!


Some trends are specific while others , like jewelry layering, can be for every woman.  All it takes is a couple of styling tricks and a little confidence for you to be on your way to looking fabulously you!

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Guest — Sheila AKA miamiCDN

all of the above!

my style is all of the above - thank you Colleen & HSN for bringing such great collections to us!
Friday, 06 March 2015 6:06 PM
Guest — Kim St. Aubin

Jewelry Style

I love all 4 of the styles! I piece multiple styles together. On another subject, I just started my blog. Its in its beginning sta... Read More
Friday, 06 March 2015 6:06 PM
Guest — Sharon T Todd

All the above

Just beautiful. I would wear them at different times Or maybe alot of it at one time
Friday, 06 March 2015 7:07 PM
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Once Upon a Gemstone . . . Opal dreams comes true!


I need to pinch myself :) I've been collecting and studying gemstones for over 2 decades and never in my wildest dreams did think I could bring you a natural opal of this quality at a truly affordable price. The first time I laid my eyes on Welo Opal it was at the Tucson Gem Show a couple years ago and it was love at first sight.  The fire, the brilliance, the neon play of color - I was blown away.  I dreamed that one day Welo Opal would be part of my collection.  Today the entire Gem World is buzzing about this electrifying opal and  I'm thrilled to bring this beautiful treasure to HSN - it's  a real life fairy tale! 

Let me introduce you to the rare beauty and history of  Welo Opal...Dreams do come true!






For those of us who are rock collectors we know that the world of Gemology is intriguing and ever changing. As a lover of gemstones, it's always a thrill to learn about a new treasure of the earth.  One of the newest and most exciting gem discoveries is the glorious Welo Opal. It was found in 2008 near Wega Tena, a small village in the Tsehay Mewcha  region of Welo province, Ethiopia. Although they have been mining Opal in Ethiopia since 1995, this exciting new Welo Opal, with it's superior brightness and toughness, has captured the attention of collectors all over the globe. Welo Opal is as beautiful as the finest Australian Opal and has rapidly become one of the most sought after opals in the world.

Known for it's incredible play of color and inner fireworks, most of the material scores a 4 or 5 (out of 5) on the brightness scale. Opal collectors are captivated by the extraordinary patterns and designs that live in these "kaleidoscope" stones. From Ribbons to harlequins, honeycombs to florals - Welo Opals rival the finest Austrian Opal mined today. 




Mining for these rare opals is presently in the hands of local miners who excavate all the material by hand. 




All current mining production extends over a couple of kilometers north of Wegel Tena. At about 10,000 feet from the top of plateau the miners have to descend 1,000 feet into the canyon via narrow footpaths not accessible to vehicles or animals, forcing them to carry all necessary equipment themselves each day. 




The extraction of Welo Opal is unique in other respects as well. The host rock is porous and slightly moist, so after digging opal out the miners allow it to dry for couple of days in the sun, before presenting it to the dealers. This process is characteristic to Welo and is contrary to Australian opal mining, where miners must constantly combat the lack of water necessary to reveal color flashes between the dusty host rock. The difference is caused by the hydrophane character of this material that allows Welo opal to extract moisture easily and naturally. Welo Opals are much more stable and resist crazing and cracking due to this unique characteristic.




It's no wonder that writers for centuries have compared opals to volcanoes, galaxies and fireworks. In ancient Rome, this gem symbolized love and hope. The Romans gave it a name -opalus- that was synonymous with "precious stone." Shakespeare gave the Opal the name "Queen of Gems" as it possesses ruby reds, emerald greens, sapphire blues, amethyst purples, and topaz yellows. 




Many cultures have credited opal with supernatural origins and powers. Arabic legends say it falls from the heavens in flashes of lightning. The ancient Greeks believed opals gave their owners the gift of prophecy and guarded them from disease. Europeans have long considered the gem of symbol of hope, purity, and truth. 


I hope that you will join me for our 24 Hour Gemstone Celebration on Tuesday, January 20th when we will be launching our  Welo Opal and Gemstone "Halo" Ring - I can't wait to share this exceptionally beautiful treasure with you! 





Which would you choose - Welo Opal with a Halo of Tanzanite or Multi Colored African Tourmaline? Join me at the stroke of midnight for it's debut - Fairy tails do come true!

Recent Comments
Guest — Janis

Love them

love opals, my birthstone!
Monday, 19 January 2015 4:04 PM
Guest — Blondi

Hurry up !

Can't wait !
Monday, 19 January 2015 5:05 PM
Guest — Isabel

Can't wait

These are so beautiful! I want all of them!!
Monday, 19 January 2015 6:06 PM
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On the Hunt with Himalayan Gems



Andrew Stone is always on the move. Whether working in one of his offices in the US, Canada, Nepal or India -  he is always on the hunt for a new stone or a new technique to introduce to his Himalayan Gems collectors.  

Andrew's November collection has over 24 new designs featuring an assortment of rare gems and designs.  He tells us he is especially excited about three new limited edition collectors pieces in Larimar, Rainbow Moonstone and Mookaite - be still my heart!  

