Deb Guyot Designs

In the quaint old town of Powell, Ohio rests a two hundred year old Colonial schoolhouse unweathered by time. Hidden inside this beautiful landmark is the studio of Designer Deb Guyot. Much like Deb herself, the studio gleams with color and personality. Displayed in every corner, from floor to ceiling, are Deb's sparkling creations.

Deb's designs reflect her true love and passion for gemstones,

I look for unusual ... I like to dig for things that are different.

Deb Guyot knows what she likes and simply enjoys making jewelry for women who, like the designer herself,

Loves sparkly, pretty things!

For Deb, designing jewelry is just plain fun – she enjoys all the aspects of jewelry making and gets a thrill out of seeing how her creations can enhance a person's look.

Deb's primary inspirations of her designs are current fashion trends paired with the natural shapes and colors of the stones she uses,

I know what I like, it's just my thing!

Every color combination, every jewel and every facet is meticulously decided upon by Deb with focus on the natural beauty of the gemstones – she calls her jewelry "messy perfection." Her designs are beyond the ordinary, yet versatile and can be worn with casual or elegant outfits. She creates things that will allow the wearer to make it her own as a way to express her own style and personality.

Surrounded by her work and talented team, Deb has endless ideas for new and exciting jewelry. Whether it be the rare Herkimer "Diamond" Quartz stones from New York or rock candy colored gems from Brazil; her inspired designs that are born in this charming old school house in Ohio will continue to capture the heart of today's modern woman.