We caught up with our globe trotting gem hunter recently, to get a sneak peek at what he's been working on...First top, India!


Here Andrew is preparing the silver for the silversmiths.



Weighing out the silver is a a calculated and meticulous process. 



Andrew works side by side with the artisans as they create our Limited Edition Pieces 



Andrew working with the quality assurance team checking out each piece of jewelry.

We asked  Andrew for a little history lesson on 3 of our favorite stones in the collection:   Here's a closer look at these rare beauties...

Larimar:  The Healing Stone



This dreamy blue "single source" stone is found only in the Dominican Republic and has quickly become one of the most sought after gemstones for both its eternal beauty and reputed metaphysical and healing properties. Widely believed to be amongst the most powerful and effective of healing gemstones it is also known as the Atlantis Stone. The legend stem from the work of Edgar Cayce, the famous American psychic who believed that the lost continent of Atlantic was situated in the Caribbean and that a blue healing stone would be found there! 



Himalayan Gems sources their own Larimar rough and cuts the finest pieces for Designer Gallery. No two Larimar stones are exactly the same so they spend days picking out the best pieces for their color and visual "texture." Himalayan Gems end up using less than 1% of the material that they purchase, so our HSN collectors receive the cream of the crop!



Mookaite:   The Stone of Strength


Mookaite is another single source gemstone and is only found near Mooka Creek in Western Australia. The word Mooka apparently is related to the Aboriginal word for running waters - a reference to the streams that feed Mooka Creek. 

Mookaite is an exceptionally difficult gem to work with - hence the relative scarcity of good specimens. Himalayan Gems need to hand pick each piece as the beauty is created by the "crazed" patterns that run across the surface. It is formed in a sedimentary rock called "Windalia Radiolarite" after the local mountain range, and the Radiolria (fossilized remains of very ancient sea creatures) that creat the pattern. Mookaite is also known as "Brecciated Jasper".

Renowned in metaphysical circles as a stone of strength, stability and decision making, Mookaite is said to shield the wearer from difficult situations. Psychic healers believe that it ground the wearer in the present and aids with problem assessment and decision making. 

We work with prime gemstone sources to find the most beautiful pieces of Mookaite for Designer Gallery. Each piece is totally unique so we need to start with excellent rough material and then, after it is cut, choose the finest pieces to bring to HSN. It is our many years of experience working with gemstones and in the Jaipur gem markets that allow us access to the best specimens at affordable prices. 


Rainbow Moonstone: The Stone of Love


One of the most interesting and fascinating of all gems is Rainbow Moonstone.  This is a gemstone that has been used for 1000's of years in both Europe and Asia. Also known as “Àdularia” (after one of the tallest peaks in the Swiss Alps) has long been praised for its many metaphysical and healing qualities. 

Since ancient times it has been known as the Traveler's Stone" for the protection it provided to those who travel by night or on the seas. 

Traditionally though to possess a close connection to the Moon Goddess (just like the noble metal, silver), the ancient Romans believed that this gem captured and held the rays of the moon and that this light was a blessing that one carried along with the gem. Similar beliefs to this are held by some in India to this day! 

Moonstone is most often considered a stone of love and feminine energy and it's for these reasons Moonstone has gained its mystical reputation. The ancient Greeks used the term, Aphroselene to refer to this shimmering gem. This combined the names of the goddess Aphrodite (goddess of love) and Selene (goddess of the moon). They believed that it could be used to enhance fertility and also associated it with love and fidelity. 

All of the myths aside, Rainbow Moonstone is one of nature's true miracles. Another single source gemstone, it is an ever changing wonder. Depending on the ambient light and colors (and some believe the cycles of the moon) Rainbow Moonstone is a never needing source of wonder and beauty. The gemological term "adularescence" (used to describe the effect in a gemstones whereby a glow seems to originate from inside the gemstone) stems from the ancient name “Àdularia- another hint as to the antiquity and importance of this gemstone.

We go right into the mines in northern India to make sure that we are getting the best material available for our Designer Gallery shows. This is a gemstone that is in great demand accress the globe and is only through our long established connections that we are able to get pieces of this quality while still offering an excellent value. 




After close to 40 years of traveling to India, Andrew still loves the thrill of the hunt - exporting the markets and uncovering hidden treasure to share with all of us!

 Hope you will join us for a gem discovery on Tuesday at 3 and 7 PM ET - See you there! 


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Guest — ROMANI


مساء الخير هادى اذا كنت تريدى و جادة هاتى الورق و تعالى على ابوظبى يوم الأربع يعنى بكرة حتى نستطيع نخلص كل ما يحتاج الامر الكنيسة... Read More
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 1:01 PM
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Colleen's Top Gem Week Picks!


It's the most wonderful time of the year if you're a gemstone lover.  Gem Week on HSN is a time for putting on the Glitz in the form of dazzling jewels featuring Mother Nature's finest treasures.  Here are some of my favorite natural beauties we'll be showing you this week  - Lights, Camera, Action!

Heaven Sent 




 Can you hear the angels singing?  There's something so dreamy about London blue topaz....every time I wear this stone I feel mesmerized and even though it's not polite to stare - I can't keep myself from gazing at this wondrous gem!  For Gem week we'll be featuring a stunning assortment of these bountiful blue beauties.  My top pick is the ring featured above - A little slice of heaven on your finger!


Treasure Island






Part of the fun of seeking out the perfect piece of jewelry is the thrill of the hunt.  You'll feel your heart beat a little faster when you discover the stunning beauty in these multi colored jewels.  From fancy sapphires to a rainbow of tourmaline, slip into style and luxury by choosing one of these gorgeous multi hued pieces - Just remember to breath!  


Violet Hour 



b2ap3_thumbnail_colleen-lopez-blissful-beauty-gemstone-cluster-ring-d-20141015111841857371834_988.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_colleen-lopez-47ct-tanzanite-and-diamond-accent-ring-d-20131031121638295839.jpg


 There's something so captivating about the blissful shades of violet blues and purples when it comes to gemstones.  I always marvel at God's artwork when I gaze upon the majestic brilliance of exotic tanzanite and rich amethyst.  A must-have for every gem lover's wardrobe, choose one of these gorgeous cocktail rings and let happy hour become the violet hour!


Lights, Camera, Action 




Are you ready for your close up?   All eyes will be on you when you wear these scene stealing gems!  Opal is undeniably one of Mother Nature's greatest Oscar worthy achievements.  The dancing movement of light and the eye popping play of color are pure magic to behold!  For a little mystery and intrigue, you may want to choose rainbow moonstone to be your gem muse for day to evening star power!


Diamonds in the Rough 


Twinkle, twinkle little star!   Shine bright like a diamond wearing one of the great wonders of nature - Herkimer Quartz Diamonds!  The most powerful of all gemstones, Herkimers are known as The Dream Stone and are a must have for any "rock" collector.  Mined right here in the USA in Herkimer County, New York, this 500 million year old stone is a true All American Beauty!    

Join me starting Monday for Gem Week on HSN - we'll be showcasing these and more gorgeous gems from around the globe...

Anything catch your eye?



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Guest — J Moreau-McCoy

Gem lover

The amethyst and neon apatite ring is stunning. Love the herkimer quartz diamond bracelet.
Monday, 20 October 2014 12:12 PM
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Colleen's Tips for Channeling Audrey's Timeless Style


We all love Audrey Hepburn, the ultimate fashionista!  Since she first graced the silver screen in Roman Holiday in the 1950's, Audrey has been celebrated as the epitome of class, beauty, and elegance!  I wanted to share a few tips on how we all can channel Audrey's timeless style!


1. Embrace the power of the Little Black Dress. 



No one has ever worn the quinticential LBD quite like Ms. Hepburn.  Try a boat neck style to achieve the right combination of classy and chic.

2. A tailored sweater and white collared shirt will always be in style. 



The different styles that can be achieved with a classic button up and tailored sweater are endless! For an updated look, try a zip-up boule sweater or a tunic version of your classic white oxford.

3. For effortless sophistication you can't go wrong with black skinny ankle pants and ballet flats.



The key is to stick with a slim cigarette style pant and add a pair of beautiful ( and comfortable) ballet flats and strut your stuff a la " Funny Face"!


4. Wear one menswear inspired piece. 




A bowed ascot or a loafer, mixed with a trench a skinny pant and beautiful make up gives the cool girl style that Audrey perfected and style seekers have coveted for generations.


5. Relax in classic style. 



Who says that you need to be dressed up to convey Audrey's style?  Curl up in a classic pajama and slipper- it's time for a game of "Charade!"

6. Dress up your denim with a "trophy" jacket and low heeled bootie.



Skinny ankle denim would be exactly what Audrey would order!  Don't forget some low heeled boots for that kicky edge.


7.  Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!



Anyone up for Breakfast at Tiffany's?  Elevate your style with chic accessories - a pair of long gloves, strands of luminous pearls and cat eyed sunglasses couldn't be more Audrey!

8.  Be a Fair Lady with showstopping jewels.




Whether a jewel in the hair, or a jewel around the neck, or all of the above, Audrey would approve! Try an exquisite broach with your all black out fit for an everyday glamour.  You may look like you just "stole a million!"


9.  When is doubt, wear pearls.




Audrey once said," You can always tell what kind of person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you."  What about the earrings you give yourself?  As Audrey has proved, pearls are always perfect!

10. Embrace The Feminine Mystique 


b2ap3_thumbnail_lancome-color-design-lip-color-d-20130326110655533254328.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_ybf-automatic-eyebrow-pencil-duo-autoship-d-2010081019001786961264.jpg

Finish off your Audrey look a stunning red lip, lined cat eye and filled in brows.  Paired with any of the above styles, you will achieve a timelessly beautiful look that would make Audrey proud!


With all of the joy that comes from being a woman, Audrey sums up her iconic style and beautiful heart in this quote:

I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and… I believe in miracles."







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Guest — Geria

Perfect White Blouse

I have looked for years for my perfect white blouse that I can wear with my jeans and dress pants...Please create, design one for ... Read More
Monday, 23 March 2015 4:04 AM
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